How To Stack Rolling Luggage

Traveling with multiple suitcases can be an exhausting experience, especially if you feel like needing another set of extra hands. The best way to move around with your luggage is to stack them together. Fortunately, we have all the answers on how you can stack luggage efficiently while traveling.

To stack your rolling luggage, you will need luggage straps or an add-a-bag luggage strap set. Pull one end of the strap under the handle of your biggest suitcase. Next, place the smaller suitcase in front of it and thread the other end of the strap under its handle. Buckle them together and you're ready to roll!

Stacking your luggage is a quick way to handle multiple suitcases at a time without having to juggle them with both hands. Keep reading this post because we will show you how to stack your luggage, as well as other alternatives you may use to travel with multiple suitcases altogether.

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How To Stack Rolling Luggage

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It is never easy to travel while carrying a big suitcase. If you're traveling somewhere for a few weeks or so, or if you're looking to do some shopping, it's a great idea to bring more than one suitcase with you. However, carrying more than one or two suitcases is definitely going to be a challenge.

One way to make lugging around multiple suitcases is by stacking or "piggy-backing" them. Piggy-backing the suitcases makes it easier to carry them around because you only have to handle the biggest suitcase. All the smaller ones will follow, as long as you connect them together properly.

There are multiple ways on stacking rolling suitcases. We'll be listing down some methods using items that you already have at home, as well as products that you can purchase for your travels.

Belt your luggage together

One of the simplest ways to piggy-back luggage together is by belting the handles with each other. Luggage straps are great for these, but you can also use regular belts you may have lying around at home.

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To stack together the luggage using these straps, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Pack your largest suitcase with majority of the weight at the bottom. This will become your "base" suitcase wherein you will connect all your luggage to.
  2. Keep your largest suitcase upright. Place the next biggest suitcase in front of it with its back against the front of your "base" suitcase.
  3. Set the length of the luggage straps to its shortest length. Slip the luggage strap under the topmost luggage handles of both the biggest suitcase and the one you will be piggybacking.
  4. Lock the strap and adjust the length as necessary. The smaller suitcase should be snug enough against the big suitcase, and it should roll together with the big suitcase when pulled.
  5. Repeat the process if you wish to strap another bag to the two suitcases.

To make it easy for you to maneuver these suitcases, it is best to keep them at a maximum of 3. Any more than this and you'll have a hard time handling them because of the weight.

Use "add-a-bag" luggage strap sets

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Alternatively, there are "add-a-bag" luggage strap sets which you can buy in many travel stores. They act the same as the luggage strap method, but some sets strap uses the pulling handle as the base where they strap the smaller suitcases to.

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To use these luggage strap sets, simply follow the same method using luggage straps. You can choose different sizes for the add-a-bag sets if you have bigger suitcases.

Are There Alternatives To Stacking Rolling Luggage?

Aside from stacking your rolling luggage together with belts and luggage straps, your're probably wondering if there are other alternatives to stacking luggage together. Some people might find it difficult to move with luggage strapped together. Others may think its too much of a hassle.

Fortunately, there are other options you can try to move around with multiple luggage. Here are some great options you can look at.

Travel systems

Technically, these travel systems are no different from strapping the bags together using a belt or a luggage strap. However, these are very practical to use because they naturally nest together without the need of buying accessories.

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These travel systems attaches to each other using a velcro system. They are more secure and they move easily without any issues, especially with the help of the pull straps. This system is definitely innovative, particularly for those who often travel with multiple suitcases all the time.

Bungee cords

Blue elastic bungee cords

For those who don't need to bring an entire suitcase with them, you can simply strap on and stack your existing bags on your luggage. These bag bungees are great for keeping your duffel bags or tote bags on top of your luggage so you don't have to carry them around.

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These bag bungees are easy to use and it's a huge help especially for those who carry around an extra bag while traveling. You can even strap your big, bulky coats on top of your suitcase if you are traveling during the winter instead of carrying them around.

Luggage carts

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This suggestion won't exactly work outside of the airport, but it's definitely an option if only to make carrying your belongings around easier. Luggage carts are plentiful in airports and you only need to get one of these to lug all your luggage in one go.

Airport luggage carts are big, and they can usually handle three or four suitcases in one go. If you have kids with you, these luggage carts can be a lifesaver because you only need one hand to push it around while handling your toddler with the other.

What Bags Can I Put On Top Of My Luggage?

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If you don't feel like strapping an entire suitcase to your current luggage, you can definitely just stack a smaller bag on top of your suitcase. As we have suggested earlier, you can simply use a bag bungee to strap them on top of your luggage. However, you can also purchase bags meant for this purpose.

Most travel bags nowadays also come with a luggage sleeve or strap that fits well over most luggage handle poles. With these bags, you don't need to purchase bag bungees or luggage straps because you simply need to slip them over your luggage handle.

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These weekender bags fit nicely over the luggage tubes and this size is great as a carry-on. You can put additional clothing in this bag, along with the rest of the clothes that are in the checked luggage. They are easy to slip on and it should make traveling hassle-free for travelers.

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For those who are traveling with their electronics, they can get quite heavy while traveling. Fortunately, these backpacks can handle your laptop and other gadgets, and they come with a luggage strap so you can place them on top of your rolling luggage.

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Parents traveling with their babies or toddlers often find that they need about ten extra sets of hands to wrangle everyone and everything while traveling. These diaper bags should help because they strap on the luggage handles effortlessly and now you have an extra hand to push your baby's stroller.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with multiple suitcases can be a struggle, but fortunately, there are hacks you can do to carry them around. It's always a great idea to have luggage straps on hand in case you feel like strapping your luggage together for convenience. With these on hand, you'll never have to lug around too many suitcases at a time.

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