When Does Delta Send Luggage Tags?

Luggage tags make it simple to identify your belongings, and most airlines provide you with them. If you're wondering when Delta sends luggage tags, you've come to the right place. We've scoured the internet and have discovered the top answers to this question.

Delta gives their valuable customers additional perks, including luggage tags. You would receive a set of luggage tags as a SkyMiles member, indicating your Delta Medallion status.

Each time you increase your Delta Medallion status, you can receive a new set of luggage tags. The average time to receive your Delta luggage tag is two months.

Tagging and labeling all your luggage is one aspect of traveling you won't want to forget. We will discuss if it is essential to have luggage tags, does Delta give luggage tags, and when you can receive delta luggage tags.

Continue reading to find out more about Delta luggage tags.

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Are Luggage Tags Necessary?

Luggage tags guarantee smooth, stress-free travel. These tags act as an identity card to help you track bags in case they go missing. The likelihood of your things becoming lost is low with the help of luggage tags. 

It is crucial to affix a luggage tag to your travel bag to make it easier for you to identify your items. Make sure your belongings are clearly and correctly labeled.

Some airports even verify your bags against your identification to ensure the information matches before allowing you to leave the airport.

Labeling Luggage Tags

Ensure to include only the necessary information on the tags, such as:

  • your name,
  • email address,
  • and phone number.

There are, however, some significant privacy issues to take into consideration. Avoid including your home address or social security number to protect your identity.

Consider giving the contact information of a dependable friend or relative who knows how to contact you in an emergency if you will be traveling to several locations.

Luggage tags can enhance the visual value of your suitcases in addition to serving practical objectives. Choose a sturdy luggage tag when making your purchase to make it difficult for crooks to steal your belongings. 

Luggage Tag Features

Choose the features you desire. You can choose from those made of metal, silicone, or plastic. Metal baggage tags are reputed to be a reliable alternative. They also frequently have steel straps to ensure they stay fastened to your bags.

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However, plastic is the typical material used to construct luggage tags. It also has plastic connecting straps in clear form.

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Does Delta Give Luggage Tags?

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Airlines typically issue luggage tags so that every bag will be identifiable and can avoid any potential maltreatment of luggage.

Delta gives free luggage tags to SkyMiles members. The luggage tag displays members' current Delta Medallion status.

The presence of luggage tags and a kind letter inside inspires a warm, fuzzy feeling that motivates most people to maintain their status for yet another trip anywhere in the world.

The package contains two plastic luggage tags with transparent plastic lanyards. They can also hold up even if they get wet. 

It takes some time for manufacturers to produce luggage tags. The average time you can receive the luggage tag is nearly two months. It can take you less time or more time, depending on delays.

These Delta luggage tags are attached not only to show off your current Delta Medallion status but can also assist you along the way.

If you are concerned about running out of overhead space, having one of these tags might help you carry your luggage onto the plane as the last passenger. You could ask a flight attendant for a little additional assistance to help you.

Also, if you're in a queue at international customs, a representative may direct you to a considerably shorter line simply because of your Delta Luggage Tag.

How Do I Get A Delta Luggage Tag?

There are four Medallion tiers in Delta's elite status program: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Medallion. Delta airlines reward their most valuable customers with additional perks. One of which includes the luggage tag.

If you travel frequently enough, you can earn a silver status, the lowest membership level. Still, you can already receive plenty of advantages to enhance your travel experience.

When passengers reach each level of Delta's Medallion statuses, the airline sends them a free set of luggage tags showing their current level. 

There are also awesome luggage tags for platinum and Diamond status holders.

To obtain of your luggage tags, log into your Delta.com account or go to the Delta App, then choose "Profile." Go to "Contact Info" from there and enter your address. 

 In this photo illustration the Delta Air Lines logo seen displayed on a smartphone.

Delta will automatically email you these tags as you reach a new tier. 

How Do You Get A Silver Medallion?

You can be a silver delta medallion member when you attain the 25,000 Medallion Qualification Miles. MQM, or the Medallion Qualification Miles, is the measure of how much distance in miles you have traveled with Delta.

What Are The Advantages Of Being A Silver Delta Medallion Member?

The advantages of being a silver Delta Medallion member include:

  • unlimited complimentary upgrades during domestic flights
  • free first-class upgrades, starting 24 hours before departure
  • Delta Comfort Plus is unlimited and free
  • prioritize your boarding to have a more relaxing airport experience

Airplane cabin business class interior view

You get to choose your desired seating during flights and can also have a digital silver medallion membership card. The Delta Silver Medallion program members receive a bonus of seven miles for every dollar spent on flights.

Whatever Delta Medallion status you have, you can still get perks. Silver is even an excellent option for anybody that's a leisure flyer for a vacation. 

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait behind all of the Medallion members of higher tiers. There's no assurance that you will receive an upgrade, which may be difficult to obtain on crowded routes.

Can I Lose My Silver Medallion Status?

If you don't fly enough and spend enough, your Silver Medallion status does end. The qualification miles you earned can be carried over to the following year, giving you a head start on regaining status.

Only Medallion Members are eligible for this benefit, which Delta provides as the only airline. If you lose your status, you can file a request to restore your previous status.

How To Attain Gold Medallion Status?

Gold Medallion status is the tier above Silver Medallion status. You must reach 50,000 Medallion Qualification Miles to achieve gold status.

You may enjoy a wide range of mid-tier frequent flyer incentives when you reach Gold status. You get a bonus of eight miles for every dollar spent on your travels.

Gold Medallions are eligible for perks, including:

  • priority check-in
  • faster retrieval of bags
  • shorter security queues

You and a companion can have unlimited complimentary upgrades to first class. You may also choose your preferred seating. Take note that your first checked bag is free.

You can also access a special Medallion phone line with call precedence over Silver Medallion Members and all other SkyMiles Members. Additionally, you will receive a gold status luggage tag.

Lots of wheelchairs in front of a Delta Airlines Sky Club sign. Airport mobility assistance for old and disabled people

If you have Delta's Gold Medallion status, you can enter the Sky Club for free whenever you fly abroad on Delta.

In Closing 

You may find your items more quickly if your bags are equipped with luggage tags. Secure luggage tags with readable information can aid in returning missing luggage to its owner.

Always put two luggage tags with your name and flight information inside your suitcase; this will assist the airline in finding your bag if the outer one is lost.

You can also lessen the chance of luggage theft by fastening a luggage tag. The next time you travel, you can relax, knowing your luggage will arrive at its intended location. Overall, luggage tags have improved the effectiveness of travel. 

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