How To Use Travelpro Suiter

For many business travelers, a business suit is an essential piece of clothing. The Travelpro Suiter is one of the best products you can have to help you pack your suits, but you're probably wondering how to use it. Fortunately, we've researched this!

How to use Travelpro Suiter:

  1. Open the Travelpro Suiter and lay it down on a flat surface.
  2. Unstick the velcro of the roll bar and unsnap the buckles on the suiter's belt.
  3. Slip the hook of the garment hanger on the loop located on top of the suiter.
  4. Lay down the garment gently and smoothen to remove all the creases.
  5. Carefully fold the sleeves inward.
  6. Buckle the belt and snap the roll bar back on over the newly laid garment.
  7. Fold the Travelpro Suiter into three and zip it closed before packing it in your suitcase.

Packing your suits and other garments using the Travelpro Suiter is easy, but it can still be a novel idea for some people. Keep reading as we show you how to properly use a Travelpro suiter, as well as all the available options you can find for your travels.

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How To Use Travelpro Suiter

If you are traveling for business, you probably know how unprofessional it is when you arrive at your destination with a wrinkly suit. Taking a suit with you during your travels can be difficult because they crease and wrinkle so easily if packed incorrectly.

One of the best ways to travel with garments that crease easily like suits and dress shirts is by packing them into garment bags. These bags are meant to cushion the garments properly so that they won't have wrinkles once you unpack them at your destination.

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A popular brand for travel luggage and accessories is Travelpro. With business travelers in mind, Travelpro created a unique garment bag that seamlessly works with any of their travel systems. The Travelpro suiter is a garment organizer that fits nicely in carry-on suitcases.

Check out the Crew VersaPack Suiter Organizer on Travelpro.

The Travelpro Suiter Organizer is a three-fold garment bag that can fit a full suit and several dress shirts for your travels. It features a hanger loop so that your suits and shirts will stay crisp and wrinkle-free in your suitcase.

Packing The Travelpro Suiter

While the Travelpro Suiter is indeed an organizer and garment bag in one, a lot of people might find it quite different to use than a regular garment bag. Here's a quick step-by-step video guide on how to use the Travelpro Suiter.

  1. Unzip the Travelpro Suiter organizer and lay it down on a flat surface. A flat, sturdy surface like a table or a bed will make it easier to fold the organizer later on.
  2. On the lower third of the Travelpro Suiter, you will find a small, padded roll bar with velcro on the ends. Unstick one side of the velcro before you lay down your garment.
  3. Going up the Travelpro Suiter, you will also see a nylon belt with a buckle on the upper third of the organizer. This belt will secure the suit and prevent the sleeves from creasing. Unsnap the buckle and leave the belt open.
  4. Take your suit and place it on a hanger. A slim, wooden hanger is best to use because it has wide support for the shoulders of the jacket.
  5. Place your trousers inside the jacket by folding it in half.
  6. Hook the handle of the hanger on the loop that you see on the top of the Travelpro Suiter.
  7. Add your dress shirts to the organizer by hooking their hangers onto the loop as well.
  8. Make sure to lay down the garment gently and smoothen out as many creases and wrinkles as possible.
  9. Carefully fold the sleeves of both the suit jacket and the dress shirts inward. It should make a cross pattern on the front of the suit.
  10. Buckle the belt and cross the bolster over the suit. Don't forget to stick the velcro end of the bolster.
  11. Fold the Travelpro Suiter organizer into three. Make sure that no part of the garment is sticking out of the organizer before zipping it close.
  12. You may now pack the Travelpro Suiter in your carry-on bag without worrying about a wrinkly suit.

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Is The Travelpro Suiter Built In The Suitcase?

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While the Travelpro Suiter is indeed an extra accessory, Travelpro has also integrated this function into some of their luggage systems. Travelpro has added the Suiter to their duffle bags, carry-on suitcases, and expandable spinner luggage.

Duffel Bag

Get the Travelpro Weekender Duffel Bag on Amazon.

For business travelers who won't be staying for an extended period of time, a duffel bag will suffice for an overnight or three-day stay. This bag can typically hold enough casual clothes, toiletries, and footwear, along with your nice, wrinkle-free suit.

The Travelpro Weekender Duffel bag unrolls to feature a removable, suiter organizer system that can handle your business outfits easily. It also has separate compartments where you can place your gadgets and other small items necessary for travel.

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Spinner Luggage

Check out the Travelpro Expandable Spinner on Amazon.

Frequent travelers invest in good luggage that they can use for their trips. The Travelpro Crew Versapack system is a great example of this luggage because it features multiple luggage organizers. This also includes the very useful and popular Travelpro Suiter.

The Travelpro Suiter organizer is integrated into the luggage itself, but it can easily be removed for cleaning. The travel system also includes several organizers for storing accessories and small materials like socks and neckties, all necessary for a business trip.

Rolling Garment Bag

Grab this Travelpro Rolling Garment Bag on Amazon.

If you are looking for a bag that is more specifically suited for your businesswear, then the Travelpro Rolling Garment bag might be the only thing you will need. Unlike a regular cabin-sized carry-on, this bag is a lot smaller with the intention of carrying specific garments only.

This garment bag features a lay-flat design which makes it easier for travelers to pack their suits, dresses, and other clothes wrinkle-free. Depending on the airline you will be taking, this bag can fit on both the plane's overhead bins or under the seat in front of you.

Why Should I Use A Garment Bag?

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If you scour the internet for packing tips, you'll find that there are many ways on packing clothes that easily wrinkle. Some travelers have been successful in using garment folders, packing cubes, or other packing methods.

However, the easiest, no-fuss way of keeping your clothes wrinkle-free as much as possible is garment bags. It is a tried and tested packing accessory that doesn't have to complicate your packing process.

While garment bags are not as compact as other options like packing cubes or compression bags, you'll find that it's a good investment especially if you travel frequently. You won't have to worry about extremely creased suits or dresses when you open your suitcase after a long trip.

Wrapping Things Up

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Packing for a business trip should not be stressful. Transport your suit and look spiffy in your business engagement by making sure to pack them properly in garment bags like the Travelpro Suiter to avoid creasing. With these items, you'll definitely enjoy your business trip.

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