Can A Pack And Play Fit In A Suitcase? 

Preparing for a much-awaited trip can be quite exciting; however, as a parent, we have to consider and pack the essentials that our kids need. A Pack 'N Play is a portable crib that also functions as a safe area for infants and toddlers. We have researched relevant information regarding the features, types, and specifications of the pack and plays to help you decide if it will fit in your luggage for your trip.

Consider the overall dimensions of both the suitcase and Pack 'N Play model. Smaller sized models are more compact which allows them to fit inside a suitcase while larger ones can be bulky and might just need to be placed in their case. 

Pack 'N Play is a registered product and the brand name of cribs that double as a confined play areas for young children. If you find it necessary to include the item wherever you travel, this article aims to help you determine its specifications and general attributes.

A Pack'n Play crib with infant blanket, Can A Pack And Play Fit In A Suitcase?

Pack 'N Play Features 

Pack ‘N Play doubles as a portable crib and playpen for infants and toddlers that is quite easy to pack, set up, and carry. Due to the product’s versatility, it is popular among parents. The item is specifically designed as a lightweight material for traveling, camping, sleepovers, and nap times at home.

Graco Pack N Play baby playpen

The overall design is perfectly safe for babies since the sides of the playpen or sleeping area are made up of breathable mesh. The rest of the material is built with flexible polyester or vinyl that can be folded to fit in a suitcase or to take with you wherever you intend to go. 

There are various kinds of Pack ‘N Play models, each has its own relevant features. While this is true, most types have a full-size bassinet attachment and a height of 40 inches, and a width of 28 inches. The standard folded height and width of the material are 29 inches and 10.5 inches, respectively. 

Pack 'N Play Types


One year old child plays in a graco pack and play baby bassinet

A traditional Pack ‘N Play is a classic play yard or playpen and the most affordable. It has the most basic design which is an enclosure made up of breathable mesh on all sides and an automatic folding system. It weighs heavier than travel cribs but is lighter than care station playpens. 

Because of its feature, the product is most fit to use during long trips and vacations where you may want to avoid heavy packing. 

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Care Station Pack 'N Play

Pack'n Play crib with infant blanket and stuffed animal

A care station play yard generally consists of the same interior and exterior design as its traditional counterpart. It is relatively heavier and larger because of its added features including a portable napper which can also be used as a rocker, a storage organizer, changing table, a musical box, and a baby mobile.

While this is true, some care stations do not necessarily offer all these additional accessories. The item itself can take up space because only the base and bassinet can be folded into a carrying bag. The other additional features are required to be packed separately. 

The product is intended and more ideal to use during vacations at grandparents' or relatives' houses and moving into a new home. 

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Lightweight Or Travel Crib

Travel crib Pack 'N Play offers parents a more convenient plane trip since it can be folded into a smaller travel bag and backpack. Unlike traditional or care stations, the sleeping area of this product is usually at the base and placed on the ground. Since it is designed that way, the material is safer for your infant.

The folded dimensions of the product are 19 inches tall and 23.5 inches wide. It is more compact than the standard size.

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Is It Advisable To Bring On A Trip

Since your concern implies some form of travel, allow us to cover all the bases you may need to know and consider. 

Taking a Pack 'N Play further demonstrates that you are traveling with an infant.

Air Travel

Parents or guardians with infants under two weeks old are required to provide medical clearance from a physician regarding their general health and eligibility to fly.

Child-approved safety seats and restraint systems are allowed as long as they occupy a window seat so as not to impede exits.

Finally, there are child article policies that allow strollers, diaper bags, and safety seats. Pack'N plays count as regular baggage and are subject to carry-on requirements and will have to be checked if they exceed the airline's limits. 


Baby in the car

Although there are no restrictions as to when newborns and infants can go on long car trips, it is always safer to travel when your baby is three months old. The reasoning behind this is that babies younger than three months have immature immune systems making them more prone to viruses and infections. 

A car trip gives you more freedom to choose which materials to pack, just remember that the items are compact enough to fit in the trunk. First, consider the length or duration of your journey - will the road trip take you weeks, days, or hours?

A longer trip denotes that a Pack 'N Play is essential, especially when you plan on camping during stops or when you intend to stay overnights in hotels - you may not want to rent a playpen every time. 

Next is to consider your destination and the duration of your stay - will your infant have a place to sleep? If you ever intend to visit grandparents' or relatives' house during holidays or any other celebrations, then you must consider if your child has a place of their own. 

Bringing a playpen can ensure the safety of your kid since you might be helping with the preparations. The product itself doubles as a sleeping area so you would not have to worry about leaving your baby unattended sleeping on a couch or in a bed.

Other Commute

Traveling by any other form of commute requires the same guidelines. It is always safer to consult with your pediatrician if your infant can go on a trip. 

Using a soft carrier is advisable since commuting entails a lot of movement. The Lightweight Pack 'N Play is ideal to bring in this kind of travel since it is compact and can be folded into a small travel bag or backpack.

Is It OK For A Toddler To Sleep In A Pack 'N Play?

High angle view asian chinese baby boy sleeping in a crib

A Pack 'N Play generally doubles as a sleeping pen and is designed for this specific purpose. The U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has outlined guidelines that ensure your child's safety when using this equipment. 

This includes testing:

  • the main material on which the product is made,
  • latching mechanism testing to ensure that it does not carelessly or accidentally fold when in use,
  • and its overall quality and strength.

There are no age limitations when using a playpen. While this is true, the restrictions lie on whether the child has outgrown the size limitations of a play yard or not. 

According to a pediatrician, the ideal weight and size are 30 pounds and 35 inches. Newborns can definitely sleep in a Pack 'N Play as well as older babies, provided that they are not yet too mature for a playpen. 

In Closing

Certain models of Pack 'N Play can easily fit in large enough suitcases. If you find it suitable to bring on a trip to cater to your child's needs, its portability makes it easy and possible. We hope this article proved to be insightful when it comes to the general idea and features of a Pack 'N Play.