Can You Bring A Stroller Through Security?

One of the challenges when traveling with the little ones is going through security carrying all of their belongings and then some. First-time parent travelers often ask if they can bring their kids' strollers through security and fortunately, we have all the answers for you.

For parents who are traveling with their infants and toddlers, you can bring a stroller through security, but expect to put the entire thing through the x-ray machine. If the stroller is too big to fit the machine, TSA officers will do a physical inspection of the stroller and all its contents.

Traveling with family is a great experience, but bringing everything a child will need can be downright exhausting. Keep reading, because, in this post, we will give you the best tips and tricks on traveling with kids, as well as stroller ideas you will want to consider for air travel.

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Can You Bring A Stroller Through Security?

Now that you've booked that vacation and packed your bags, there is nothing stopping you from having that well-deserved family vacation. If you are traveling alone or just with your significant other, this would be quick. But traveling with kids is a different ball game.

One of the biggest struggles when traveling with kids is getting their stroller through the airport. Some parents opt to check their strollers in with their luggage, but there are a few who would like to have the convenience of the strollers before boarding the plane.

If you are a first-time traveler with kids, you're probably wondering if it is possible to pass through security with your baby's stroller. The answer is yes, you can go through security with a stroller—but it does have additional screening procedures.

Before travelers can go through security with their strollers in tow, it has to be folded up and taken to pass through the x-ray machine. This is to check that the strollers will not be carrying anything that is not allowed onboard the flight.

If the stroller is too big to fit in the x-ray machine, TSA officers will physically hand-check the stroller. This will take more time than just having the stroller pass through the x-ray machine, so a little patience is necessary for this process.

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Can I Bring My Stroller Inside The Plane?

Now that you've passed through security with strollers and all your kids' items intact, the next question would most likely be—can I bring the stroller inside the plane? While it does seem unlikely, newer models of baby strollers are great to use for air travel.

Compact, lightweight strollers that fold up to the smallest possible size can definitely be brought inside the plane as long as they fit inside the overhead bins. Most airlines with bigger planes will allow this and it lessens the risk of losing your baby's stroller.

However, big and bulky strollers that are brought to the gate must be checked at the gate before boarding. Typically, airlines will offer an early boarding time for parents traveling with young children to give them extra time to check strollers and get the kids settled in their seats.

If you have a connecting flight, the best way to travel with a stroller is by bringing it with you on the plane. For parents who checked their strollers at the gate should remember to put the details of their next flight on the tag. You can also pick up the stroller by yourself so you don't lose them.

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Best Stroller For Air Travel

They may be tiny humans, but they do need more things than an adult would need for one flight. If you are a frequent traveler and you plan to bring your little ones along with you, one of the best investments to have is an easy-to-pack travel stroller.

These strollers are very compact and lightweight, perfect for bringing them inside the cabin when you board the plane. They will easily pass through x-ray machines through TSA checkpoints and you don't have to worry about them fitting in the plane's overhead bins.

GB Pockit

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Always ranking number 1 on many lists, the GB Pockit is known as the world's most compact stroller. This stroller folds up to fit inside the overhead bins of many major airlines, it is also very easy to fold and pull up anytime you and your little one are ready to go.

Peg-Perego Selfie

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This self-folding travel stroller is a dream for any parent who only has one hand left to handle everything while carrying a baby. Lightweight and easy-to-fold, this stroller is going to make going on vacation with your baby a breeze.

Babyzen Yoyo2

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One of the innovators of the first travel strollers, the Babyzen Yoyo2 is a light, compact stroller you'll love to bring during your travels. With its one-handed operation feature, the Babyzen Yoyo2 can also be folded and carried on the shoulder with its padded strap.

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Tips For Traveling With Infants And Children

Going on vacation with the kids shouldn't be stressful. With good planning and a little practice, you should be able to travel with your little ones without worrying too much about the things that can happen.

Here are some tips you can try when traveling with infants and young children:

Book a direct flight or one with a very long layover

Flying with babies can be exhausting because you still have to take care of the little ones even if you're tired yourself. When booking a flight with infants and toddlers, it's always best to minimize dealing with connecting flights.

One of the troubles kids experience during flights is the take-off and landing—the pressure change can be painful for their little ears. If possible, try to book a direct flight so your baby only needs to deal with the pressure change twice.

If direct flights are not possible, try to book a connecting flight that has a very long layover. A very long layover—and we are talking about 8 hours or more. This is to give mom and dad (and baby) time to recuperate before setting off for the next leg of their adventure.

Come up the plane during pre-boarding

There is a misconception among many parents, thinking that they should board last so that the baby doesn't spend so much time on the plane. Unfortunately, settling into a flight takes a little longer for the little ones, which is why airlines always offer pre-boarding.

Take advantage of the pre-boarding so that the kids can situate themselves to being inside the plane while everyone else is buckling in. You might even get to put them to sleep, making it easier for you during take-off.

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Buy a separate seat for your child (and bring a car seat or harness)

It is an additional cost, but a separate seat for your child will make it easier and roomier for everyone. Also, remember to bring a car seat or a CARES harness for your child because this is highly advised by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Get a CARES Harness on Amazon.

Consider renting baby gear

Lighten your load by renting the big, bulky baby gear when you reach your destination. There are many baby gear rentals you can try that offer anything you need for your baby.

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Instead of worrying about so many things to bring, renting baby gear will definitely take a load off of your family. It's also easier to move about because when the vacation is over, you simply need to send it back before going home.

Wrapping Things Up

Traveling with kids can be tough, but with the right planning and the right tools, you can breeze through airport travel in no time. Keep everything light and try to get compact versions of all the essentials to make it easy to move around while traveling.

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