How Much Silver Can I Carry In International Flight?

Now traveling is fun when you go bearing gifts. But, how much silver is too much, or suitable to travel with on international flights? We asked experts, researched the net, and found reassuring news and information.

Generally, passengers aren't restricted from traveling with loose change on international flights. However, you must declare valuable silver coins, jewelry, and bullion at the airport. The monetary value is usually restricted to not more than $10,000 worth.

We might have stirred the hornets' nest with questions, but continue reading as we tell you the dos and donts.

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Silver In My Bags For The Overseas Trip

As you plan your next trip, you might consider taking your coin collection, expensive silver jewelry, and silver bullions instead of cash.

It's good to keep it simple by carrying a few pieces here and there. There are no limitations on domestic flights regarding how much you carry around.

But as soon as you book your international flight, the rules of the game change. According to TSA guidelines, you can carry silver on international flights. You will be required to declare any valuables. In total, their worth cannot exceed $10,000.

How To Take Silver On A Flight

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To have a stress-free flight, knowing what to do is essential. The last thing you want is security personnel asking you to open your bags and possibly missing your flight.

Here are the dos and don't when traveling with a lot of silver.


  1. Ensure you fill out a declaration form for security purposes.
  2. Pack the silver bars and valuable coins in a carry-on.
  3. Keep an eye on your bags, and don't let anyone see them.
  4. Alert the custom and security officers that you are traveling with a large amount of silver.
  5. Be prepared to produce paperwork certifying that the silver belongs to you.
  6. Be informed of the tariffs or VAT (if any) levied on any precious metals going into that particular country.


  1. Never check bags with valuables to avoid loss and theft.
  2. Don't display that your carry-on bag has anything valuable.
  3. Never leave your bags unattended when at the airport.
  4. Never panic or get stressed, as it might raise eyebrows.
  5. Don't hide any significant amounts of silver

How To Pack Silver When Traveling Internationally

If you want to carry silver bars or bullions instead of currency for holidays, take your coin collection when relocating or jewelry abroad; you'll need to pack it well.

When carrying jewelry on an international flight, you might be tempted to wear it. Unfortunately, this could be a bad idea.

The best way to transport it is by putting it in a jewelry box with a lock. Jewelry boxes with designations for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings are the best. You could use other ways to pack your jewelry for your trip.

Jeweler packing jewelry made of silver and gold in box

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Additionally, ensure that you document expensive jewelry for security purposes. 

Packing silver bullion is done differently. Use newspaper and bubble wrap to stop the precious metal from making noise and scratching before placing it in a padded envelope. Place the padded package in your carry-on. Companies commonly use this method for shipping precious metals quietly.

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To pack your silver coin collection, purchase a coin case that you can wrap in packing paper. However, if you don't wish to carry a large case, you could pack the coins separately.

Start by wrapping each coin in cling film, then place it in a padded envelope. Finally, seal the package with tape, so it does not rip or tear. Put the package in your hand luggage. Remember to inform the airport security and place it aside when going through the metal detectors.

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How Do You Value Silver When Carrying It Abroad?

Most declaration forms have a $10,000 limit, but you can carry silver worth more than that. The customs of the country you are flying into won't ask for the exact value of the precious metal you are taking.

However, failure to declare will cause trouble as they might think you were trying to ">smuggle it. Experts recommend using the market value of the precious metal but not the monetary value.

Declaring the higher of the two values saves you stress and unnecessary discussions with customs officers. But if you prefer to carry cash, here's an article that will help you: What Is The Cash Limit To Carry On International Flights?

Can You Ship Silver Coins Internationally?

No, you cannot! International carriers refuse to take this responsibility because of the bureaucracy involved across borders and high insurance costs.

Unfortunately, some people send silver coins and jewelry internationally at their own risk. They often 'succeed' because they never indicate the name of the precious metal when filling out the shipment forms.

Can I Ship Silver Within The United States?

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Absolutely! You can ship silver bullion, coins, silverware, and jewelry safely within the United States. The only ">carrier that does the shipping is USPS Registered Mail. They are well equipped, and your precious cargo will reach its destination in one piece.

You will be required to:

  • Have proof of mailing and a USPS 3806 form.
  • Pack the precious items properly using two different sizes of boxes.
  • Document the parcel by taking photographs.
  • Properly seal boxes using filament tape.
  • Insert a packing slip with details of the receiving party, details of what's in the package, and a returning address.
  • Write on the box using non-descriptive wording.

The United States Postal Service offers more detailed information on its website.

What Must You Do Before Shipping Or Travelling With Silver?

Once you are ready to travel with your silver or ship it abroad, the one thing you must do is to insure it. Silver is a precious metal and very enticing to those who don't have as much as you do. So, to be safe, insure it with a reputable company that can cater to you even abroad.

Whether a dealer or a collector, you won't want all your silver going down the drain by overlooking insurance. Use a consultant's services to get your item's exact value.

Can You Carry Silverware On A Carry-On?

You can take expensive silverware in your carry-on luggage. Unfortunately, knives won't be allowed in your hand luggage. Ideally, you must put all sorts of knives in checked baggage.

The worry is that it might be stolen during your trip, but airport authorities can never allow them in the cabin for safety. Ensure you pack your silverware correctly before putting it in the checked luggage.

Read more on how carry-ons are handled locally or internationally in the following post: Does Security Check Carry-On Bags?

Is There A Limit To How Much Change You Take On Board?

With no limitations, domestic flights allow travelers to carry as much change as they need. However, most travelers leave it in the screening trays due to its cumbersomeness.

You should keep the change in a fanny pack or a Ziploc bag to make it easy to empty your pockets when going through the checkpoints. Surprisingly, the leftover change in airports in the States goes to maintain the airport services.

Women's waist bag with zip pocket

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Do You Have To Declare Gold On International Flights?

Yes, you must declare any precious metal you have with you in your luggage. Being sincere with what type of valuables you take is the best way. Never be sneaky about the market or monetary value of any gold coins or bars on your person.

Airport authorities won't take this too kindly, and you will be liable for a hefty fine. In some cases, it might lead to confiscating the precious metal and you serving a jail sentence. The rules of traveling with silver apply to gold as well.

Can You Take Stones On International Flights?

TSA allows you to carry precious stones in your carry-on or checked bags. However, if you want to place precious or semi-precious stones in your cabin luggage, they should not be bigger than a fist.

Diamonds and other precious stones should be on you at all times. It's safest to carry your precious stones inconspicuously. Use your handbag (not a carry-on) or a crossbody bag.

Young businesswoman leaving private jet airplane

Huge stones will be considered a security risk. Moreover, rocks with sharp edges won't make it through the checkpoint. Authorities reserve the right to refuse entry of any dirty rocks because they might have microbes or foreign seeds.

Winding Up

You can boldly take your silverware, silver bars, collection coins, and jewelry on international flights after consulting the airline you are using. Ensure you declare the cargo and alert the security and customs agents as soon as you reach your destination.

Request a private inspection to avoid letting other passengers in on what you are carrying. Once you follow all these tips, your trip should be smooth. Bonne voyage!

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