What To Pack In Fanny Pack For Disney?

The greatest approach to keep things simple for a day at Disney parks is with a fanny pack! Want to know what the fanny pack packing list is? Well, we researched this matter thoroughly to guide you and help you organize during your Disney journey.

Following are the items you may put in your fanny pack for a Disney escapade:

  1. Tissues 
  2. Sunscreen 
  3. Chapstick
  4. Pain Reliever & Antacid
  5. Gum
  6. Band-aid
  7. Sunglasses 
  8. Small Wallet For Money/Credit Cards/ID/Annual Pass
  9. Hand Sanitizer 
  10. Fog Wipes For Sunglasses 
  11. Cellphone
  12. Cellphone Charger/Power Bank

We will examine each of the aforementioned items in this article and determine where you might be able to purchase them. We'll also talk about some of the fanny packs that are sold on the market and their benefits. Continue reading.

A black fanny pack seen in close up, What To Pack In Fanny Pack For Disney?

What To Pack In Fanny Pack For Disney?

Following is a short list of things you might want to pack in your fanny pack for a day at the parks! Please note that you do not need to bring every item on the list. Rather, create your own set of necessities that are unique to you and your family using the guide below.

Red-haired girl pulls out of her waist bag

1. Tissues 

A modest pack will do, but if you ever run out, you can also buy napkins at any of the restaurants. As everybody occasionally sneezes.

An 8 pack of Kleenex pocket tissues

Click here to see this pocket pack tissue on Amazon.

2. Sunscreen 

Even if you apply some before leaving in the morning, you'll probably need to reapply during the day. Sunscreen sticks and small, refillable bottles that are suitable for travel also work nicely.

Click here to see this sunscreen SPF 30 on Amazon.

3. Chapstick

It is meant to aid in the treatment and avoidance of chapped lips, especially during a long tour on a sunny day at Disney.

Click here to see this chapstick classic on Amazon.

4. Pain Reliever & Antacid

You need this pain reliever when you are suddenly experiencing a headache or body aches and antacid when sudden heartburn due to snacking excessively.

Click here to see this pain reliever on Amazon.

Click here to see this antacid on Amazon.

5. Gum 

If you want any gum during your trip, bring some with you since it is not offered at Disney World. This helps to avoid bad breath.

Click here to see this sugar-free chewing gum on Amazon.

6. Band-aid

Johnson & Johnson band aid vintage tin box

You can anticipate someone slipping or getting a blister.

Click here to see this band-aid travel pack on Amazon.

7. Sunglasses 

Red sunglasses

Every Disney day pack should contain sunglasses. This keeps your eyes from being harmed by the glaring sun while having terrifying rides. A sunglass strap is also advised, just in case. 

You may also purchase these in the theme parks, and there are many adorable and enjoyable pairs with Mickey Mouse themes available in the shops. Bring your own if you want to save some money.

Click here to see these polarized sunglasses on Amazon.

8. Small Wallet For Money/Credit Cards/ID/Annual Pass

Always carry a little cash and a credit card just in case. Also, bring a valid ID from a U.S. state or territory or a passport, especially if you wish to buy alcohol.

Click here to see this minimalist wallet on Amazon.

9. Hand Sanitizer 

It is absolutely not the least important item for sure. There will undoubtedly be some undesirable germs circulating among that many people seeking magic. Use this always to make sure your hands are clean, especially before you eat.

Pick up the little hand sanitizers in a jelly wrap carrier. In this manner, you can hang it on the outside of your bag for convenience.

Click here to see this hand sanitizer on Amazon.

10. Fog Wipes For Sunglasses 

Effectively preventing water from building up on the surface of the glasses is possible with the use of glasses cloth with specialized anti-fog characteristics

Click here to see this anti-fog wipes on Amazon.

11. Cellphone

Modern glass smartphone hanging over the table

You don't want to miss a single instance of Disney magic, so this one is a given. You never know when something exciting might happen. Have your camera in your funny pack ready in case it happens!

Click here to see this android phone on Amazon.

12. Cellphone Charger/Power Bank

Portable powerbank with white usb cable for charger mobile phone

It would be a major letdown if your phone or camera died just as the fireworks began when you were snapping all those pictures. As phone batteries at Disney World drain quickly.

To prevent it from dying, it is better always to plug in the phone while not using it. For sure, this is the most significant item after your phone.

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What Are The Advantages of Having A Fanny Pack For Disney?

If you wear a hip pack to the mall, you might draw some curious looks. However, fanny packs are the perfect bag to carry to Disney World! The following are various justifications for using a fanny pack while visiting Disney parks.

1. Your Hands Are Free

You can do just about anything exciting at a Disney park while having your hands free, including riding roller coasters, eating, taking family photos, scooping up kids, and posing with characters.

2. Your Important Items Are Secure

You understand what we mean if you've ever experienced a panic attack after thinking you dropped your wallet. Your cash, phone, ID, and Disney park tickets are all contained in a zippered bag that is safely fastened to your waist when wearing a fanny pack.

3. Quick Security Checks At The Park Entrance

You don't want to be the person in line whose backpack is overflowing with items that security needs to go through and check. The security guard scans a fanny pack in a matter of seconds.

4. Everything Is Easily Accessible

You know how annoying it may be when you're searching through a backpack for anything you need right away. In contrast, you may easily access what you need while strolling by simply unzipping your fanny pack.

5. More Safer

If you're not careful, a big bag could hurt someone. You suddenly turn around and strike a young child that you did not see. Or you trip over something in a store because you don't realize you're wearing a backpack. In this regard, fanny packs in Disney World are safer.

6. Less Visible

If you don't like seeing your backpack in every picture, you'll either have to take it off or leave it on the ground. You may easily slip a fanny pack around to the back of your body.

Additionally, if you're wearing a tank top, it prevents tan lines from appearing on your shoulders.

7. Easier To Wear On Rides

It will be necessary for you to remove your backpack and place it in your lap or under your seat. There is a lot of time lost because backpacks are not allowed on some rides. 

You must store your backpack in a locker and retrieve them after the ride. A fanny pack that is easy to move to the side while still allowing you to comfortably enjoy almost any Disney ride.

What Are Some Fanny Packs Available In The Market?

You'd be astonished by how much can fit within some modern fanny packs. All you have to do is find the ideal fanny pack that suits you and your things. If you're looking for a nice hip pack, think about acquiring one of the selections on this list for your upcoming Disney adventure.

1. Mickey Mouse Fanny Pack

This Mickey Mouse twin pocket fanny pack features the popular mouse engaging in some peek-a-boo fun. A timeless option for a Disney fanny pack is this one. It is adjustable to fit waists 18 to 46 inches wide.

Click here to see this Mickey Mouse fanny pack on Amazon.

2. R2D2 Fanny Pack

If you like Galaxies Edge or speak droid well, you should pack this R2D2 fanny pack for your trip. This fanny pack is certain to make a stormtrooper think twice before messing with you because it is made of imitation leather and has a parachute buckle.

Click here to see this LoungeFly R2D2 fanny pack on Amazon.

3. Toy Story Fanny Pack

With this adorable fanny pack, you can go to infinity and beyond. The bright blue color and Toy Story-inspired cartoon characters ensure that this faux leather item will stand out. 

Click here to see this Toy Story fanny pack on Amazon.

4. Herschel Fanny Pack 

You can use it every day and available in 38 different colors and designs. They practically match everything, are elegant, and are reasonably priced.

Click here to see this Herschel fanny pack on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

A fanny pack is a fantastic option if you prefer to travel lightly. When you board a ride, you may easily shift it to the front of your body.

On the majority of rides at Disney World, you can use it with hands-free operation and mobility. Also, there is more space for the items aforementioned above.

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