Can I Use My Bathroom Scale To Weigh My Luggage? [And How To]

Packing for a trip is pretty exciting until you get to the part where you realize that you cannot bring everything with you because of weight limits. You should weigh your luggage, but you only have a bathroom scale at home. Fortunately, we're here to teach you how to weigh those bags easily.

People often ask: "Will bathroom scales work to weigh luggage?" The answer is, yes, bathroom scales can weigh your luggage. There are different techniques to do this and it involves you carrying your luggage to check on the weight, or propping it on something if the bag is too heavy.

We know the idea sounds crazy since bathroom scales are small and most suitcases are big. However, a lot of people have done this method and have had success with them. Keep reading this post because we will be sharing with you the best tips and tricks on getting your luggage within the weight limits.

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Can I Use My Bathroom Scale To Weigh My Luggage?

You are packing for your trip and halfway through folding your pants, you suddenly realize that you don't have a scale to weigh your luggage. With the airline's check-in baggage rules, you have to make sure that your luggage stays within the weight limitations.

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Before going on any flight, always remember to check your airline's weight restrictions for checked luggage. Generally, most airlines will allow you to check one bag with a maximum size of 62 linear inches. They will most likely limit your checked luggage to a maximum of 50 pounds.

However, different airlines have different policies so it is important to note their checked luggage restrictions. If you are lucky, you might be able to check in more than one piece of luggage, but you will have to add the total weight of your bags.

Because you need to have at least a general estimate of your luggage's weight, it is important to weigh them before you get to the airport. It's easier to take out the unnecessary stuff at home instead of having to throw or leave stuff out when you are already at the airport.

If you are not a frequent traveler, you might not have a luggage scale sitting at home to do the weighing for you. Most of us, however, have a bathroom scale to weigh ourselves for health reasons. You might be wondering if you can use these to weigh your luggage and the answer is yes, you can weigh your bags on a bathroom scale.

How To Weigh Luggage Using A Bathroom Scale

Weighing your luggage using a bathroom scale is easy. Obviously, you'll need a bathroom scale, but also get yourselves a piece of paper and a pen to write down some values you will need.

The results of this measurement may not be as accurate as the weight you will get on an actual weighing scale. However, it will give you a rough estimate and you can adjust your packing even before your flight. This will save you the hassle of dealing with overweight bags.


1. Set up the scale in an open area

In an open area of your house, set up your bathroom scale and make sure that it is far away from walls or furniture. This is to prevent the luggage from resting on these surfaces and possibly skew the weight measurement.

Try to use a bathroom scale that is as accurate as possible when measuring weight. This will make it easier for you to get an estimated value for your luggage.

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2. Weigh yourself and note the measurement

Step on the scale and weigh yourself. On the piece of paper, write down your weight measurement so you don't forget it. Step off the scale.

3. Pick up your luggage and get back on the scale

Carefully pick up your luggage and get back on the scale. Weigh yourself while holding the luggage. Try to keep your weight mostly on the center of the scale and wait for the scale to completely settle on the measurement before stepping off. Take note of your weight with the luggage as well.

4. Subtract the difference in weight

Subtract your weight while carrying the luggage from your original weight. This should give you an estimated value of the weight of your luggage. Of course, you'll get a more accurate result when you get to the airport and check your bags.

5. Prop your luggage

If your luggage is a little too big and heavy for you to carry, use a small stool or block to prop it on top of the scale. Do the same method of weighing the stool or block first, before weighing it with the luggage on top.

Are There Other Ways To Weigh Luggage?

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Of course, there are other ways you can do to weigh your luggage before your trip. The best way would be to invest in your own luggage scale. These scales are very small and compact, and you can generally take them with you so you can weigh your bags before going home.

Luggage scales come in digital or analog technology to help you weigh your bags. They are portable and easy to carry, plus they will definitely give you a rough estimate of how heavy your bag is. When using a luggage scale, try to keep a pound or two under the limit to account for weight accuracy differences in the airport.

Digital luggage scale

Digital luggage scales are great to have because they read fast and you can easily change the unit measurements on the scale. It's simple to use—you only need to slip the strap on the handle of your suitcase before lifting the scale and bag together.

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Manual luggage scale

If you don't want to deal with batteries that digital scales have, then go for an analog scale. This manual luggage scale comes with a hook that you put on the handle when weighing the bags. Some travelers find analog scales more reliable than their digital counterparts, so you might want to consider this.

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Shipping scale

For heavy travelers, you might want to consider getting a shipping scale to help you have a more accurate weight reading of your luggage. These shipping scales are not as portable as luggage scales, but they should give you a better reading of your bags' weight at home.

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Airport weighing scales

If you don't have access to these weighing tools, there is of course the last resort. In the airport, you will usually find weighing scales where you can weigh your luggage for free. Some stalls may also offer the service for a fee if there are no public scales available.

Prepare yourself for the possibility of unloading and discarding some items if you choose to just weigh your items at the airport. If you are traveling with others, you do have the option to transfer some items into their bags to lessen the weight of your luggage.

What Happens If My Luggage Is Overweight?

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If you have items inside your bag that you simply cannot remove, you don't have to worry. You can check your luggage without having to unload these items, but it will come with a price. Airlines do have the option of charging additional fees for overweight bags.

Most airlines start with a $50 fee for overweight bags on domestic flights. The fees change if you are leaving on an international flight, and they generally are more expensive. Check with your airlines beforehand about overweight luggage rates and if there are other baggage options you can explore.

Wrapping Things Up

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Before you even begin your vacation, make sure that you pack all the things that you need without going over the airline's weight restrictions. It's a good idea to invest in a quality luggage scale because this can help you in future travels. This will definitely help you stay within limits and learn not to overpack on vacation.