How Do You Verify Passport Photo Online

Renewing a passport can be very tedious, preparing documents and photos. Recently, passport applications can be done online, but some people are unsure how to verify their passport photos. Fortunately, we looked into this and have the answers to your questions.

Verifying passport photos online simply requires logging in to the MyTravelGov account. The photo tool can be accessed after logging in to the account. To verify the passport photo, upload the photo, which will automatically be cropped and checked by the online photo tool.

Getting passport photos verified is important because it will ensure that the passport will be renewed without issues. In this article, we will be listing down ways how to get your digital passport photos, as well as the photo requirements for passports, so keep reading this post!

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How Do You Verify Passport Photo Online

The passport is the most important travel document anybody should have for any traveler. It is the key to any country you wish to travel to, and it is one of the most easily recognizable government identification anybody could have.

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Unfortunately, one of the responsibilities of having a passport is to renew it every 10 years for adults ages 16 and above. For minors below 16, their passports must be renewed every 5 years.

Typically, passports can be renewed via mail or through acceptance centers. Where to renew your passport greatly depends on when you need the document, so check your local services on where to apply.

However, the U.S. Department of State has also begun a pilot program that allows applicants to process their passport renewals online. If you fall within the allowable qualifications for online renewal, you can do this via the MyTravelGov website.

The MyTravelGov website allows citizens to process their passport renewals in the comfort of their own homes. This service will allow passport renewal applicants to upload photos through the website's online verification and cropping tool.

To verify the passport photo online, the applicant will simply upload the image. The instructions will appear after uploading and the photo tool will automatically crop the image. After an initial quality check, the tool will accept or reject the photo with a reason provided.

How Do You Get A Digital Passport Photo?

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Generally speaking, you can get a digital passport photo using a digital camera that you have at home. For others, a digital passport photo can be taken at your local professional photo studio or photo service.

If you have a digital camera at home, you can set up a space in your house to take a good passport photo. Have someone take the photo for you so that it will follow all the requirements listed by the U.S. Department of State.

There are other options for those who are worried that they won't be able to take good photos or you simply don't have the time to do it yourself. A professional photo studio can take your passport photos for you; you only have to wait.

Alternatively, you can also use online photo services to help create a passport photo that meets all the requirements. An example of this is Passport Photo Online which helps users take their photos and enhance them for passport submission.

What Are The Requirements For A U.S. Passport Photo?

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The U.S. Department of State has a list of requirements that must be followed when submitting a passport photo. They are quite strict in implementing these requirements and must be followed to prevent photos from getting rejected.

The required U.S. passport photo size is 2 x 2 inches. If you use the photo tool on the MyTravelGov website, the photo must be at least 600 x 600 pixels.

For those who will take their photos by themselves, make sure that it has large dimensions and ample space around the head. This gives the photo-cropping tool enough room to crop the image properly.

The photo must be in color. It should have about 24 bits per pixel in the sRGB color space. If this sounds too technical, you will be happy to know that this output is common for most consumer retail cameras.

For the format of the photo, it should be in JPEG file format. The file should be at least 54 kilobytes, but it shouldn't be any bigger than 10 megabytes. Save the file to the highest quality setting on your camera and do not edit or manipulate your photo.

When submitting a photo for passport renewal, ensure the image is colored and should be taken within 6 months. It must have a clear image of the applicant's face, and no photo filters should be used on the image.

Use a plain white background for the passport photo. Make sure to have someone else take your photos or use a tripod to take your photo. Selfies are not allowed for passport photos.

Other Passport Photo Requirements

Aside from the basic photo requirements listed above, your passport photo must follow these rules for all types of passport renewal. The photo requirements are as follows:

  • The photo should be clear and no shadows should be visible on the face or background of the applicant. The skin tone must be accurate and the image should not be over or underexposed.
  • Glasses or sunglasses are not allowed in passport photos. Even if you wear glasses daily, you should remove them before taking your photo.
  • The head must be centered and in the correct size for the passport photo. If you use the online photo cropping tool, it will automatically crop the image to the proper dimensions as long as there is ample space around the head.
  • The passport photo must be clear and focused, without visible pixels or grain on the image. It should not be blurry and the image should not have any other visible marks. It also cannot be digitally altered in whatever form except for cropping the image to the proper size.
  • For the passport photo, the applicant must directly face the camera with a neutral expression on their face. The eyes must be visible at all times. Smiling, posing at a different angle, closed eyes, and tilted head will automatically reject the photo for passport renewal.
  • Applicants can wear any casual, acceptable clothing for their passport photos. Hats and other head coverings are prohibited except for medical or religious purposes. Hair, clothes, and other accessories must not obscure the face of the applicant's passport photos.
  • For children, the photo will be accepted as long as no one else is in the photo and they are looking directly at the camera without any exaggerated expressions. There should be no obstructions on their face, such as hair, hands, or pacifiers, on their passport photos.
  • Photos of infants, particularly newborns, are more flexible because it is acceptable if their eyes are not completely open.

What To Do If Passport Photo Gets Rejected

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Sometimes, passport photos do not pass approval for mail or in-person passport renewals. Photos get rejected, therefore delaying the entire process.

More often than not, denied passports are often the result of bad passport photos. The National Passport Information Center, or NPIC, lists this as the most common reason people have difficulty renewing or applying for a passport.

If you receive a rejection letter from the NPIC but there are no other issues at hand, this may be because of a bad passport photo. Passport photos that do not meet the U.S. Department of State requirements will usually cause your passport application to be denied.

When the submitted passport photo does not meet the requirements, you have ninety (90) days to change and re-submit a new passport photo. Ensure that the new photo you submit follows the passport's strict requirements.

The passport application must be resubmitted if you fail to submit a new photo. New application fees should also be paid because the previous application has already lapsed.

Final Thoughts

Renewing a passport has become a lot easier with online verification systems. During renewal, check that your digital photos meet all the requirements to avoid problems. This will ensure an easy, hassle-free passport renewal for you and your family.

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