Why Is There A Zipper In The Lining Of My Suitcase?

While packing your suitcase, you might have noticed that there's a zipper in its lining. If you're wondering what this is for, we got you covered. We got curious, too, so we've researched this to learn more and share the answers with you.

The zipper in the lining of your suitcase is another compartment best used for storing items that you won't readily need during your trip but will come in handy during emergencies, such as backup travel documents, extra plastic, zippered bags, mini sewing kit, and toiletries. You can also use this to store your soiled clothes.

Keep on reading to learn more about this not-so-secret compartment and other packing tips for your next travel. Let's get started!

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What's the use of the pocket in your suitcase liner?

The woman collects a suitcase for travel and leisure.

A smooth and fun vacation starts with a well-packed suitcase. You have got to have everything you need in there or else your vacation will become a bummer. You need to pack your clothes, footwear, gadgets, and other travel must-haves and knickknacks in your suitcase.

As such, you better acquaint yourself with your traveling bag and its features and compartments so you can maximize its use.

As you already know, your suitcase is no ordinary bag. It has been specially designed to hold your travel needs so that you can be prepared and relaxed even when you're away from the comforts of your home.

Aside from the main compartment of the bag where you put your bulky items, there are different pockets inside and outside the luggage where you can put other stuff.

This helps you stay organized so your travel stuff doesn't get mixed up with each other. This will make it easier for you to find what you need when you need it.

Let's focus on the large pocket inside your suitcase liner, which is accessible through a zipper at the bottom of your suitcase.

Some may not notice this right away since it is discreetly located along the edge of the interior compartment. Nonetheless, it is a great additional section to your luggage that you'll be happy to discover.

What You Can Use It For

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Here are the top suggestions on what things to store inside this not-so-secret compartment.

Soiled Clothes

This is one of the most common suggestions that you'll find on the web. It is understandable since this is a huge compartment in itself and its full lining can act as a barrier between your clean and dirty clothes.

However, it might be inconvenient to do this every time you have soiled clothes to add to the pack. This is because you will have to unpack everything in your main compartment so that you can access the zipper that will unlock this section.

You're better off putting your dirty laundry in plastic bags in the meantime. When it's the last day of your vacation and you need to pack your suitcase again, then you can put your soiled clothes in this compartment.

Backup Documents

You should have your travel docs and IDs on hand all the time, but it wouldn't hurt to have backup copies of your IDs, passport, credit cards, itinerary, and tickets inside your luggage as well.

You can keep these in an envelope and put them inside the zippered section of your suitcase.

You never know what can go wrong on a trip. There is a possibility of losing your stuff or theft so having a backup is always a good idea. It's also good for your peace of mind. You may not need them, but it's good to know that you've got them in there.


It wouldn't hurt to bring extras of common items with you. These are things you might need while packing on your way home like extra plastic bags, zippered bags, and rubber bands.

It's also good to have a stash of safety pins and a mini sewing kit because you never know when you'll need this stuff. These items will help you a lot during emergencies while traveling.

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You might find a tear in your OOTD or have a loose button that needs to be sewn in place. When you have these, you won't have to worry about changing your planned OOTD. With the use of a safety pin or some sewing, you can pull it off.

When you pack these extras, you don't need to unpack them after your vacation. Leave them in your suitcase so you always have these items on all your trips. Restock your stash as needed.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Yes, we're talking to girls. Don't let your monthly period ruin your trip. It's great to always have a supply of your preferred sanitary pads, tampons, reusable pads, and panty liners in your luggage.

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Sometimes you forget about the date and your menstrual schedule. But if you always have these items in your luggage, then you can still be comfortable even on your "red days".

As You Please

It all boils down to your preference and travel needs. You can put anything you like inside the zippered compartment of your suitcase since in general, it's another storage spot that you can use as you see fit.

You can safely keep some cash and other important items that you don't want to be moved around inside the luggage.

Our only suggestion is that you pack things you don't regularly need during your travel but are good to have so that you're ready for whatever happens along the way.

How to Correctly Pack a Suitcase

While we're on the topic of packing your suitcase, here are some tips for you so you can pack smart like a pro.

Plan Ahead

Plan what you need to bring - from clothes to shoes, gadgets, chargers, a power bank, toiletries, medicines, and other travel requirements.

You can list them down on a per-day basis to see if you've packed enough for the entire trip. Having a list will help you remember to pack everything you need.

You can also take another look at the list to check what is essential to bring and what you can leave behind so that you're not overpacked.

Choose the Right Bag

Man inspecting new suitcase in store.

After creating a final list of what you need to bring, you can determine the right bag for the trip. Will an overnight bag suffice or do you need a larger suitcase?

Also, think about the stuff that you'll be packing on your way back home. Are you planning to buy souvenirs and gifts? How much allowance do you have when it comes to space so you can manage your shopping?

Choose a bag that isn't too big or too small. Consider its weight too. Check the baggage policies of the airline if you're flying for your trip so that you won't be charged additional fees.

Organize Your Stuff

Put heavier and bulkier items at the bottom of the suitcase. This way, they won't get moved around too much. This also helps keep your suitcase well-balanced so it won't keep falling.

Use packing cubes to organize your stuff. It depends on how you want to put your stuff together. You can separate your clothes for each day or put all tops in one cube and all bottoms in another. The choice is yours as long as it keeps you organized.

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Use zippered bags for your smaller items so that you don't lose them inside the bag. And of course, take advantage of the smaller pockets in your suitcase to store these items.

Roll or Fold

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This is always a concern when packing. Folding your clothes lessens the chances of having creases while rolling them will give you more space. Folding is a meticulous task while rolling is easy to do.

To maximize the space inside your suitcase, we suggest you do a combination of the two packing methods.

You roll your clothes for more relaxed trips such as a beach getaway wherein you're not too particular if there are wrinkles on your clothes.

This is faster to do and allows you to save a lot of space inside your travel bag since the rolled clothes don't take up as much space as the folded ones.

Fold your clothes when you're going on a professional or business trip so that your clothes are always ready to wear and they look neat and smart coming from the suitcase. You look presentable and won't worry about having to remove wrinkles on your attire.

As always, roll or fold your clothes as you see fit.

These are just some of the packing tips that you can apply as you're loading your travel stuff for your next adventure.

Final Thoughts

The zippered lining inside your suitcase is an extra compartment for storing your travel stuff. It's up to you what you want to put in there depending on your travel needs, but it's great to have another place to store your stuff in your luggage.

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