Rimowa Salsa Lock Stuck – What To Do?

If you have a Rimowa Salsa suitcase with a stuck lock, it can be frustrating especially when you're traveling and everything you need is inside the luggage. How do you get it to open? We researched this for you, and here is what we've learned.

To open your suitcase if it gets stuck, press on the shell (casing) right above the lock and apply pressure, then pull the lock release button.

Would you like to know exactly how it's done? Read on as we'll show you step-by-step instructions including a tutorial video.

Gray luggage in modern hotel room after door opening, Rimowa Salsa Lock Stuck - What To Do?

What To Do With A Stuck Rimowa Salsa Lock

Each Rimowa luggage piece comes with integrated locks that are Transport Security Administration (TSA) approved. These types of locks stop zippers from accidentally opening and are thief-deterrent because of the numerical lock combination.

Lock on luggage trolley bag or suitcase

If you have Rimowa Salsa luggage with a TSA lock that's stuck and won't open, here's what you can do:

  1. Lay down the luggage sideways in a flat area
  2. Place your hand on the casing right above the lock and apply pressure downwards
  3. While pressing down, press the lock release button

This information came from the official Rimowa channels. Check out this video below to help you visualize the steps.

If the above procedure did not work and you have other issues such as forgetting the numerical lock code or a broken lock, you should find the nearest Rimowa store near you or call Rimowa customer care for further assistance.

You can get in touch with them by phone (312-635-6607) or email them through their website "Contact Us" page.

Where To Get Assistance

If you want to bring your luggage straight to the shop, you can browse the store locator on their website and you will surely find a Rimowa Store in any major city, anywhere in the world.

In the U.S., here are their current store locations (based on their 2022 website):

  • New York Soho - 99 Prince Street 10012
  • Madison Avenue, New York - 535 Madison Avenue 10022
  • South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa - 3333 Bristol Street 92626
  • Beverly Hills - 201A Rodeo Drive 90210
  • Boston - 12 Newbury Street 02116
  • Dallas - 8687 N Central Expressway 75231
  • Fort Worth - 5151 Monahan's Avenue
  • Las Vegas - The Forum Shops at Caesar's 3500 South Las Vegas Boulevard #B1 89109
  • Las Vegas - The Shops at Crystals 3720 Las Vegas Blvd 89158
  • Las Vegas - The Wynn 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd 89109
  • Honolulu, Hawaii - Ala Moana Center 1450 Ala Moana Blvd #2840 96814
  • Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii - Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center 96815
  • Miami - 115 NE 40th Street 33137
  • Bal Harbor, Miami - 9700 Collins Avenue 33154
  • San Diego - 7007 Friars Rd 92108
  • San Francisco - 222 Grant Avenue 94108

Rimowa also has partner five-star hotels that offer luggage repairs. They can help you get your luggage unlocked and fixed before you depart for your flight. If you're staying in a five-star hotel, you can ask the concierge whether they are partnered with Rimowa.

Another option is to search for hotel repair services on the Rimowa website to see which hotels offer this service. You might opt to book your stay in these hotels too in case you have a luggage issue you want to have checked.

Aside from outlet stores and hotels, Rimowa also has several client care centers where you can schedule an appointment. Each center is equipped with complete tools and luggage parts that will resolve your luggage problems.

You will be greeted by experts who can meticulously check and fix your luggage problems. Fixing your Rimowa luggage can be done on the spot, so if you're in a hurry to catch a flight the next day or even in a few hours, you don't need to worry about waiting too long.

The timeframe, however, depends on the difficulty of the job, but most luggage problems can be easily resolved by their customer care experts.

Rimowa suitcases have a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee for purchases made after July 25, 2022, so don't be afraid to ask for assistance and make use of their services.

Changes With Rimowa Salsa Product Line

Display of colorful metal suitcases in a Rimowa store

If you're frantically searching for how to unlock your Rimowa Salsa and find some confusing information on the names of the product line, here's why.

In 2016, the billion-dollar company Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH Group) bought 80% shares of Rimowa. Since then they made major changes to the product line, discontinuing some products and changing the name of existing luggage collections.

The original names, including "Salsa," were changed into something more straightforward. Here's a guide to the name changes in their luggage lines:

  • Original name: Topas - New name: Original
  • Original name: Salsa - New name: Essential
  • Original name: Salsa Air - New name: Essential Lite
  • Original name: Limbo - New name: Hybrid
  • Original name: Salsa Deluxe - New name: Essential Sleeve
  • Original name: Classic (no name change)

So if you're researching and can't seem to find any information on Rimowa Salsa luggage, you can try information on Rimowa Essentials instead, which is its new name.

You can still purchase some of the older models but they will have a different warranty compared to the newer models. See the Topas below.

Check out this Rimowa Topas 21-inch multi-wheel suitcase on Amazon.

How Do You Set Rimowa Salsa Lock?

TSA accepted digital lock on luggage bag or suitcase

It's easy to unlock a Rimowa luggage. Simply move the lever clockwise so that it will point to the word "code" and release the zip pullers. But if you want to change the numerical combination of your lock, the steps are easy too.

Here's how to change the numerical code or set the lock combination for Rimowa Essential and Essential Lite (formerly Salsa) collections.

  1. Open the lock to release the zip pullers
  2. Move the lever towards "code" and hold it in place
  3. Adjust the number dials to your desired combination
  4. Release the lever and this will set your code

How Do You Unlock A TSA Lock If You Forgot The Combination?

Close up detail of a Samsonite suitcase briefcase with focus on the logo and TSA combination lock password number

It happens to everyone, sometimes you just tend to forget your lock combination and it's too much of a hassle to bring it to a TSA agent and have it opened. If you find yourself desperate to open your luggage and willing to work on opening your TSA lock, here's how you do it.

  1. Locate the gap under the three numerical dials and get a view of the cylinder inside
  2. Turn the dials until you see a hole or indentation inside
  3. When all three dials are turned with the indentations visible, press the button and see if it unlocks the zipper keys
  4. If the lock won't open, turn each dial once to the right and press the button again
  5. Continue turning each dial once to the right and pressing the button until the lock opens

For a more visual explanation, check out this tutorial video below.

Wrapping Up

Rimowa Salsa, now known as the Rimowa Essential, has reliable TSA- approved locks. However, it can sometimes get stuck when you close it too fast or when the lock slots are not aligned.

To resolve this, simply apply pressure on the casing directly on top of the lock and then press the button.

Thank you very much for reading through. We hope you were able to open your Rimowa luggage or get in touch with their customer care. For more luggage-related topics, check out these other helpful articles.

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