Should All Your Luggage Match?

To get the most out of your travels, it's always best to do it in style. If you are looking into organizing your travel style down to the luggage, you're probably thinking about getting a matching luggage set. We know that there are many opinions about it, so we've looked into getting the answers for you.

Generally speaking, no rules say all your luggage should match. However, if you're looking into making it easy to find your luggage on the carousel, or if you love the particular look and function of a suitcase, you should definitely get a set and match all of them. Aside from looking stylish, matching luggage sets are cheaper and more practical.

There are lots of reasons why you should or shouldn't get a matching luggage set. In this post, we will be listing down the considerations you should take when buying luggage. Keep reading, because we also have some color-choosing suggestions and tips on what you can do to make your existing luggage match.

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Should All Your Luggage Match?

When traveling, one of the important things one should always have is luggage. Whether they are suitcases or big duffel bags, your luggage is an expression of your travel style. There are so many different kinds and styles of luggage out there that fit every traveler's needs.

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There are many differing opinions about whether luggage should match or if they're better off different. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your travel needs.

If you are looking into getting new luggage for your trip, it might be a good idea to consider getting a matching set. It is relatively cheaper to get an entire set instead of buying luggage per piece. It's also more practical to get a set, especially if there are features or if you love the look of the suitcase.

Matching luggage sets also make it easier for you to identify your bags on the carousel. You don't have to look for different bags so you can definitely make it out of the airport a lot faster. You can also choose a set that shows off your particular style that is uniquely you.

Getting a set of luggage also makes it easier for you to pack items from bringing just enough for a carry-on, to packing for a week's worth of travel. Most luggage sets come in a variety of sizes, so you have pretty much anything that you need. Sometimes, coordinating accessories are also available for these sets.

What Should I Consider When Buying Luggage?

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There are a number of things that you should consider when buying luggage. They might be something that you'll only get to use whenever you're traveling, but your luggage is something that is worth investing in. Here are some things that you should consider when buying new luggage.

Durability and looks

Choosing a luggage is also a matter of form and function. Sure, there are tons of suitcases that are cute and colorful, but they have to be sturdy enough to contain your belongings and last during your travels. Pick your luggage depending on the features that you need and the kind of traveling that you will do.

Size and weight

One of the benefits of getting a matching luggage set is that they already cover all the sizes you will ever need for traveling. Luggage sets typically include a carry-on, a medium-sized suitcase, and a large-sized suitcase that you can both check ini your flight.

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To get the most out of your luggage, choose ones that are lightweight enough so that the bulk of your luggage weight is your acutal stuff instead of the suitcase itself. Newer models of luggage are lighter than their predecessors because of the materials they use, so pick a kind that you are most comfortable with.


As we discussed earlier, it's always better to get a lightweight suitcase whenever you are traveling to get the most out of them. Hardside luggage are popular right now because of their looks and function, and these suitcases use really strudy plastic as their base material. However, they can be a bit heavy.

Softside luggage is lighter and it uses nylon or fabric on the body of the suitcase. While they are lighter to carry around, they don't offer as much protection as a hardside luggage would. However, the choice on the kind of material for your luggage will completely be up to you.


It sounds like it's a little trivial to consider wheels when picking a luggage set, but if you've ever traveled with a suitcase that has wonky wheels, you'll understand. Some luggage come with just two wheels at the back (and a stand to keep it steady at the front) or with four wheels that easily rolls along even when upright.

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Either option is great, but most travelers now prefer the four wheels because you can stack other bags on top of your suitcase. They're also a litte bit easier to maneuver than the two-wheeled version, so this is also something that you might want to consider.

What Color Should I Choose For My Luggage?

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A lot of people actually suggest that your luggage should look unique and different from everybody else's. Of course, this can be quite impossible, but most people do tend to pick the same color luggage. So how do you know what color you should pick?

Colorful luggage are great at making a bold statement when traveling. Not only that, they are easily distinguishable from the myriad of basic-colored luggage on the ariport carousel. You can also show off your personality by picking the right color of luggage.

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If you want luggage that really stands out when going through the airport's luggage carousel, a great choice would be a set of white luggage. It might sound like an impractical choice (it will easily get dirty!) but fortunately, luggage-makers have made it possible to easily clean suitcases without hassle.

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For those who prefer the classic look, black or gray is a great color choice. They are wonderful at hiding wear and tear, so this is perfect for those who frequently travel. The only downside to these colors is that everybody else probably thought it would be great to get the same colors as well.

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Can I Match My Already Existing Luggage?

Buying luggage can get expensive, so some people don't find the need to buy a new set of them. However, if you are looking for ways to match your current existing pieces when you travel, we have some suggestions for you.

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Luggage covers

The quickest way to make everything match is by putting on these unique luggage covers on your suitcases before traveling. They are also great at proteting your bags from scratches and bumps every time they load them in the baggage area.

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Handle wraps

If you have the boring, black suitcase everyone in the world has, make it unique and matching with your other suitcases by putting on handle wraps. They also make for great identifiers and tags for your suitcase because they often come with a space to put contact information underneath the wraps.

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Luggage straps

Aside from making your suitcases look like they're all one and the same, luggage straps will also help secure and hold your bags together. They come in a number of unique colors that you can also use as your luggage identifier in the airport.

Final Thoughts

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Choosing your luggage shouldn't be hard. It should simply follow the rules of: you can find it easily and you know it's yours. Matching luggage sets are great at making these two considerations easy, but you can also do that with your existing suitcases. What's important is that you know which bags are yours so that you don't waste your precious vacation time looking for your luggage.

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