How To Change Luggage Scale To Lbs

Unlike frequent travelers, occasional travelers might find the packing process tedious and frustrating when weighing luggage. Be prepared and purchase a luggage scale and learn how to switch it from kilos to lbs and vice versa. We dug around for information to help you do that, and here's what we unearthed!

All you need is to move or press the switch on the luggage scale to the correct position for it to read the weight in pounds. Different digital and manual luggage scales have controls located in different places. The luggage scale manual will have a diagram that indicates the exact place.

Continue reading as we discuss different luggage scales and whether they change the units of the readings automatically.

easuring the weight of a suitcase for airline travel weight limitations. How To Change Luggage Scale To Lbs

Changing Reading On A Luggage Scale

Luggage scales are straightforward and self-explanatory devices.

Digital luggage scales have a switch button located in the rear or front. It changes the reading from kilograms to pounds or vice versa.

In some portable luggage scales, the on/off button is what you use to change the units from kilos to pounds.

Popular Portable Luggage Scales

Luggage scales are a must-have travel accessory for travelers. They save you the hassle of looking for a scale when not at home. To help you know if you have overpacked for your trip or the souvenirs you've bought might need a separate flight, budget for a portable luggage scale.

Additionally, stick to the minimum weight limit even when you have a luggage scale. These luggage scales are digital, but you will find analog options too.

Here are some worthy portable luggage scales on the market today.

Measuring the weight of a suitcase for airline travel weight limitations

EatSmart SmartGrip Voyager Luggage Scale

The EatSmart luggage scale has a handle-like grip for both hands. It allows you to weigh your luggage without straining your wrists. The sturdy bulk and strap are perfect for relatively heavy luggage.

The EatSmart luggage scale has separate on/off and unit set buttons. It also has a backlit LED screen. You find a battery unit on the back of the scale.

The luggage scale is ready to use upon purchase as it comes with a battery. So, unpack it, then:

  1. Remove the plastic covering on the battery, then close it back.
  2. Strap the scale on your luggage and click it in place. Your baggage should be on the floor.
  3. Put it on and set it to the unit you need.
  4. Once the scale shows zero, lift it together with the luggage. Use your hands and not your back to avoid hurting yourself.
  5. Alternatively, you can weigh your luggage and press the unit button to convert it to the units you want.
  6. After 20 seconds, the LED display turns off, which helps save the battery.

Click on this link to get the EastSmart SmartGrip luggage scale on Amazon.

In this"> video, you'll see a quick walkthrough on how to use it.

Freetoo Digital Luggage Scale

If you're looking for an accurate digital luggage scale, look no further. The Freetoo digital scale has a bright and clear LCD with large numbers visible in the dark.

The scale is lightweight and fits into any pocket. The surface is scratch resistant with a maximum tare capacity of 50 kilograms or 110 lbs.

To use this luggage scale, you should:

  1. Start by reading the manual.
  2. Put it on and set the units needed before strapping the scale onto the luggage.
  3. Once you strap it onto the luggage, hold it with an open palm in a horizontal position and lift it with the bag to get a reading.
  4. Put the luggage down and remove the scale.

Watch the short demonstration linked ">here for a better understanding.

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Camry Digital Luggage Scale Backlight

If you often travel at odd hours of the day when there isn't enough light, then you should purchase the Camry digital scale.

The large blue LCD is bright enough in any poorly lit environment. The unit (clearly indicated) and the on/off buttons are placed on the front side by side.

Backpacking and family holidays will be hassle-free when you don't have to embarrassingly repack your luggage at the airport because it is overweight. It is accurate to 0.1lbs or 50grams. The luggage scale comes with a pouch to protect it from scratches.

To start using it, you should:

  1. Unravel the strap.
  2. Remove the plastic battery insulation and switch it on.
  3. Strap the luggage and clip it back to secure it.
  4. Lift the scale with the luggage.
  5. Wait till you hear the scale beep twice and flash consecutively thrice. The weight is displayed for 30 seconds.
  6. Put the luggage down and unstrap the scale.
  7. The luggage scale will automatically switch off after 60 seconds to prolong the battery life.

To see how other travelers use it, check out this ">video.

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Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale

The Samsonite analog portable luggage scale is for those who don't want to worry about dead or dying batteries. When pressed for time or you don't know where to purchase a battery without it costing you an arm and a leg, carry a Samsonite manual luggage scale.

It's as simple as they come. To use it:

  1. Unpack it and read the manual.
  2. Use the hook to attach the scale to the luggage handle.
  3. Briefly lift it off the floor.
  4. The hands on the scale will start calibrating. The red pointer will activate the black one.
  5. The red pointer moves together will the black one to get the weight of your luggage.
  6. The black pointer will fix the reading and stay even after you set your bag down.
  7. To clear the reading, turn the knob on the back of the black pointer counterclockwise until it reads zero.
  8. On the face of the scale, you have pounds (on the outer dial) and kilograms (on the inner dial).

If this analog Samsonite scale intrigues you, check it out on Amazon.

Frugal travelers might be interested to see how the Samsonite Manual luggage scale works in the following ">video.

Airscale Luggage Scale Battery-Free

The Airscale luggage scale is environmentally and pocket friendly. It has a fancy feel because it doesn't need batteries, and you charge it in five to ten shakes. It has a capacity of 50 kilograms or 110 pounds.

Fashionistas will love traveling with this luggage scale because it has simple steps.

  1. Shake it about five times to charge the luggage scale when you unwrap it.
  2. It has one button that works to turn it on and change the units.
  3. Use the strong nylon strap to buckle the scale on your luggage handle.
  4. Lift the scale with the luggage carefully.
  5. The bright wide LCD will give you a precise reading.
  6. Voila! That's it. Stash the scale away to a later time.

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Whether you are an environmentalist or just curious, ">click here to see how the scale works!

Tips For Buying A Luggage Scale

You need to be aware of how to pack effectively for trips(short or long) at short notice. Luggage scales are not a luxury but a necessity; therefore, you should know what you want from them.

When away from home, you might not have the luxury of a bathroom scale. So, before you rush and buy every portable luggage scale available, here are some tips on choosing one.

The portable luggage scale should be:

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Bright display
  • Affordable
  • Durable material
  • Weight accuracy
  • Have minimum/maximum weight capacity
  • Have additional features such as temperatures
  • Have long straps or hooks (to encompass luggage handles adequately)

Additionally, travelers should remember that the weight of the luggage includes the bag and whatever you put in it. Here is a post about how heavy luggage can be. Is Hardside Luggage Heavy?

Measuring luggage with hand held scale. How heavy is your luggage

Benefits Of A Portable Luggage Scale

If you are wondering whether these small devices are necessary, think again. Luggage scales might be small be mighty because they:

  • Save you time and nerves
  • You won't overpack
  • You avoid paying an overweight baggage fee

Are Luggage Scales Costly?

No, they are not costly. The luggage scales range from $8 to $15 plus shipment. They are in all colors, shapes, sizes, and forms in department stores or online.

Man tourist using digital luggage scale at home to weighs luggage. How To Change Luggage Scale To Lbs

To Wrap Up

Luggage scales are easy to use, and the unit button is always visible on the front or back. However, be careful when weighing your luggage, and always use both hands to lift the scale. The last thing you want is to snap your back while doing this mundane chore!

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