How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport Photo?

When requesting a passport, one must submit passport photos first. Do you ever wonder how long it will take to get a passport photo? Don't you worry! We've scoured the internet and have discovered the top answers to this question.

The average time to get your passport photo from a studio is one hour or less. Choose a studio that offers high-quality passport photos and complies with the specifications for the image to prevent rejection of your application.

Always make sure your images comply with the requirements. Otherwise, the authority will postpone your application. We will also tackle the dos and don'ts of a passport photo. Continue reading to find all the necessary info for a successful photo.

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The Average Time To Get The Passport Photo

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The time it takes to get your passport photo still depends on your chosen studio. But, the average time to get it is one hour or less.  

Where To Get My Passport Photo?

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There are studios nearby to get your passport photos taken and printed. Choosing the right one from a variety of studios in your area is crucial. 

Everyone wants their passport photo to be precisely proportioned and professional-quality pictures. Ensure that the studio you choose will provide you with high-quality passport photos and complies with the official specifications given for the passport photos.

The chosen studio must possess a high level of attention to detail to meet particular specifications like size and composition. Authorities require either white or off-white backgrounds and photos printed on glossy or matte photo-quality paper. 

The backgrounds of photographs taken against a crowded, patterned, or dark background will not be allowed. Also, the person taken must not appear to have red eyes. 

Ensure that the photo accurately depicts your skin tone. You must avoid tone lightening or darkening.

Aside from photo studios, you can also choose shipping facilities, libraries, offices for passports, and retail establishments, as they also offer passport photo services. 

Avoid choosing picture booths because they produce inappropriate photos for a passport. 

What Should You Wear For A Passport Photo?

It is recommended to dress normally. The ideal top for passport photos is a collared shirt.

There is no reason to wear a hat or headphones for personal preference. Also, wearing a facemask that makes it impossible for you to identify is unacceptable. Your face must be completely visible. 

However, you are permitted to cover your head for medical or religious reasons. One must provide either a signed statement from a doctor for medical reasons or signed information from a recognized member of your religion proving that the item is part of religious attire. 

Just be sure not to hide your face with anything.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Passport Photos Done?

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The cost of getting your passport photo varies depending on the facility. The cost of this service is often highest at studios. 

The average price of passport photos ranges from $0.35 to $15.

Can I Smile In A Passport Photo?

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Face the camera with a smile in a modest and natural way. Your smile must be near to a resting face, and you must also look straight at the camera.

You must show no teeth and avoid cheesy grins. Remember that your eyes must be open and visible to the camera.

Can I Take A Passport Photo On My Own?

You can definitely take passport photos by yourself. However, consider these guidelines when taking a passport photo on your own:

1. No Other Persons

There must be no other person in the picture.

2. Appropriate Background

Utilize the white walls in your house to create a natural background. However, if you don't have one, you might opt to use a white bedsheet.

Your face and the back of your head must be free of shadows.

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3. Good Quality Camera

Avoid taking your passport photo using a low-quality camera. The photographs produced by these cameras are typically blurry.

Use a good quality camera that can capture a good photo of you because one of the significant reasons for a rejected passport photo is the poor quality of the images.  

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4. Be At The Center

Avoid capturing yourself through a selfie. Have another person take your picture. 

Maintain a straight angle as you look into the camera, and avoid turning your head left or right or up or down. You must keep your face in the center of the picture.

Ensure that there is enough space around your head before taking the picture. The picture needs to show your entire body, from head to mid-torso.

5. Appropriate Expression

Do not make any facial expressions and make sure your facial characteristics are visible with your lips closed. It is preferred to have both ears exposed.

6. No Alterations

Do not alter your face and neck using any photo editing apps. Ensure your photo is colored, sharp, not pixilated, steady, and has natural skin tones and good color harmony.

Also, avoid sending a scanned image, as this is prohibited.

7. Avoid Scanned Images

Additionally, avoid passing outdated photos of you. Remember that passport images can't be more than six months old. 

They will disregard your photo if it doesn't meet the required biometric standards.

Can I Wear My Glasses For My Passport Photo?

Glasses are not acceptable in a passport photo, and you must take them off. An accessory like an eye patch that takes away the attention from the face is also prohibited.

You must include a written declaration from your doctor and your passport application if you cannot take off your glasses or eye patch due to health reasons. Ensure no glare, reflection, or shadow is blocking your vision.

Colored contact lenses are also not allowed because it covers up the applicant's eyes' actual color. 

Can You Wear Makeup In A Passport Photo?

You may wear makeup for your passport photo but avoid wearing too much. The makeup you use for your passport photo should be as natural-looking as possible.

The secret to a natural look and carefree style is using a neutral color scheme to highlight your features while looking natural.

You may use a little bit of foundation to hide any flaws present. Avoid using a foundation that is excessively light or dark in comparison to your actual skin tone. Your passport photo must reflect your natural skin tone.

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Avoid using cosmetics containing UV filters because they may cause a flashback. Also, remember to apply the foundation to your neck so that your face and neck don't appear to be two distinct objects.

You can also add some mascara to make your eyes pop.

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Choose for natural-looking, less vibrant lipstick shade and avoid having shiny lips.

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For your passport photo, avoid using bottom eyeliner or cat-eye makeup. Keep it basic so that people can recognize you from your identity photo.

In Closing

Following general principles is a must when taking a passport photo and can prevent your application from getting rejected. Remember to take a fresh passport photo if there's an alteration in your appearance.

If you're disabled, don't hesitate to request assistance with your passport photos. Before you go, we also have other posts that might capture your interest:

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