Can Spinner Luggage Be Pulled?

One factor you may consider when purchasing new luggage is how well it can help you and your belongings get to your destination. Consequently, you may wonder if you can pull spinner luggage. We did the research, and these are our findings.

Although you can pull spinner luggage, the manufacturer intends that you push the luggage instead. Spinner luggage has four wheels, making it easier to move when pushing rather than pulling.

Your luggage is a steadfast travel companion. For this reason, you want to ensure that you choose an option that meets your travel needs. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of wheeled luggage, among other related topics.

photo of a man pulling dark blue spinner luggage to the airport terminal for flight, Can Spinner Luggage Be Pulled?

What are the Different Categories of Wheeled Luggage?

Generally, wheeled luggage is easier to transport through airports and smooth sidewalks and streets. It comes in different categories, including wheeled backpacks, duffels, and rolling luggage. Yet, having so many styles can make settling on suitable luggage quite nerve-wracking.

But do not worry. We will provide you with information about each of these luggage categories. Subsequently, you will be well equipped to choose luggage that meets your needs.

Rolling Luggage

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Rolling luggage is typical among traditional travelers. These suitcases are sturdy and can withstand hardship within luggage transport systems. They are ideal for business trips, family visits, and travel to urban areas.

Rolling luggage can be further classified as rollaboard luggage or spinner luggage.

Spinner Luggage

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Spinner luggage is four-wheeled. It is ideal for business travel or a weekend getaway. To move around, you can either pull or push your luggage. However, pulling the suitcases can be a bit unmanageable since the wheels rotate at 360°.

In addition, putting your spinner luggage at an inclined position exerts extra pressure on the two wheels touching the ground and may eventually lead to damage.

Rollaboard Luggage

Rollaboard luggage is two-wheeled. Since the wheels are fitted at the base of the suitcase's backside, you maneuver around by pulling your luggage at a 45° angle. You can use this piece of luggage to places you would bring a spinner suitcase.

What are the Differences Between Spinner and Rollaboard Luggage?

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Considering that the main difference between these two cases is the number of wheels, we may wonder whether more wheels imply better performance. But this is not necessarily the case.

Two-wheeled suitcases may be suitable for some people, while others are better off investing in spinner luggage. We discuss their differences below and when choosing one over the other is best.


Usually, rollaboard luggage is more spacious than their spinner counterparts for the exact outward dimensions. The difference often arises because spinner luggage wheels 'stick out.' So, investing in a rollaboard suitcase would be best if you want to maximize carry-on space.

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Consider the terrain of the places where you often travel when evaluating whether to invest in spinner luggage or a rollaboard.

While spinner cases work well on flat surfaces, they are not as reliable on rough terrain. The wheel's 360° rotation increases the likelihood that they will get stuck in bumps or crevices.

You can move spinner luggage in any direction without much difficulty. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage in that while it will be easy to move a spinner through narrow isles, it may be difficult to hold the case in place in a train or a bus as it may keep veering off in different directions.

For this reason, it is also necessary to consider the means of transport before settling on an ideal suitcase.

Carrying the Weight

Because you can just glide your spinner luggage rather than pull it, it reduces the weight you need to deal with, minimizing the pressure on your joints and wrists. Thus, spinner luggage would be ideal if you often carry heavy wares.

Furthermore, because we often use one hand to pull luggage, pulling heavy wares would exert unnecessary pressure on your arms.

Wheeled Duffel

Wheeled duffels are ideal for multisport travelers who carry around gear of varying sizes and shapes. This bag would come in handy if you would like to go for a camping experience, skiing, or other activity-based trips.

These bags have a non-rigid form that is easier to load into cars or plane cabins. In addition, this form enables you to pack in more gear. However, they are not ideal for carrying breakable items since their soft structure lacks impact resistance.

If you already have a duffel bag and are wondering how you can add wheels, please read this article: How To Add Wheels To A Duffel Bag.

Wheeled Backpacks

Wheeled backpacks combine a backpack's agility with the convenience of wheeled cases. They are prevalent among adventure travelers. But you can also use them for short weekend trips or business travel.


These backpacks are easy to use since you can conveniently switch from rolling luggage to backpack and vice versa. Consequently, they enhance your mobility if you encounter heavy foot traffic or need to climb a long flight of stairs as you can fasten the shoulder straps and hip belt and enjoy hands-free carrying.

If you are standing in line at the airport, you can roll it instead of carrying it on your back the whole time or pushing it with your legs.

In addition, pulling the extendable handle enables one conveniently transport more gear. Furthermore, you can carry heavy equipment without hurting your back.

Packing and unpacking a wheeled backpack is easier than a regular one since you can unzip it completely. With traditional bags, you may need to pour out all your content to find what you need.

Moreover, these wheeled packs are more graceful when walking into fancy hotels.


Wheeled backpacks are often bulkier and heavier than their standard counterparts because of the harness and wheels.

Furthermore, you may feel the wheels and the rod that goes through the back of the bag on your back. Therefore, they may be uncomfortable if you intend to carry them on your back for long distances.

Choosing a rolling backpack over a regular one can come at the expense of losing a bit of packing space. Wheeled bags tend to be 'boxy' in shape and design. For this reason, it is more challenging to wrap things around their form, thus limiting the size of load you can carry.

How to Choose Rolling Luggage

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You will only maximize your investment in wheeled luggage if you choose one that meets your needs and is comfortable to carry around. We hope these pointers will come in handy when selecting your next luggage.


If you opt for a wheeled backpack, ensure that it is comfortable since this will influence how well you enjoy your trip or otherwise. Choose a bag with padded shoulder straps, a reliable chest strap, and a waist belt.

The waist belt re-distributes the load to the hips, thus releasing your back from excessive pressure. You will also need the chest strap to keep the pack closer to your body and reduce swaying. These features will help you avoid back pain, especially when carrying the bag long distances.

Feel free to test out as many bags as possible before deciding to ensure that the bag you choose fits well and is also good for your back.


To get value for your money, choose luggage that will serve you for years and can withstand heavy use. Inspect the zippers to determine whether they are of good quality.

Often, a failing zipper is the first indication that your bag is worn. You want to ensure that the zippers keep your belongings safe as you travel. Also, examine the bag's stitches to ensure they won't unravel after a few uses.

Invest in a bag with sturdy side and top handles. You will use these handles to lift or carry the luggage. You want to be sure that your bag will not fall apart when you lift it.

It is also ideal to choose a bag that will not require washing. In addition, it is best if the material used is waterproof to keep its contents safe if it rains. If the bag does not have waterproof protection, please invest in a waterproof cover.


Big does not always mean better. Often, when you have a lot of space, you tend to fill it up. The more items you add, the heavier the bag gets, thus reducing its convenience. Furthermore, you may incur extra costs to bring the bag to low-cost airlines.

So, carefully evaluate why you need rolling luggage and choose a size that lets you get the most out of its features.


There is something for everybody in the market. Better still, you get what you pay for. Therefore, buy the best quality luggage that you can afford. A good salesperson will help you choose the best quality rolling luggage within your budget.

Final Thoughts

photo of a man pulling dark blue spinner luggage to the airport terminal for flight

Although you can pull spinner luggage, this is not advisable since it can result in broken wheels. Spinner luggage designers intended for you to push rather than pull the case.

If you prefer steering your bag with your arm positioned down at your side rather than bent at 90° in front of you, you are better suited to invest in rollaboard luggage instead of spinner ones.