What Is The Weight Limit For A Carry-On Bag For Delta?

Are you planning to travel with Delta Airlines, and do you want to know if they have a weight limit for carry-on baggage? You’ve come to the right place, for we have researched this question, and we have the answer for you.

Delta has no weight limit for carry-on baggage except when flying to the following destinations:

  • Changi International Airport has a limitation of 15 pounds for carry-on bags.
  • Beijing Capital International Airport requires domestic travelers to not exceed 22 pounds.
  • Pudong International Airport requires that carry-on bags should not exceed 22 pounds.

Even though there are no weight restrictions on the majority of Delta flights, you should still take note of several restrictions when it comes to carry-on bags. Learn about all the details in the succeeding sections. Keep reading!

Delta airlines taking off, What Is The Weight Limit For A Carry-On Bag For Delta?

What are the size restrictions for a carry-on bag for Delta?

There may be no weight restrictions for a carry-on bag on the majority of Delta flights, but you still need to be mindful of the size restrictions.

A carry-on bag is a bag that an airline allows its passengers to bring inside the passenger cabin. It should be personally carried by the passenger.

Folding shirts onto a travel bag

Carry-on bags must not exceed a combined length, width, and height of 45 inches. These measurements include all the handles on all sides of the bag. It also includes the wheels.

Moreover, the maximum length of carry-on bags must not exceed 22 inches. The maximum width cannot exceed 14 inches. Additionally, the height of carry-on bags cannot exceed 9 inches.

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Special Restrictions On Carry-On Bags

If your carry-on bag doesn’t fit inside the overhead bin or in the under-seat space, you will have to check in your carry-on bag at the gate. In cases where the overhead bin of the plane is short on space, you will also have to check your carry-on bag.

Small planes in Delta flights that have 50 seats or less will only allow you to bring personal items with you inside the plane. You must check your carry-on bag. You can claim them after you deplane.

What items are allowed on carry-on bags?

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There is a limit to how much liquid you can carry inside your carry-on bag. You cannot carry more than a total of 3.4 ounces of liquid in one container. Liquid items include gels, aerosols, lotions, and pastes.

The TSA has special provisions for important liquids like medication or infant formula and breast milk.

All the liquid that you will be carrying should be inside a quart-size zip lock bag that is of clear plastic. It is a good idea to place the bag of liquid items near the top of your carry-on bag. This way, when you need to take them out for inspection, you will not take a long time to look for them inside your bag.

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Is deodorant considered a liquid when flying?

Roll-on deodorant is considered a liquid. A deodorant stick is not considered liquid.

What are the restrictions for personal items on Delta flights?

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In addition to carry-on bags, Delta flights allow passengers to bring with them a bag of personal items. You can place this bag under the seat in front of you.

Personal items include one purse, a briefcase, a small backpack, a diaper bag, or a camera bag. Laptop bags are also considered personal items. Additionally, any item of similar size to the ones listed above is considered a personal item bag.

Passengers can also bring strollers with them, including safety seats for infants and children. Assistive devices like canes or crutches can also be brought in for free in addition to the carry-on bag and the personal item. Wheelchairs are also included in this list.

Jackets, umbrellas, and duty-free items can also be brought in as personal items. Duty-free items are goods that you can purchase inside airports that are exempted from import taxes, sales taxes, VAT, and other applicable taxes.

Can a backpack be a carry-on?

Most airlines like Delta allow backpacks as personal items. Airlines that do not allow backpacks as a personal item will allow them as a carry-on bag. The backpack must not exceed the size restrictions for carry-on bags.

What happens if your carry-on is too big?

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The carry-on bag doesn’t have any weight restrictions. Thus, you only have the dimensions of your carry-on bag to worry about.

However, if your carry-on bag is too big, then you will have to check it in at the gate. Unfortunately, checked luggage is subject to weight limitations. Additionally, there are also size limits on checked luggage.

Checked Baggage Is Too Heavy

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If your checked baggage exceeds the weight limit for checked baggage, then you will have to pay for the extra charge. There is an extra charge for exceeding the initial 50-pound limit. There is a different charge if you exceed the 71-pound limit.

Delta no longer accepts any baggage that exceeds 100 pounds.

Checked Baggage That Exceeds The Size Limit

In addition to the weight limit, checked baggage has a size limit of 62 inches when you add the length, width, and height of the baggage. You need to pay an extra charge once you exceed the size limit.

The extra charge for exceeding the weight limit and the extra charge for exceeding the size limit are cumulative. If you exceed both, then you need to pay the extra charge for both.

In any case, Delta does not accept baggage that exceeds 80 inches when you total the length, width, and height.

How do I know if my carry-on bag will fit?

Delta and other airlines will allow bags as a carry-on if it doesn’t exceed 45 inches when you add the length, width, and height of the bag.

Check the individual measurement of these three dimensions of your bag and check it with the individual limits. If your bag doesn’t exceed any of these individual limits, then your bag will be allowed.

Can you take medication on Delta Airlines?

Passengers can bring medication with them as part of their carry-on bag. However, Delta employees cannot assist passengers whenever they need to take their medication.

If you need to travel with a medical device that requires a supply of power, Delta advises that you should bring a power supply with you. The power outlets inside the plane may not be able to provide the consistent power that a medical device needs.

It is a good idea to bring battery power that can provide 150% of the estimated flight time. This is to make sure that the medical device will not run out of power before you reach your destination.

The manufacturer’s website should have guidelines when it comes to how many batteries you need to bring to provide it with power within a specific amount of time.

Can I bring snacks on a Delta flight?

You can bring food items on board as part of your carry-on items. Keep in mind, however, that there are agricultural restrictions in some destination countries.

In Closing

Delta airlines taking off

Having no weight limit on the carry-on bags that they allow on their flights eliminates one source of worry for passengers of Delta. However, there are other restrictions that every passenger must be aware of to eliminate the possibility of delays and inconvenience during flights.