Are Luggage Carts Allowed On Airplanes?

Using luggage carts is one of the best ways to wheel heavy luggage and bags. You may be wondering if it is possible for you to wheel your luggage carts with you on your flight. Well, you're on the right page because we have done our research to provide you with relevant answers to your questions.

Airport luggage carts are allowed on airplanes and can be checked with your other luggage in the cargo compartment of the airplane. However, most airports have different sets of rules.

The amount of items you are allowed to bring on the plane depends on the size of the plane and its policy. To know more about airport luggage carts, keep reading further as we explain more.

Luggage being loaded into narrow body aircraft, Are Luggage Carts Allowed On Airplanes?

Can You Use Luggage Carts On An Airplane?

You can use luggage carts on an airplane in some airports.

In general, while traveling with a child under two-years-old, the majority of airlines also let you bring a stroller and a car seat free of charge. This will be stored in the airplane hold with the rest of your luggage. 

Several factors, including the duration of the journey, your destination, and your ticket, will affect the amount of luggage you are permitted to bring on a flight.

Other items cannot be brought onto the plane at all, even though certain transportation restrictions may apply to them.

Usually, there is a weight restriction of 50 pounds per checked bag as well as a size restriction. The airline and the Transportation Security Administration impose limitations on your luggage when you fly for reasons of safety, the environment, and logistics.

What Are The Airport Carts Called?

Luggage trolley at the airport

Travelling might be exhausting because of lugging suitcases and other belongings. By offering a single-wheeled platform to hold these bags, luggage carts or trolleys greatly simplify the process of carrying items.

Luggage Trolley Styles

Empty metal cart for luggage standing at airport

The size and style of a cart are quite significant depending on the types of luggage and how much is being transported. A luggage trolley comes in a variety of designs, including foldable and portable models and kinds that are appropriate for airports. 

Typically, luggage trolleys are used at airports. They are little vehicles that travelers push through at the airport to transport their personal belongings, most of which are suitcases. For huge luggage and compact luggage, there are two main sizes.

In addition to being large enough to handle a few bags that tourists require for our excursions, an airport luggage cart is also hefty, durable, and large. They are a little bit smaller to make moving them through airport terminals simpler for passengers.

Use of a Luggage Trolley

Woman traveler rolling luggage trolley

Typically, luggage carts have two sections for hauling luggage: a small portion for carry-on items that is level with the handle and a lowered large section for suitcases that can hold both small and large bags. Baggage carts are typically made of steel and have three or four wheels. 

They typically have a brake installed for safety purposes. In most airports, a handle must be depressed to drive the cart; however, in some of them, the handle also engages the brake.

Are Luggage Carts Free At The Airport?

US airports charge for carts, but they are typically free in airports outside the country. The reasoning behind this is up for debate; however, one theory is that the US is more of a capitalist nation where you must pay to obtain goods.

Contemporary airport terminal with luggage carts

The effective handling of luggage at airports is a requirement of the contracts that US airports award to private corporations. These modest fees are separate from the taxes you must pay when purchasing an airline ticket.

Furthermore, the amount of tax you pay on an airline ticket is set at a certain level, such as $4.50 per passenger, thus airports may have minimal amenities and understaffed staff while contracting out some services to private businesses to increase revenue.

How Much Weight Can a Luggage Cart Carry? 

If a bag weighs more than 50 pounds, it is typically regarded as overweight, however, regulations might differ between airlines and even between destinations. There are just two options if your suitcase weighs more than the limit. You either reduce the weight or pay more.

80 pounds or more can be transported on a small travel luggage cart. Everything depends on the type of cart you use and the size of the base where you lay your suitcases or travel bags. This is because some only have room for one bag while others have more space.

How Do I Get The Airport Cart?

There are instances when visitors want assistance navigating airports, particularly vast, complicated layouts. It can be challenging to go from the curb at the airport to the gate for your trip if you have mobility concerns. 

Carts for Mobility

The majority of airlines have agreements with businesses that provide wheelchairs to help passengers navigate airports, including getting through security checkpoints. For people who can't walk far distances, a little extra assistance may be required or a need to get to a gate fast to make a flight.

An electric cart is always available. Though not all airports render this service. 

When you book your flight, you must first request a cart. After purchasing the ticket, call the airline of your choice and request that a cart is made available for your departure date.

Make sure to mention whether or not you'll need a luggage cart as soon as you arrive as well as whether you'll need one on the plane.

When you make the phone call, the request ought to be recorded in your passenger file and ready for you when you arrive at the airport. You must submit your cart requests at least 48 hours in advance, according to most airlines. The airline might not be able to meet last-minute demands.

What is a SmartCarte At The Airport?

SmartCartes can gather data on consumer behavior to reveal which retail locations are commonly visited and which are underutilized. They can observe the sequence in which customers pick up things and take note of any that are taken off the shelves and put back on them after being picked up.

Airports across the nation that are struggling financially could be able to increase retail sales with the help of carts. They can draw shoppers into stores and get them to react to promotions that they may otherwise miss.

To turn unique ideas into practical solutions that make life easier for travelers, smart carts were introduced as part of the airport's Innovation Lab initiative. Smart carts feature digital advertising that appears on the screen, persuading customers to make purchases at the airport's stores.

That is not uncommon in situations when travelers are unfamiliar with the airport or are in a rush to buy gifts or necessities, they may certainly be lured to choose the options the cart suggests.

Can I Check a Dolly on a Plane?

Heavy duty empty yellow sack barrow

A dolly, also known as a hand truck, is a cart that you move like a box and is shaped in the form of the letter "L." It has handles on one end, wheels at the bottom, and a little flat surface for setting objects on.

When a ledge is placed beneath moving objects, they are permitted to tilt back and rest on the ledge after being tilted forward until that point.

Large, hefty items that would otherwise be difficult to transport are now made easy to move by tilting the truck and the objects backward until the weight is evenly distributed across the wheels. It is a premium leverage tool.

You can check a bag with a dolly attached, however certain airports might not let you if the bag exceeds their size restrictions. An excessive charge could result.

Additionally, it is likely to be conditionally allowed because the airport will not assume or accept liability for any damage as a result of the irregular nature of the object.

You can ask the ticket agent for more information on whether the dolly satisfies the requirements for a carry-on bag. You might be able to fit it in the overhead compartment if it can be folded up small enough.

Steel tubes, aluminum tubes, aluminum extrusion, and high-impact polymers are just a few of the materials used to make dollies.

Check out this heavy-duty, aluminum folding hand truck. See it on Amazon.

For deliveries of beverages and food services, commercial dollies are often tough and extremely light. Usually, they consist of two cast aluminum, magnesium, or extruded aluminum channel side rails.

How Much is a Cart at JFK?

You can locate your airport luggage carts next to the ticket counters and at baggage claim if you have checked your bags and need one there. However, a cart can cost you up to $5 or more.

The New Jersey and New York Port Authority offer luggage trolleys for use in pre-security areas and Customs for a fee of $6.


While traveling with a child under the age of two, most airlines will allow you to bring a stroller and car seat. Other items, such as food and personal items, cannot be brought onto the plane at all. Usually, there is a weight restriction of 50 pounds per checked bag as well as a size restriction.