What Samsonite Model Do I Have?

Samsonite is one of the brands that produce travel luggage products to keep your belongings safe and secured. If you're unsure what model of Samsonite luggage you have, we did in-depth research to find the best method you can check.

On the warranty card that comes with your Samsonite, you would find the product ID for your bag, which consists of a combination of numbers and letters. These numbers and letters indicate the Samsonite model you have.

Some Samsonite suitcases or luggage come with a secure combination lock. To access your luggage, you'll need to set up a number for the lock. To know more about your samsonite product, keep reading!

An open suitcase lies on the floor, What Samsonite Model Do I Have?

What Samsonite Model Do I Have?

On your warranty card or a label inside your product, you can find the product label for your bag, which is composed of numbers and letters.

The label might be found within the pockets, under the fabric of the luggage, or inside the lining, depending on the sort of product you have. These combinations of numbers and letters would indicate your Samsonite model.

How Do I Tell What Samsonite Luggage I Have?

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Traveling on a journey will require your luggage or suitcase to be kept safe and secure especially when you are traveling by air.  Samsonite has been known to produce quality and safe bags for any traveling purpose.

To know the type of samsonite luggage bag you have, you have to find its serial number. 

When looking at your samsonite bag to find its serial number, you should notice that it has some type of tag with a unique number attached to it with a style. On the tag is the name of the model or design on it. 

Every Samsonite luggage is designed this way. You should know that some designs have shorter numbers. Some other types of luggage model designs will have their tags hidden behind a panel but will have fairly long numbers.

Every bag case or luggage regardless of the manufacturer will have some type of tag with a numbering system and that will be the number that you will use to know the type of Samsonite luggage model brand you are using. 

Do Samsonite Suitcases Come With a Key?

When looking for the best baggage for you, there are a lot of different factors to consider. In addition to the item's comfort and functionality, other factors include its build quality, longevity, and more.

One of the most frequent inquiries is whether or not the Samsonite luggage comes with a key, and if it does, whether or not it is an automated travel lock.

An essential question to ask before buying bags is if keys are included with the bags. If not, you'll need to bring a different locking method when you travel if your bag doesn't come with a key.

Some Samsonite luggage comes with a key and some don't. What then is the difference? The difference between Samsonite luggage that includes keys and those that do not depend entirely on you.

Before buying any Samsonite luggage, It's critical to confirm the type of locking mechanism it has before you purchase it. 

How Do You Change a Samsonite Wheel?

To change the wheels of your Samsonite luggage, lay it on a flat surface and locate the wheels at the bottom where it is located. Then carry out the following processes:

First Take The Wheel Components Off

Check out the wheel assembly from the inside of the luggage liner by unzipping it. You are in luck if you come across screws that can be removed with a hex wrench. This is true since certain versions employ rivets rather than screws, making maintenance much more difficult.

If you find rivets instead, you might want to check out tutorial videos or instructions that are particular to the assembly of that kind. Remove the 4 visible screws and the one tucked beneath the liner with a hex wrench. Take the wheel assembly out of the bag.

Remove The Wheels

The C-shaped retaining ring can be raised using a screwdriver. Make a hole directly above the bolt. This will enable you to hammer out the bolt by inserting a punch. The diameter of the wheel and the bolt should both be measured using calipers.

The plastic wheel's diameter and width can be made to be 68mm, 8mm, and 24mm, respectively. Wheel casings can be 29mm in diameter.

Install The New Wheels

Luggage Replacement Wheels for Suitcase. Repair Hand Spinner Caster Wheels Parts Trolley Replacement Rubber

The stages of the dismantling process are repeated to install the new wheels. The original bolts and E-clips can still be usable. 

What Brands Are Made By Samsonite?

Samsonite is a luggage company that distributes luggage, laptop bags, knapsacks, suitcase, and traveling bags made by top luggage-making companies. 

As it expanded, it partnered with top Luggage Companies like Tumi luggage company, American Tourister company, Gregory luggage company, and a lot of other notable luggage companies to grow into a notable luggage company of its own.

How Do You Measure Luggage?

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These days, airline regulations are becoming more and more stringent. it is because of the heightened flight security, but largely it's due to the fiercer competition between airlines, which they offset by charging more for big baggage.

Before attempting to check in, make sure your luggage height and weight meet or fall below the limits specified by the airline. Otherwise, you risk incurring a hefty fee for the additional luggage.

Here are a few detailed instructions to assist you quickly and precisely measuring your luggage.

  1. Visit the website of the airline you'll be flying with beforehand to review the baggage allowances for both checked and hand luggage. As airlines frequently alter the limits, stay away from any third-party websites as they may occasionally be inaccurate.
  2. Pack your empty case as though you were leaving for the airport before taking its measurements. This is because your bag tends to expand slightly when completely packed. Additionally, if you intend to utilize expandable baggage, make sure you expand it first before taking the measurement.
  3. Measure your suitcase's entire height from top to bottom. Include handles, wheels, and any additional plastic components.
  4. Calculate your suitcase's width (side to side). Include any protruding plastic components and side handles.
  5. Next, gauge your case's depth from front to back. When measuring expandable width, make sure the casing is inflated. Include any plastic components as well as the front pockets. The broadest and longest points of the suitcase should be used to measure everything.
  6. Use a luggage scale or a regular scale to weigh your suitcase. Step on the regular scale without any luggage at first, then add your suitcase. Then, take the difference off the top.
  7. Determine the linear inches required for checked baggage. In case you're unaware, the airline industry refers to measurements of luggage as "linear inches." Height, depth, and width combined makeup size in linear inches.
  8. You will be charged an additional cost for checking your carry-on or for overweight checked luggage if you exceed the size or weight restrictions.

How Can I Unlock My Baggage Lock If I Forgot The Code?

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It can be stressful to forget your lock's combination, especially if you can't recall even one digit. Thankfully, there are techniques you can use to unlock your lock and open your suitcase.

  1. To start, apply pressure to the lock by pushing the button. Depending on the sort of lock you have, pull down on the lock itself to simulate trying to open it or slide the button to the open position. Even though you can't open it yet, this should move the mechanism's internal gears into the "open" position.

  1. Afterwards, Spin the first number and dial one number at a time while positioning your ear up next to the lock. Keep the number in place once you hear an audible clicking sound. It is recommended to operate in a calm setting with little noise because the sounds could be quite faint.
  2. When you hear a click, leave the first number where it is and turn to the second dial. Continue listening until you hear it click once more before moving on to the third. To continue working toward the right combination, make sure you leave the numbers that clicked in place.
  3. You should be able to slide the button or pull the lock once you've located all three numbers. Now that the lock opened on a specific combination, you can write it down so you won't forget it. If the lock won't unlock, try starting the dialing process with the last number and working your way up to the first one.

In Summary

Samsonite bags are designed to keep your document secured and safe while traveling. Every Samsonite bag is composed of numbers and letters and is printed on a label inside the bag. The label may also be found within the pockets, under the fabric of the luggage.

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