How Much Is A Luggage Cart At The Airport?

Traveling with several pieces of luggage may require you to use a cart. We have researched various pointers that you might find helpful regarding using a luggage cart at the airport. 

Where a cart charge is made, it may be a rental fee or a deposit of up to $5, which is automatically refunded upon returning the cart. Airport luggage carts can be seen at baggage claim and close to the ticket booths.

Since trolley carts in the USA are produced by a company called Smarte Carte, some airports let the enterprise operate on the condition that a portion of rental fees will proceed to their earnings. In this article, we will provide necessary information about the use of luggage carts. 

pile of luggage carts inside the airport terminal, well arranged, How much is a luggage cart at the airport

Luggage Carts

Traveling with suitcases and other pieces of luggage can be quite stressful, especially when you have to carry them around the airport. 

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Luggage carts, also referred to as trolleys, are quite useful because they make the situation simpler for travelers. They are basically a wheeled platform that is used in the transportation of large bags, mail bags, cargo boxes, and any other forms of luggage pieces. 

Trolleys basically help travelers to carry their bags or suitcases. Carts are very useful, especially when traveling with big, heavy luggage pieces. Travelers can use the cart and simply push it instead of holding their suitcase while walking. 

Smart Carte trolleys are categorized as brake and brakeless luggage carts. The former is better used in airports connected with train platforms. It is specifically designed for safety purposes, making it also suitable for use in various airports. 

Luggage carts are classified into two major sizes - big and small. There are two compartments for carrying the bags: a small section for carry-on luggage that is level with the handle and a large section that is lowered for suitcases and other large and small bags.

Travel Tips on How to Avoid Renting Luggage Carts

Travel Light

Renting fees can be a problem particularly when you are a frequent traveler. If this is the case, you can begin by traveling light - only bring things or items and clothing articles necessary for the trip. If possible, use a carry-on bag or limit your suitcases to one. 

Purchase A Foldable Luggage Trolley

Purchasing your own foldable luggage cart is also an option, however, it is not always advisable because they are quite expensive. Consider and calculate the expenses made and decide whether or not to buy your own trolley. 

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Use Unreturned Luggage Carts

If limiting your travel suitcases is not an alternative, finding available and unreturned luggage carts is one way to avoid renting a trolley. Since it will take several minutes for baggage to be unloaded at the airport, you can always find unreturned carts at the curb outside the building or at the departure area of the airport.

These carts are waiting to be returned, and are also those that were left by travelers who already loaded their taxis or cars. 

Use this same principle when you are on a departing flight. Empty trolleys can usually be found outside the arrivals section of the airport. 

Keep in mind that this technique does not work all the time. However, it is still advisable to try. 

What Are The Different Types Of Luggage Trolleys?

Standard Luggage Cart

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Standard luggage carts are the usual receptacle you will see at hotels and airports. It basically features a metal bar structure located on top. This component makes the cart easier to hold and move around with. This trolley can hold enough luggage pieces that passengers need for their travels. 

Folding Luggage Cart

foldable plastic portable adjustable cart, hand carry, heavy duty

A folding luggage cart is more used as a personal item. The material's design is compact and foldable which is why you can take it anywhere you go and store it at your home or car when not in use.

This solves the struggle with needing a cart in a particular area, especially amidst traveling with hefty luggage pieces. 

Always check the specifications of the product because some folding trolleys cannot be folded at the base, making the item somewhat bulky. This type of cart is limited to a specific weight and number of suitcases because it is quite smaller than standard luggage.

In most cases, you can only fit one bag in the material. 

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Compact Luggage Carts

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Compact luggage carts are also foldable but are sturdier and a great solution for carrying suitcases with a weight of 75 pounds (34 kilograms). They are made of a lightweight steel frame or aluminum and durable plastic. 

Instead of renting luggage trolleys at the airport, compact carts proved to be necessary if you are a frequent passenger that is traveling with heavy bags and suitcases. They can be stored easily when not in use, and proved to be more efficient in the long run. 

How much luggage would it require to use a cart?

It will be depending on how much luggage you would bring. Usually, the cart can accommodate two or three large pieces of luggage. Just be careful how you arrange your bags in the luggage cart so as to avoid damaging your bags. 

There are many sizes of baggage carts at each airport. Some are larger and more useful than others. Therefore, more luggage can be loaded on the trolley with larger dimensions. 

How To Choose The Right Travel Cart (Standard And Personal)

up close photo of a travel cart with luggages and suitcase on top of each other

Choosing the right travel cart can essentially save you time dealing with unnecessary situations at the airport. Since this is true, it is still ideal to use trolleys with brakes to ensure safety. 


The base of the trolley is the main concern if you intend to place several luggage pieces. It should be strong and durable enough to handle the weight of your suitcases. All airport baggage carts are not easily damaged but can hold at least three suitcases with a standard linear dimension. 

Linear dimension refers to the sum of the height, width, and depth of the material. To illustrate, a height of 27 inches plus a width of 21 inches plus a depth of 14 inches is equal to 62 inches linear dimensions. 


Consider the overall dimensions of the cart you are choosing. Make sure that it fits elevators, hallways, and most importantly, the bags or suitcases you brought with you. 


The wheels of your luggage cart can affect the overall checking-in process. Faulty or damaged trolleys can be quite a nuisance when it comes to moving around at the airport. Always inspect the mobility of the trolley before using it. 

Main Structure

You must consider the main structure of the luggage cart you intend to purchase. For instance, aluminum is better than those made of steel because the material itself does not undergo oxidation or corrosion, resulting in longer usage and product longevity. 

In Closing

pile of luggage carts inside the airport terminal, well arranged

Luggage carts are necessary, especially when you are traveling with several bags or suitcases. We hope this article proved to be insightful in giving you information about airport luggage trolleys. Have a safe flight!