Can You Personalize Away Luggage?

Are you wondering whether you can personalize Away luggage to give as a gift, as a corporate present, or simply for a personal touch? Does Away offer this customization service? We've researched this question to find the answers for you.

Yes, Away offers personalization services for their luggage, bags, and other products. It is available through individual orders or corporate personalization.

They customize their luggage through digital printing, embroidery, and engraving. You can request to print out a name, initials, or a company logo, whichever you prefer.

Would you like to know more about the printing options and how much it costs? Read on below and we'll break down the details so you'll know the steps to get started.

How Can I Personalize My Away Luggage?

Have you ever experienced looking for your Away luggage in the baggage carousel and seeing a lot of other bags looking a lot like the one you own? It's easy to get it switched with another bag, especially if it's the same color unless it has a distinct mark.

Personalizing bags allows you to easily spot yours in a sea of luggage. It also saves you the hassle of marking or tagging it every time you travel. And what better way to mark it stylishly than to have it initialed?

If you need to personalize Away luggage, you can find this service on their website's The Monogram Shop page. They offer the following personalization services:

  1. Digital printing on luggage
  2. Embroidery on any bag or accessory
  3. Engraving exclusive to aluminum luggage

Customization of name is limited to initials with a maximum of three letters. You can choose from various fonts and colors. You can also choose to have the company logo printed instead.

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Corporate Personalization

You can have Away luggage personalized through corporate gifting. This means you cannot personalize just one piece. There is a minimum number of orders you need to meet. Here are the details:

  • Minimum order of 25 pieces.
  • Production time of at least 1 month, but may still vary depending on the volume of orders and seasonality.
  • No return or exchange policy is applied for personalized products, but they will have a lifetime warranty.
  • You can request a gift note for each piece of luggage at no extra cost.

When you order corporate gifting, you are assigned a dedicated account manager to assist you in every step from ordering to delivery.

NOTE: Prices indicated are based on Away's manual as of November 2022. Prices are subject to change.

Digital Printing

Price/Unit: $50

Digital printing makes the luggage one-of-a-kind by having the owner's initials permanently printed on the polycarbonate luggage shell. There are a variety of colors and fonts to choose from.

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Price/Unit: $35

Embroidery of employees' initials or company logos can be sewn on their overnight bags, cosmetic bags, backpacks, toiletry bag, laptop sleeves, garment bags, and pet carriers.

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Price/Unit: $50

Engraving of corporate logos or employees' initials can be done on the aluminum shell only. Suitable products for this service are The Carry-On Aluminum Edition, The Bigger Carry-On Aluminum Edition, The Medium Aluminum Edition, and The Large Aluminum Edition.

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How To Order Corporate Personalization

To get started, go to their website and fill out the inquiry form which will inquire about your order details. After they receive the information, they will get back to you with a quotation and estimated time of delivery.

The shipping fee is free and each item can be delivered straight to the recipient.

Personalize Your Own Away Luggage

If you just want to order one or two luggage pieces, you don't need to fill out the inquiry form. You can just go straight to their website, find the product you want, and click the "Personalize" button.

The page will then direct you to an order form with several options you need to fill out as follows:

  1. Write the name initials you want to be printed (up to three letters)
  2. Choose your letter placement: back center, top left, top center
  3. Pick a letter and shadow color
  4. Receive the total cost of your order that you can add-to-cart

The cost for engraving and digital printing is $50 while embroidery is $35. Again, this price is based on their website as of November 2022 and can be subject to change.

Typical delivery time for individual orders is around two weeks free of delivery charge. As these items are personalized, the 'no return, no exchange' policy applies, but they will be under a lifetime warranty.

Does Away Luggage Come With A Tag?

Yes, Away luggage comes with a leather luggage tag. It is indicated in the "Size and Details" section of each product description on their website.

You can also purchase Away leather luggage tags separately. It's available in four colors and is also customizable for up to three letters through foil stamping.

The cost to customize the leather tag is an additional $10 but with no minimum order requirement. You can choose between modern or classic letter style and between metallic gold or silver stamp color.

Do Away Suitcases Ever Go On Sale?

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If you're wondering whether you can get a huge discount when you order through corporate personalization, you're out of luck because Away rarely gives discounts.

This is because of their direct-to-consumer sales and marketing strategy, which allows them to offer high-quality products at a lower price.

However, depending on the volume of orders, the pricing undergoes evaluation and may therefore be eligible for corporate pricing.

The first time Away was ever on sale was in 2015 when they had an impromptu 30% off sale and a Cyber Monday sale a few months after.

Are Away Cases Worth It?

If you're a frequent traveler and both durability and style are important to you when it comes to luggage, then Away is the perfect mix that will surely meet your standards.

Away is known for its high-quality material and is made with durability in mind. According to various reviews, this luggage is considered pricey, as there is other branded luggage with a relatively lower price.

However, its sleek design, Instagrammable colors, and modern features are what set it apart from other brands.

It also has a very bold offering on product satisfaction. Away gives you a 100-day trial period on all their products, and if you decide it's not for you, you can return the item for a full refund or exchange it with another item.

All of their suitcases have a limited lifetime warranty in case the wheels, zippers, or handles get any damage. The interior organization products have a limited one-year warranty while the battery is covered with a two-year warranty.

Wrapping Up

Two stylish suitcases standing in empty airport hall, unrecognizable traveller's luggage waiting in terminal, creative banner

If you want your Away luggage to be unique and personal, you can have it personalized upon ordering through their website.

Companies can also order luggage in bulk and have their logo printed through corporate personalization and get a corporate discount for a minimum of 25 orders.

Thank you very much for reading through and we hope we were able to answer your question on Away luggage customization.

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