Suitcase Handle Button Stuck – What To Do?

Packing for a trip can be stressful, especially when your suitcase breaks. One common issue travelers experience is stuck push buttons on the handle. It's a frustrating problem, and we researched the best ways to help you fix this.

Releasing a Stuck Suitcase Button

  1. Try to press the suitcase handle button multiple times to see if it will disengage.
  2. If it does not work, get a flathead screwdriver and use the edge to dislodge the stuck button. Wedge the edge of the screwdriver on the side of the button and wiggle it to unlock it.
  3. Loosen the handle screws and disassemble the handle. Usually, you can push the button back into position to release it from being stuck.
  4. Check the interior of the suitcase handles and see if the pins are stuck. Press down on the handle pins to unlock the suitcase handle button.

A broken suitcase handle button can be panic-inducing, especially if you are in the airport or about to leave when it breaks down. In this post, we'll talk about how you can easily fix this problem. We'll also discuss how you can replace suitcase handles, so keep reading and enjoy this post!

Suitcase Handle Button Stuck - What To Do?

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Traveling is fun, but sometimes, w things don't go as planned. People always tend to forget something, or things break down while in transit. It can be frustrating, but fortunately, these things have easy fixes you can do even while in the middle of a trip.

One of the most common issues travelers experience is a stuck suitcase handle button. This is typical, especially if your suitcase has been servicing you for years.

The mechanism of the handles gets old, and they often stick because of friction. Sometimes, they won't retract, which can be a problem if you're in the middle of traveling.

Fortunately, a stuck suitcase handle button is easy to fix. You may or may not need some tools to make it work, depending on what the button's problem is. Here are a few quick fixes you can do to unstick a suitcase handle button:

1. Keep pressing

Sometimes, the best way to release a stuck handle button is to keep pressing them. This is usually the problem if the spring or the button mechanism coils or bends incorrectly. Repeated button pressing can often disengage it from being stuck, and you can usually get the handle to work immediately.

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2. Use a flathead screwdriver

If repeated pressing on the button doesn't work, you can also use a flathead screwdriver to help the button release itself.

Using the edge of the flathead screwdriver, wedge it between the side of the stuck button and the handle. Slowly wiggle the screwdriver until you see it come back to its proper position. You can now check if the button is working well without sticking to itself.

3. Disassemble the handle

On some occasions, the push buttons of the suitcase handle can be a bit harder to work with. If this proves true for your suitcase, you may need to disassemble the handle to get the button to work again.

Find the right screwdriver for your suitcase handle. Unscrew and remove the screws to disassemble the handle. Usually, you can already push the button back in place after loosening the suitcase handle and reassemble it immediately.

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If broken pieces cause the stuck button, you can use super glue to attach them. Ensure the glue is completely dry before putting it back into the handle to prevent it from being permanently glued to the sides.

4. Check the pins

There are times that the cause of the stuck button is a stuck handle pin. You'll see these pins inside the telescopic handle—they retract when the button is pressed so you can push and pull the handle in place.

To fix this issue, you will need to open the back of your suitcase. This will allow you to access the telescopic handle parts attached to the back. Remove your suitcase's contents and lie it flat on the ground.

On the back of the suitcase, you will see a small zipper. Pull it down to open the back part of the suitcase. You should be able to see the hidden mechanism of the handle.

Run your fingers through the handle tubes and check the holes where the pins lock. Remove any dirt and debris that might cause the stuck button. If the pins get stuck, you may need to use a lubricant to help loosen them.

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Use WD-40 spray or other similar lubricants to help the handles to move easily. Spray the lubricant on the pins and inside the telescopic handle. It will spread inside the tubes after repeated pushing and pulling.

Can You Replace A Suitcase Handle?

If your suitcase is still in good condition aside from the handle, you can easily replace it with a new one. There is a wide range of replacement telescopic handles for most suitcase brands.

However, some suitcase brands may not match these generic telescopic handles. Should this be the case with your suitcase, it is best to call the customer service of your suitcase manufacturer. Most of them can repair and replace broken parts of their products.

How To Fix Other Suitcase Problems

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Travelers also experience other suitcase emergencies while they are in transit. If your trip is still far, it's always better to ask the manufacturer to help fix and replace the parts. This way, you will be sure to get genuine parts, and they can check for other issues.

However, if your trip is coming up and you find some problems with your suitcase, you can generally DIY and fix it yourself. Here are some suitcase emergencies you can easily fix:

Replacing wheels

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Some suitcase wheels are screwed directly into the suitcase. After repeated use, suitcase wheels can wear down and may need replacing.

To replace screw-on wheels, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Order or request replacement wheels from the manufacturer. This is to ensure that you get the correct wheels for your suitcase.
  2. Lie your suitcase flat on the floor and unzip the lining.
  3. Remove the bolts using a wrench, and unscrew the wheel well screws with the appropriate screwdriver. Push the clip that holds the wheel in place on the suitcase.
  4. Carefully twist or pull to remove the damaged wheel.
  5. Place the new wheel and replace the bolts, washers, and screws to keep it in place.
  6. Repeat the process for all wheels. Roll the suitcase to check if the wheels are aligned and working well. Zip up the lining and pack your bags for the next trip!

Fixing luggage zippers

Another common problem for many travelers are stuck luggage zippers. They are cumbersome and very annoying, especially if you have to pack quickly. Here are some easy fixes you can do to fix your suitcase zippers:

  1. Get a graphite pencil and rub the tip on the zipper teeth. If this doesn't work, you can also use bar soap or some lip balm to lubricate the zipper teeth.
  2. The fabric where the zipper is sewn on can sometimes catch on the teeth when you are zipping it. When this happens, slowly pull the zip up and carefully move the fabric out of the way. Work the zipper down until the fabric is completely removed.
  3. If the zipper handle breaks, you can use a key ring in a pinch.

Wrapping Things Up

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A stuck suitcase handle can be cumbersome if you are traveling. Always lubricate the handles ahead of time to avoid this issue, so the mechanism doesn't stick to itself. Also, check if any parts need replacing or getting a brand-new suitcase altogether would be better.

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