Lost Luggage No Receipts – What To Do?

Isn't it annoying when you think your travel goes smoothly only to find out that the airline lost your luggage? But, even more aggravating, you lost your receipts! Well, good thing we have already researched what you should do with this situation.

If an airline loses your luggage, and you have no receipt to show them, they will likely ask for a list of the contents and proof of the cost of the items. The airline should compensate your lost belongings.

What To Do:

  • contact the airline
  • file a lost baggage claim
  • discuss compensation
  • confirm items to be compensated
  • arrange for found luggage to be sent to your address

Traveling is not always smooth. You might experience lost luggage once in your lifetime. Please keep reading to know what to do with this issue and how to prevent it from happening.

suitcase-luggage-conveyor-belt-airport, Lost Luggage No Receipts - What To Do?

What To Do With A Lost Luggage With No Receipts

Losing luggage on a flight is indeed a hassle. Good thing that there is a solution to every problem.

When an airline loses your luggage, they will need to pay for the cost of essentials inside it. But for that to happen, they will require you to provide proof of the value of the items in the luggage.

And if you don't have the receipts with you, they will probably ask you to make a list of:

  • the things inside the lost baggage
  • when did you purchase the items
  • where did you buy those things
  • the total costs of the items

In addition to the above lists, the airline will ask you to send them duplicates of your luggage tag and ticket. You can also file a refund easily, as long as you don't claim an excessively high amount.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the reimbursement doesn't include devices and gadgets inside the lost luggage.

What To Do When An Airline Lost Your Luggage


If you are currently encountering lost baggage, which is your first time, and don't know what to do, it would be best to follow the details below.

But first, you should be aware that it is because of a sorting mistake that some bags are missing or delayed.

And since you won't know when this trouble will happen, it would be great to always pack essentials in your carry-on every time you air travel.

Contact The Airline And File A Lost Baggage Claim

Once you notice that your baggage is missing, you should immediately report the situation to the airline service desk. It is advisable to file a lost baggage claim.

The usual process in this is that the assistance desk will try to ask for your identification cards, baggage tag, and receipts.

Get Compensation

If an airline loses your baggage, you have the right to proceed to reimbursement. It is true, especially if you had paid to check it.

Additionally, if you want to request repayment, it's best to bring it up right away rather than waiting until later, when it can be more difficult.

Ask What The Repayment Covers

Most of the time, airlines only refund the money you paid for necessities inside your lost luggage. So, this means they won't cover the gadgets or any devices.

Keep in mind that the essentials covered are toiletries, clothes, and other things you primarily need as you travel. However, it would still be best to ask the assigned personnel what they will refund.

Additionally, if you are to purchase necessities, it is highly advisable to keep the receipts safe because the airline might request them later.

Ask The Airline To Send The Baggage To Your Location

The lost baggage will now be the airline's responsibility after losing it. So, once they find your luggage, have them deliver it to your door. If they ask you to pick up the luggage at the airport, you have the right to refuse.

Check Your Luggage Upon Receiving

Once you retrieve your lost baggage, you should check if it contains damage. Please note that the Department of Transportation mandates that airlines pay passengers for damaged baggage, so if your bag arrives in such a condition, you can expect a refund from the airline.

In addition, the reimbursement also includes missing items.

And as mentioned above, in case the airline didn't pay for it or refunded a short amount, your travel insurance will cover it.

Alternative Lost Luggage Compensation Methods

Plan ahead, in the unlikely event that your luggage is lost. These alternatives can be helpful especially if you frequently travel. They will also ensure that you do not have to rely on the airline's response to have your lost belongings compensated.

Use Your Credit Card Travel Benefits

close up atm cards credit card savings bank

One good thing about using credit cards is that they can be beneficial most of the time.

The majority of major credit cards have some sort of travel insurance that will reimburse you for delayed or misplaced bags. Receipt organization and obtaining duplicate flight reports from the airline would also be helpful in this regard.

So, call the credit card customer service immediately and ask for the coverage of the travel benefits.

Use Your Travel Insurance


One greatly helpful insurance type is travel insurance. If you have this, you no longer have to worry about having a delayed or lost bag. Your travel insurance will get you covered!

Travel insurance will often take steps to cover any remaining costs once airline compensation has been deducted.

There are two main types of travel insurance: those that provide per-diem coverage and those that provide a set amount of coverage no matter what may happen.

If you are unsure what your insurance will cover, it would be best to call them quickly and ask for it.

How To Prevent Lost Luggage

Checking a bag is a must, especially if you brought a few of them and you packed many items for your travel. Check the details below to know what you can do to prevent your luggage from losing as much as possible.

Make Your Luggage Stand Out

One option to minimize the chance of losing your baggage is to make it stand out. You are undoubtedly aware that most of the luggage is similar. So, to make your baggage unique, you can choose between the following sample modifications:

  • incorporate tags with vibrant colors
  • tying bandanas
  • using colorful tapes to create designed patches in your luggage
  • covering the handle of the luggage with yarn
  • adding neoprene luggage handle wraps
  • adding stickers for design

Click here to check out these neoprene luggage handle wraps on Amazon.

Add Sturdy Luggage Tags Or Stickers

closeup-luggage-tag-white-hat-on-purple suitcase

A sturdy luggage tag is an excellent way to prevent your luggage from getting lost. With this tag, you can discreetly put your name and address. So, once the airline loses your baggage and anyone who finds it can check the tag and quickly identify who the owner is.

In addition, you can also add stickers that contain some of your basic info, like your name, mobile number, and e-mail. For security and safety purposes, you should not let your address be visible on the sticker.

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Add A Baggage Lock


Adding a lock to your luggage to protect your belongings inside is possible. However, it would be best to ensure that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approves the lock you will use. Putting a lock is excellent, especially in lost baggage.

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Putting GPS Tags On The Luggage

Being techy is extremely helpful! Adding GPS tags to your luggage is the most effective way of tracking them quickly. Some of them that you can use are:

  • Tile Pros
  • Apple AirTags
  • LugLoc Trackers

Check out these Apple AirTags on Amazon.

Checking Your Luggage Early

It would be best to have ample handling time for your luggage. So, it is highly advisable if you could check it as early as possible.

You must keep in mind that the earlier you check them, the lesser the possibility of lost luggage will occur.

What To Put On A Carry-On Bag

Losing baggage is still possible even if you take some preventative measures. We can say that it is inevitable, especially if you are late checking the luggage. So, as a suggestion, it would be best to put the valuable items in your carry-on bag, and it includes:

  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Jewelry
  • Medicines
  • Wallet
  • Identification cards
  • Copies of the details of your travel
  • Receipts
  • Enough essentials and a pair of clothes for emergency purposes

Wrapping It All Up!


The airline is not authorized to withhold compensation in the event of lost luggage, regardless of whether or not you have receipts to back up your claim. Please reach the Federal Aviation Administration to report such airline conduct.

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