Will Suitcase Fly Out Of Truck Bed?

Trucks are a fantastic way to travel across the country. However, you could be wondering whether or not your suitcase will fly out of the truck bed. We've researched and found encouraging answers to this question.

If your suitcase is heavy, it won't fly out of the truck bed. However, if it isn't as heavy and nothing is holding it down, it will fly out like a bat out of hell!

It isn't only the heaviness factor, but other aspects will keep your luggage in the truck bed. Read on as we spell them out and how to travel with light luggage.

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Do Suitcases Stay Put In A Truck Bed?

You can put your luggage in the truck bed when traveling long distances. It helps leave more room for a more comfortable trip. Your suitcase won't get out of the truck bed if it's heavy enough.

However, lightly packed suitcases in an open bed truck will fly out as soon as it has enough lift. Therefore, you will have to secure your luggage correctly.

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What Makes The Luggage Fly Out Of The Truck Bed?

To understand what makes your luggage fly let's go back to the classroom. If you want anything to fly, it will need lift and momentum.

A fast-moving object creates enough wind force for the lift. If the thing is heavy, increasing the speed will lift the item. But a lighter object can catch wind from beneath to enable it to fly.

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There are four forces of flight: drag, lift, thrust, and weight. The weight keeps the object down while the air creates the lift. Additionally, the moving vehicle causes thrust.

Finally, the drag created at the back in conjunction with the lift can yank the luggage out of the truck bed. The object will stay in place if it is well secured or heavy.

How Can You Keep Your Luggage Secure And Dry In The Truck Bed?

You might want to slow down on the road to keep your luggage in one piece on the truck bed. Alternatively, you can use other methods to avoid the luggage being dislodged.

Here are some ideas to help keep your suitcase dry and intact until you reach your destination.

Tonneau Cover

If you are a frequent traveler and an open truck owner, you will need a tonneau cover as a permanent solution. Tonneau covers come in various sizes to fit different truck bed sizes.

They are made of tough and highly water-resistant material. The cover is easy to install, and your luggage will stay in place and dry all year round.

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Alternatively, you can use a tarp that has a tying down system. You can also buy the tarp apart and bungees apart. It's cheaper to keep your luggage together and dry through a trip.

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Cargo Carrier Bags

Cargo carrier bags specially meant for truck beds come in different sizes. They have different capacities to suit each client's needs.

You could buy one or several to transport your luggage and load in style and care. The carrier bags are durable and weatherproof. You will also find additional accessories to strap them onto the truck bed.

Search for cargo carrier bags for a truck bed but not the vehicle rooftop. They will fit perfectly in the truck bed without additional straps or bungees.

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Contractor Bags

Contractor bags are a pocket-friendly option. Mainly if you use your truck bed to transport large items, you might not require a cargo bag that has limited capacity. Seal the bags with duct tape and tie them with bungees to the truck bed. 

Moreso, this is a good option for rented trucks as a temporary solution.

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How Safe Are Your Suitcases In The Truck Bed?

Travelers are strongly advised against leaving their luggage in their vehicles' truck beds when staying over in motels, hotels, or inns. Remember, these facilities are not responsible for luggage left carelessly on their premises. Open truck beds give free and easy access to those with light fingers.

You can place your bags in the truck's cabin, ideally on the floor of your vehicle. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

However, it won't be necessary to unload covered truck beds. Here, your suitcases and bags are entirely protected and strapped down.

How To Pack Suitcases In A Truck Bed

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Please don't throw your suitcases and travel bags haphazardly onto your truck bed. Whether you cover everything or use a cargo bag, you must arrange the luggage in the truck bed.

Moreover, suitcases and bags are not the only items you might take on your trip. Different gear, foldable furniture, ice boxes, or pets might find their way onto the truck bed.

Whatever you intend on having on your truck bed, ensure that:

  • The largest and heaviest pieces are at the bottom
  • Use the jigsaw method to use all nook and crannies on the truck bed
  • Don't forget to fill your suitcases thoroughly and compactly
  • Carry what you need and not more
  • Avoid stacking your bags too high

Before going on any road trip, please take your time to plan and purchase what you need. Following these pointers will help you reach your final destination with your luggage!

How To Keep Groceries In The Truck Bed Still

Your groceries don't have to be all over the floor of your truck bed after a trip to the store. To keep your groceries in place, you could use:

  • Ratchet tie-down
  • Cargo net

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  • Accessory pack
  • Pick bend organizer
  • Truck saddle bag

These accessories have hooks or retainer clips attached to the inside of the truck bed. You can always add more hooks if necessary.

Adapting A Truck Bed For All Your Needs

Not all trucks are made the same! But don't despair if your truck bed isn't as large as you'd like. You don't need to trade in your truck to get more storage.

There are several ways you can get the most out of your truck bed and enjoy all your trips fully. Extend your truck bed upwards or lengthwise. You can put:

  • LED lights for more visibility at night
  • Slide-out kitchen for camping trips
  • Camper cabinet
  • Reach stick or hook
  • Caddy
  • Additional drawers
  • Truck bed extenders
  • Upward canopy

You don't have only to choose one upgrade for your truck. The type of truck you own might accommodate more than one upgrade.

Choosing A Suitcase For Rugged Travel

Traveling in a truck can be rough, and a sturdy suitcase is necessary. You might be worried if your suitcase will survive the ride as your truck hits every bump on the road.

Enjoy the trip with ease of mind by ensuring you have a good-quality suitcase. Remember that good or high-quality luggage doesn't have to be pricey. Ideally, hard shell suitcases are the best option for putting in a truck bed.

However, you can find durable soft shell luggage too! Another essential thing to consider when choosing luggage is its ability to expand. Expandable luggage will help you pack more compactly.

Final Thoughts

close up photo of rear pick up truck bed, grey painted pick up truck

Despite all the physics law of motion, you can keep your luggage from flying out of the truck bed by compactly filling and strapping it down. Additionally, you can use different covers for the truck bed to keep your suitcases safe from prying eyes and dry when traveling during the wet season.

Depending on how you utilize your truck bed, you can choose a permanent or temporary solution. Get creative with different ideas for your truck bed to make your trips more enjoyable.

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