How To Charge Away Luggage Battery

Are you preparing for a trip and want to ensure your Away luggage battery is at its full charging capacity? We researched Away's product manuals and found out how to charge the battery on the Away suitcase. For your convenience and information, here are the steps.

To charge Away your luggage's battery here's what to do:

  1. Plug the cable's micro-USB end into the battery's micro-USB port.
  2. Attach the AC adapter to the cable's USB port.
  3. Directly plug the AC adapter into a wall socket.

It's very simple, isn't it, but there's more. Read on below and we'll give you information on Away luggage's battery specs including how to remove it, the time it takes to make a full charge, and what to do if it's not charging.

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How Do You Charge The Battery On The Away Suitcase?

One of Away's "smart luggage" features that many users love is its built-in battery, also referred to in their manuals as the power bank. It's a very hip and thoughtful design that allows modern travelers to gain easy access to charging ports on their carry-ons without the need to inconveniently open their bags.

Smartphone with power bank on the travel bag or luggage. Smartphone connection concept at the international airport.

Charging this power bank is very easy because it comes with a micro-USB charging cable. Simply place the luggage near an electrical outlet and do the following:

  1. Get the battery cable and plug its micro-USB end into the battery's micro-USB port.
  2. Attach the AC adapter to the cable's USB port.
  3. Plug the adapter directly into a wall socket.

You will know it is charging when you see lights blinking on the four indicator lights. Press the power button to know the remaining power. No light means the battery is completely drained. Four lights indicate that the battery is full.

If you find yourself in a situation with no access to a wall socket, do not try to charge the battery on a laptop's USB port because it is not designed for it. Many people often make this mistake, and Away does not recommend doing this.

Your power bank can charge any 5v USB-charge device such as phones, tablets, and other USB devices. It may not be enough though, to charge a laptop, which usually requires 15v or higher. Furthermore, do not try to charge the battery and use the output port at the same time to avoid both battery and device damage.

You can also separate the battery from the luggage first before charging for easier handling. Read on for instructions on how to remove the battery.

Where Is The Charger On The Away Luggage?

The charging ports are neatly hidden behind a flap underneath the luggage's handle. It gives you discreet and easy access when you need to charge your phones and gadgets in between flights.

Now, what if you need to separate your battery from your luggage? There are three possible reasons why you may need to remove the battery and these are:

  1. You need to check your carry-on in such cases when there's no more space in the overhead bin for it. Power banks have lithium-ion batteries and are not allowed to be checked. You need to bring them with you in the cabin.
  2. You're going through security in Asia. They have different security regulations there.
  3. You're bringing in your carry-on on a United Airlines or Delta flight. Security will check if your battery is removable and you will need to bring it with you to the cabin.

There's a way to detach the battery from your Away luggage, but the procedure depends on the type of battery you have. Away's initial product lines had a built-in battery that was screwed behind the inner lining of the bag. However, customers were looking for an easier way to remove the batteries for reasons such as those cited above. So they developed an ejectable type of battery for easier management.

Here's a helpful video from Away on battery regulations.

Removing The Battery

Smartphone with power bank on the travel bag or luggage. Smartphone connection concept at the international airport.

If you own the newer luggage models, you surely have the ejectable battery type. To remove it, simply press on the battery and the unit will eject right out of its pocket. To put it back, simply press down to lock it in again.

Now, if you own one of the older product lines with the original battery design module, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the luggage and unzip the cloth lining.
  2. Use the TSA-approved screwdriver to remove the two screws and open the port holding the battery unit.
  3. Slide out the battery unit carefully.

What if you have an old luggage model but you want an ejectable battery feature? Lucky for you, Away can have the luggage handle replaced without having to purchase an entirely new suitcase. Go to their Contact page and get in touch with them to send in your request for a replacement.

See this video below on how to DIY the replacement of the old battery module with the new ejectable one.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Away Luggage Battery?

According to Away website FAQs, an empty battery can take up to 8 hours to fully charge because of its large power capacity. However, if it's your first time charging it or you're planning on a long trip, it is recommended to charge the battery overnight. Do not charge more than the recommended time. Overcharging any type of battery unit can lead to battery damage, risk fire, or cause injury to people.

Away Luggage Battery Not Charging

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If you suddenly find your battery not working, then the first thing to do is check if it is still within the two-year warranty. If so, leave a message on their website's Contact page for assistance. In case the warranty has lapsed, you may want to consider buying a replacement battery and ordering it on their battery replacement page. Be reminded that Away has a direct-to-consumer sales model which means you won't be able to purchase this battery on other online selling platforms or resellers.

To avoid damaging the battery, here are some precautions:

  • Do not insert your finger or any object in any of the battery's ports
  • Do not hit or pound the battery
  • Avoid exposing it to extremely hot or cold temperatures
  • Do not use it in excess of its output rating
  • Do not attempt to open up or fix the battery yourself

What do you do with the old battery? Proper disposal of e-waste is very important for environmental protection and Away encourages the recycling of old batteries by dropping them off in any of their store locations in the US, UK, and Canada. If you live in North America and don't have access to any retail stores, you can look for the nearest battery recycling location near you.

Wrapping Up

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You can charge an Away luggage battery the same way you would any other type of power bank, by attaching the cable and plugging it in directly on a wall socket.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you learned a few more facts about your Away luggage's battery. For more readings and troubleshooting about your Away luggage, check out these helpful articles below.

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