How To Set Lock On American Tourister Suitcase

American Tourister suitcases are a popular brand for good reason - they are of good quality. If you're traveling soon, you've likely set aside your American Tourister suitcase or plan on buying one. One concern is how to set a lock on your suitcase. To help you with that, we conducted thorough research.

You can set the lock on American Tourister suitcases quite easily. All you have to do is press and slide or push the reset button while rolling the number dials to your preferred number combination. 

While this may seem straightforward, we have explained further in this article to guide you through setting the lock on your new American Tourister suitcase. So sit back and read on.

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How Does a Suitcase Lock Work?

Suitcases use combination locks. A combination lock is a locking mechanism in which a sequence of symbols is used to open the lock. The symbols used are mostly numbers.

Combination locks in suitcases typically consist of a lock with two slots for the suitcase zips and a couple of slides, each of which has numbers 0-9 in chronological order.

There are usually three number dials. On rare occasions, your suitcase might have four number dials instead. 

Every suitcase comes with a default number combination where each dial is preset to a particular number to open the zip lock. We'd recommend resetting this number combination upon purchase. 

To lock a suitcase, upon closing the zipper, you simply insert the zips into the slot and rotate the number dials to a number combination different from the preset combination.

Rolling the dials this way triggers metals in the zip slots to move into the zip hole, thereby locking the zips in.

How Do You Set The Lock On American Tourister Suitcase?

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It is quite easy to set the lock on an American Tourister suitcase. However, it is important to know that American Tourister suitcases come with a variety of combination lock designs. 

A common factor is a 3-number dial. However, the button beside the dials that acts as a reset button could be pushed with a ballpoint pen, pushed upwards with your thumb, or slid.

In the next paragraphs, we will guide you through setting the lock on an American Tourister suitcase if yours has a sliding reset button.

Different Variety Suitcase Lock

If your suitcase lock is a different variety, follow the same steps but push and hold the button instead of sliding it. 

Your new American Tourister suitcase likely has a plastic lock to prevent trampling with the number lock before purchase.

  1. The first thing you want to do is pull out this piece of plastic so that you can access your number lock.
  2. After doing this, you need to take out the zips from the zip slots. Right beside the zip slots is a button. Press down that button and slide it to the right. The zips will pop out of your slots.
  3. Now, slide the same button to the right. You'll notice the metals in the zip slot will give way temporarily to create bare space.
  4. While holding down the button you've slid to the right, simultaneously roll the number dials to your preferred number combination.
  5. Release the button once the dials are on your desired combination. Your suitcase lock is now set. 

You can do a quick test by putting the zips in the zip slot and using any number combination asides from your newly set one and seeing if it locks.

A good idea is to try out the old combination which you just changed. If you successfully set the lock, the old combination should get the suitcase locked.

What Is The American Tourister Default Lock Code?

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A lock code is the number combination at which your suitcase lock opens. Suitcase manufacturers usually factory set the lock code which you can then set to your preferred number combination. 

Your suitcase's default lock code is pretty much the code you see on your new suitcase sans any tampering. For American Tourister suitcases, the default lock code is 0-0-0.

How Do I Rest My 3-Digit Luggage Lock?

As a security measure, many choose to get locks for their luggage when traveling. A popular option is combination locks. Most times, these come with 3 number dials. There's a preset lock code but it's always advisable to change this code upon purchase. 

If handy, it's always a good idea to refer to the user's manual for reset instructions. If you have lost your user's manual, however, the following steps can help for the vast majority of locks.

As a first step, unlock the lock. If your lock is new, the lock code is likely preset to 0-0-0. So, roll the number dials to 0-0-0 and pull the shackle to release it. 

Now, turn your shackle 90 degrees from its locked position and press it down. While pressed down, turn the shackle another 180 degrees.

Still holding down the shackle, roll the number dials to your preferred easy-to-remember combination. Your lock should have reset now. Now return the shackle to its original position. 

Try opening your lock with the new lock code. If this doesn't work, try turning your lock shackle 180 degrees first, then press it down and turn it 90 degrees before rolling the number dials.

How Do I Reset My American Tourister Lock If Forgotten?

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So is there a "Forgot Password" mechanism for your American Tourister lock or do you might as well throw out the suitcase? Luckily, the former is the case. 

Resetting your American Tourister lock is quite easy. Simply hold down and slide, or push the reset button beside or under your number dials while rolling your number code to a new combination.

Release the reset button once this is done. You have successfully reset your lock code. Try using your new code to open your suitcase.

Can You Lock Your Checked Luggage?

While your luggage will usually simply be scanned for contraband, it might need to be opened for additional security checks.

If your lock (shackle lock or suitcase lock) is approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), opening and closing your luggage will pose no problems to TSA agents.

However, if your lock is not TSA-compliant, it might be broken to get access to the contents of your luggage.

In such instances, your property is prone to theft, and also of concern is the probability of contraband or illegal items being placed in your luggage by mischief makers. 

So you can and should definitely lock your luggage after it has gone through security checks. Even where you use a TSA-compliant lock, it might be left open after checks. 

Should I Lock My Luggage When Flying Internationally?

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You probably want to lock your luggage when flying internationally for the same reason you keep it locked for domestic flights - for security purposes.

Whether or not this is the right choice depends on whether security agents in your countries of departure and arrival, as well as stop-over countries, have the master keys used to open TSA-compliant locks.

While the Transportation Security Administration is an agency of the United States, airport security agents of some other countries have the master keys used to open TSA-compliant locks.

These countries include Canada, Japan, Israel, Finland, Austria, and South Korea. If traveling to or stopping over in other countries,  consider the possibility that their security personnel might not have TSA master keys. 

If you're not certain that your destination and stop-over countries have master keys, you might want to keep your valuables on your person using a carry-on and leave your other luggage unlocked.

Are American Tourister TSA Approved?

The Transportation Security Administration of the United States has approved luggage locks that they have the master keys to.

Using these locks ensures that your luggage isn't damaged to get access to its contents during security checks. This is because TSA agents have the right to break open your lock if they don't have a master key to it.

An advantage of American Tourister locks - both shackle locks and inbuilt luggage locks - is that most are TSA-approved. So if you are using an American Tourister lock, you can keep your luggage locked without worrying about damage to your luggage by security agents when traveling.

What is The Difference Between TSA Lock and Number Lock?

The sole difference between TSA locks and regular number locks is that for the former, TSA standards were factored in designing the locks. 

Consequently, they come with not just a combination lock but a keyhole. TSA has a set of master keys that can open TSA-approved locks. 

TSA-approved locks are easily recognizable by a red diamond logo placed on the body of the lock.

In Conclusion

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It's quite easy to set or reset your American Tourister lock as you followed the steps listed above. Also, remember to safely lock your American Tourister suitcase during both domestic and local flights.

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