How To Open Black Hole Duffel Bag

One of the many features of the popular Black Hole Duffel bag is being able to become compact into a small size. A lot of people have been curious on how to open this bag, especially when it is in its compact form. Fortunately, we have done our research and we have the step-by-step instructions.

To open the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel bag from its compact form, simply open the zippers to show the folded bag. Carefully pull back the bag onto the sides until you have fully released the entire bag. Unroll the bag completely and tuck the pocket inside, and you are now ready to go!

Opening the Black Hole Duffel bag can be quite a feat, especially for new users. Keep reading because in this post, we will also give you a step-by-step instruction on how to fold it back. We will also list down the pros and cons of using the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel bag if you want to consider getting one.

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How To Open Black Hole Duffel Bag

For travelers that are seeking more adventure, it is important to get a versatile, durable bag to carry all their items in. One particular bag that is popular for many adventure seekers is Patagonia's Black Hole Duffel bag because of its material and build.

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This carry-all bag is one of Patagonia's uber-popular products. The bag itself is lightweight, and it boasts of a weather-resistant coating that makes it perfect for outdoor adventures. It comes in different sizes and you can compress the bag back in itself when it is not in use.

The 40-liter Black Hole Duffel Bag can fit enough items you'll need for a quick overnight trip. It also works as a carry-on as this size fits well into most airline carry-on restrictions. Although it is the smallest out of all the bags, it is still spacious and worth bringing out to an adventure.

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For those who are seeking a bigger duffel that can fit everything and anything in between, the 100L Black Hole Duffel bag will be perfect. The biggest size out of all the duffels, this bag can hold a whopping 100L and it comes with backpack straps to make them easier to carry around.

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Opening the Black Hole Duffel bag

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When initially purchasing the Black Hole Duffel bag, you'll often see it in its compressed, compact form. It is usually inside a storage bag that you can hide inside the bag after opening. When in use, you can even put small items inside this storage compartment.

Opening the duffel bag from its compact form is easy.

  1. Simply unzip the storage bag and carefully pull out the bag from the inside.
  2. The storage bag is not stretchy, so carefully pull it off the sides of the bag to release it.
  3. It will naturally unroll and you'll have to flip the bag right side up after opening.
  4. Fold the storage compartment inside out and place it inside the bag, making sure to close the zipper.
  5. You can now use your Patagonia Black Hole Duffel bag and pack for your travels with no worries.

How Do You Fold The Black Hole Duffel Bag Into Itself?

Opening up the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel bag is easy, but a lot of people find it hard to stuff it back in its storage bag. In order to put back your Black Hole Duffel back to its compressed state, you'll need a flat surface to work with, a little brute force, and a lot of patience.

How to Compress the Black Hole Duffel bag

  1. Take out all the contents of the duffel bag. Check all the pockets and make sure that you don't have any item left behind.
  2. Remove the backpack straps and set it aside.
  3. Unzip and open the top flap of the bag completely. You should be able to see the storage compartment inside.
  4. Open the storage compartment and keep it unzipped. The label of the bag will be visible inside the storage compartment (this will become the outside of the bag later on when compressed.)
  5. Flip the entire bag upside down and the bottom of the bag should be facing up. Flatten the bag a little bit.
  6. Fold one end of the duffel bag up to the point of the bag's zipper. You should see the edge of the zipper when you fold the bag. Repeat this step on the other side of the bag and you'll see that you've folded the bag into thirds.
  7. Take the handles and pull it over the top of the bag. You can clip them together with the handle clasp.
  8. Pull the top flap of the bag and use it to cover the handles and the bag.
  9. Take the bag and flip it over (or hold it between your knees if you find it hard to work on the floor.)
  10. Hold the storage compartment from the side and slowly flip the fabric of the compartment over the side of the bag, inside out. Make sure that one side of the compartment covers one end of the bag. You may need to squeeze and maneuver the bag to completely cover it.
  11. Turn the bag the other way and continue to pull the cover over the bag. Push the bag slowly until it goes inside the storage compartment.
  12. After squeezing the bag back into the storage compartment, make some room to put in the backpack straps. Close the zipper and you now have a compact, folded Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Black Hole Duffel Bag?

The Patagonia Black Hole Duffel bag is a classic favorite for many travelers who like bringing a carry-on bag. Going by its name the "Black Hole", you can definitely pack more items inside this bag than most of its counterparts. However, this bag is not the perfect bag if you seek more pockets for knickknacks.

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There are varying opinions on the using the Black Hole Duffel bags. Ultimately, the choice of whether this bag is for you lies on the kind of packing and travel that you will be doing. Here are some of the advantaged and disadvantages you may find on this bag.


  • Comes in multiple sizes, perfect for any kind of travel.
  • The material is water-resistant polyester ripstop with TPU laminate which makes it very weather resistant. Additionally, Patagonia also uses recycled materials which is good for the environment.
  • Handles and straps are very durable and they are attached to the bag really well. It comes with additional backpack straps that you can use to carry the bag around easily.
  • Lightweight, but it can carry heavy loads.


  • The standard carry handles cannot be clasped together when the bag is in backpack mode, so you'll have to leave it hanging so it won't dig into your back.
  • Not exactly the most stylish bag, but it is very functional.
  • Has only one exterior pocket for small items.
  • The seams and zippers of the bag are not submersible or watertight.

Final Thoughts

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For the adventure seeker, the Black Hole Duffel bag might be your contact companion for packing everything you need for a thrilling trip. The bag's durability and compact function makes it great to use anywhere, so it's a great investment to have.

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