How Can I Waterproof My Suitcase?

Sudden downpours can happen and luggage can get soaking wet when the weather turns bad. A wet piece of luggage is never fun, and you're probably wondering how to waterproof a suitcase. We looked into it and we have a couple of tips to keep your suitcase nice and dry.

There are different ways to waterproof a suitcase. Here are some of the most popular options you can try to keep your suitcase (and the contents) dry in wet weather:

  1. Use a water-repelling spray on the fabric of the suitcase.
  2. Cover the suitcase with a waterproof luggage cover.
  3. Pack a big poncho that can cover your suitcase during sudden showers.
  4. Keep a few plastic garbage bags packed to create a makeshift luggage cover.
  5. Consider packing your items in zip lock bags or dry bags.

Bad weather is always inevitable, but it's never fun to get a sopping wet suitcase after a long flight. Fortunately, we've rounded up some of the best tips on how to waterproof your suitcase, as well as alternative ways to dry and freshen them up, so keep reading this post!

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How Can I Waterproof My Suitcase?

Traveling in rainy weather conditions is always a challenge, especially when it comes to dragging suitcases around rain-slicked streets. Wet suitcases can spell trouble, especially since it has all the clothes you need for your trip.

This can be quite a problem, especially for travelers who use softside luggage, which has the disadvantage of getting wet in these situations. While most fabrics of softside luggage are water-repellant, too much rain can still soak its contents.

One of the best ways to prevent wet clothes inside a suitcase is to waterproof your luggage beforehand. We gathered some of the best tips travelers have sworn by using and hopefully, these can help you waterproof your suitcase for your next trip.

Use Water-repelling Spray

Most luggage options we have on the market are already water-resistant, typically because of the materials used on the suitcases. However, water-resistant is completely different from waterproof because the contents can still get wet after prolonged exposure to water.

One of the best ways to "extend" the suitcases' water resistance is to use a water-repelling spray on them. These sprays create a thin barrier layer on the fabric which helps keep the fabric drier longer.

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This spray is typically used on camping gear and outdoor furniture, but it is also safe to use on most suitcase fabrics. The spray works well on polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, leather, and suede—which makes up most of the materials of many luggage on the market.

The protection of the spray stays even during the storage of your luggage. However, it would be best to apply another layer of waterproofer more than once if you use the suitcase under extreme weather.

Get A Waterproof Luggage Cover

For those who are not keen on spraying water-repellant solutions on their luggage, a good alternative is to get a waterproof luggage cover. There are various luggage covers available on the market, but the best one would be a plastic luggage cover.

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Made from heavy-duty PVC material, these luggage covers are great for keeping the suitcases dry during sudden downpours. It also protects the luggage from scuffs and scratches.

Pack An Emergency Poncho

If you're suddenly caught in the rain with your suitcase, an emergency poncho can turn into a quick luggage cover in a pinch. These disposable ponchos can be placed inside your luggage pockets to use during these occasions.

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Don't forget to pack some extras for you too! Aside from keeping your luggage dry, you should also have a set of ponchos for yourself so you're not sopping wet from the rain.

Make A Makeshift Garbage Bag Luggage Cover

Sometimes, the simplest things can turn into the most protective covers you can have. If you don't travel as much but need a quick luggage cover, pack a few garbage bags in the pockets of your suitcase.

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When it rains, just slip the garbage bags over your suitcase and tie the bottoms to keep your luggage dry. You can cut a slit on one side to create an opening for the suitcase handle so you can still pull the bag even if it's raining.

Pack Suitcase Items In Zip Locking Bags

For those who are looking to also protect the contents of their suitcase, zip locking bags are great at making your suitcase waterproof. This is perfect for travelers who have delicate items inside their suitcases that absolutely cannot get wet.

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You can also use vacuum compression zip seal bags if you want to save more space inside your suitcase. These zip seal bags come with a valve to release the air inside so you can flatten all the clothes and pack more things inside the suitcase.

How To Dry A Wet Suitcase

How To Dry A Wet Suitcase - Lost orange handbag on the beach

If you find yourself with a wet suitcase after a flight, it's important to dry the suitcase as soon as possible. Leaving it damp with water for too long can cause mold or mildew to grow on the suitcase, and it can make your suitcase smell musty.

As soon as you get to your accommodation, immediately remove all the items inside the suitcase. With a damp washcloth, wipe all the plastic linings with some mild soap and water. Wipe it with a clean washcloth or towel to dry.

Use a fresh towel to soak up as much water from the suitcase so that it doesn't leave any water marks on the fabric. With a hairdryer, dry the suitcase using the cool setting until the entire suitcase is completely dry.

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If possible, leave the bag to air dry after blowdrying to ensure that all the moisture evaporates. Add some silica gel inside the suitcase to absorb any remaining moisture before you store the suitcase in the closet.

What's The Best Luggage To Use In Rainy Weather?

What's The Best Luggage To Use In Rainy Weather - Close-up suitcase in the hands of a lonely person

One of the biggest problems of traveling with a softside suitcase is the struggle you'll have to deal with when it gets wet. Of course, most softside suitcases are water-resistant, but it's not a complete guarantee that everything will be dry.

If you are traveling to a location where it consistently rains, or the forecast says that it's about to rain, it's always best to come prepared. As much as possible, try to keep your softside suitcase in your closet at home when traveling on a rainy day.

Use Hardside Luggage

Use hardside luggage - female customer choosing travel suitcase in haberdashery shop, wheels rollers suitcase close-up

A lot of people are not fond of hardside luggage, but when the weather gets tough, they definitely do the job well. Hardside luggage uses a hard plastic material, which is very waterproof and will keep everything inside nice and dry.

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The great thing about hardside luggage is that you don't really need to use any other waterproofing protectors on them. However, if you want to ease your worries of having a soaking wet suitcase, you can still put a PVC luggage protector on it to keep the rain out.

Get A Dry Bag

Get a dry bag - Vacation in Thailand. Big orange waterproof backpack (dry bag) on the blurry background with sea and people in a kayak.

If you are traveling with water-sensitive items like gadgets and the like, it's a good idea to invest in a dry bag. These dry bags were originally made for camping, but it's a great complement to your luggage if your destination tends to be wet all the time.

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Dry bags come in different sizes and they will really keep your items snug and dry inside. Items that need to be dry can be inside the dry bag before packing it up in the suitcase. This will ensure that they'll stay snug and dry even if it rains all day outside.

Wrapping Things Up

It's always a misfortune during travels, but a suitcase doused in rainwater is not an uncommon sight. When traveling, it's always best to choose a water-resistant material for your suitcases, but it's always better to prevent them from getting too wet when it rains.

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