How To Pack A Suit In A Duffel Bag

Traveling for a business trip can be exhausting enough, and one of the things people worry about is packing a suit in a duffel bag without getting creases. If you're looking for ways to pack your suit for a trip, we're here to give you the best ways to pack your duffel bag.

How to pack a suit in a duffel bag:

  1. Turn the left shoulder of your suit jacket inside out. This will create an upturned pocket in your suit jacket.
  2. Take the right shoulder of your suit jacket and slip it inside the pocket of the left shoulder.
  3. Fold the collar neatly before folding the entire jacket in half. You may now pack it in your carry-on bag.

There are other ways on how you can pack your suit in a duffel bag, along with all the other clothing items you might need. Keep reading as we show you some tips on maximizing your carry-on space, as well as other ways to keep your suits wrinkle free.

A male traveler packing clothes in a duffel bag, How To Pack A Suit In A Duffel Bag

How To Pack A Suit In A Duffel Bag

Packing for a business trip can be uniquely exhausting. It's a short trip, but you have to keep all necessary documents and your clothes well kept when you reach your destination. Technically, you should pack light for a business trip but it gets a little complicated when you have a suit inside your bag.

There are many ways you can pack your suits in a duffel bag when you travel. However, there are techniques that people say are more efficient at keeping them wrinkle-free. Here are some of the best suggestions on folding suit jackets for travel, as well as other clothes you will need.

Pocket fold

  1. Take your suit jacket and turn the left shoulder inside out. The sleeve of the jacket should be left hanging so it is encased in the small pocket you have created.
  2. Take the right shoulder of the jacket and slip it inside the pocket of the left shoulder. Your jacket should look like a long piece of fabric folded inside out.
  3. Fold the collar neatly, making sure it's not wrinkled. Fold the jacket in half, and you can now pack it inside your duffel bag.

Flat fold

  1. Fasten the top button of your suit jacket and lay it flat against a table.
  2. Flip the jacket over with the backside facing up and smooth out the wrinkles as much as possible.
  3. Take the right side of the jacket and fold it towards the center. Make sure that the sleeve of the jacket is straight and it lies flat.
  4. Do the same method to the left side of the jacket. Keep the sleeve straight and flat, making sure to smooth out all the wrinkles. You can overlap the sleeves slightly one on top of the other to ensure that they are both lying flat.
  5. Fold the jacket in half and you are now ready to pack it in your bag.

Rolling the jacket

  1. Similar to the steps of the first method, fold your jacket neatly into a pocket.
  2. Instead of folding the jacket, roll your jacket loosely (don't pull it tight!) before packing it into your duffel bag.
  3. You can also place your dress shirt on top of the suit jacket before rolling both of them together. This will lessen the space your suit will take up in your bag.

Folding trousers

Top view of male traveler packing for a trip

Trousers are easier to fold, but it is a lot easier to pack them. To ensure that your suit jacket stays wrinkle-free, fold the trousers over the suit jacket before packing.

  1. Fold the trousers horizontally and lay them flat on a surface.
  2. Take the bottom third of the trousers and fold it upwards. Take the top third and fold it down, similar to how you would fold a letter.
  3. If you are packing this with a suit jacket, place the jacket on top of the trousers before folding. Sandwich the jacket in between the trousers to keep it nice and wrinkle-free.

Folding dress shirts

Man packs his clothing neat and organised in a bag

Packing dress shirts is a little more complicated because they are a lot harder to maintain wrinkle-free. However, folding them properly will give you nice creases and fewer wrinkles to worry about.

  1. Button the dress shirts all the way, from the collar to the bottom.
  2. Flip the shirt face down on a flat surface, with the sleeves laid flat and open like the letter 'V'.
  3. Take the right sleeve and fold it along the crease of the shoulder. The sleeve should stretch diagonally across the back in a nice and straight manner.
  4. Do the same for the left side of the dress shirt. The two sleeve should meet in a cross at the back of the shirt.
  5. Take the two sleeves and fold the bottom up so that the cuffs meets the collar of the shirt.
  6. Fold the left and right sides of the shirt inwards. The edges of the shirt should meet in the middle.
  7. Fold the dress shirt in thirds, starting with the bottom third before folding the top third. Make sure that the collar stays nice and flat after folding.

When packing your suit in a duffel bag, make sure that your bag is big enough for all of your clothes. Remember, you also have to pack dress shoes, your trousers and dress shirts along with your suit jacket. Try to use a duffel bag where you can maximize the packable space.

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Is It Better To Pack My Suit In A Carry-On Suitcase?

Business formal wear clothes packed into travel bag

Truthfully, there is no difference whether you take a duffel bag or a suitcase as a carry on for your travels. However, there are certain advantages you will get when you use a suitcase.

With suitcases, your suits may have less chances of getting wrinkles because there is more space to pack your clothing in. If you have a freshly washed and pressed jacket, you can simply leave it in the garment bag and fold it in half when packing it in the suitcase.

Of course, if you are bringing more than one suit for a trip, a carry-on suitcase will definitely make it easier for you. Duffel bags tend to be small and have limited packing space compared to a suitcase. If your business trip is going to take more than 2 or 3 days, consider using a carry-on suitcase.

Tips For Packing Suits

During business trips, it's not just the suits that you have to worry about when packing. Of course, you'll also have to bring your casual clothes, sleepwear, and other items. While they don't have to stay smooth and wrinkle-free as your suits, you still need to pack them all together in your duffel bag.

There are many ways you can pack your suits for travel. Here are some of our best tips you can try the next time you need to head out for a business trip.

Pack your shoes

It's hard to look prim and proper when you arrive at your meeting with dirty and scuffed dress shoes. Before packing, make sure that your shoes are nicely cleaned and polished. Use a shoe bag to prevent them from getting scratched. Make sure to bring a polishing kit to keep your shoes nice and shiny.

Black and white drawstring pouch

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Use packing cubes

Cube meshed bags with rolled clothes

One of the biggest reasons why suits get wrinkled is because it rubs up against other items inside the bag. Keep the friction to a minimum by using packing cubes to separate the articles of clothing from each other. You'll also find that your bag is neater and a organized with these packing cubes.

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Get yourself a steamer

Woman steaming elegant shirt with electric steamer

Sometimes, no amount of folding and packing can keep the wrinkles at bay. Consider getting a portable handheld steamer that you can use in the comfort of your hotel room. These can be brought inside a carry on as long as it is empty of all liquids prior to packing.

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In Closing

Packing your suit for a business trip is easy and simple. All you need to know is the proper folding techniques to keep them nice and wrinkle-free. With these in mind, you'll definitely find the best ways to travel with your business clothes without worrying about the wrinkles.