Is Web Check-In Mandatory For Domestic Flights?

As you make travel arrangements to go on vacation, visit family and friends, or attend to work assignments, you may wonder whether web check-in is mandatory for local flights. We've sifted through information on the internet to bring you an answer.

Web check-in is mandatory for domestic flights. You can check in on the airline's mobile app or website. Please check how long before your flight you should check in from your preferred airline's website.

Why is web check-in mandatory? What benefits accrue from checking in online? Dive in to find out. We will also offer pointers on how you can adequately prepare for domestic flights for a smooth travel experience.

How To Prepare For A Domestic Flight

Traveling by air can be plagued with many hurdles, especially when you are not conversant with the stipulated requirements. Furthermore, regulations may have changed since the last time you traveled.

Familiarizing yourself with the travel regulations before your departure date is a prudent measure to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience. Here are some pointers to guide your preparation.

Super Air Jet is a new airline in Indonesia that serves domestic flights, Is Web Check-In Mandatory For Domestic Flights?

Acquaint Yourself With The Check-In Procedure

The first step you take when traveling by air is checking in. You can check in online or in person at a self-check-in kiosk or a staffed counter at the airport. Currently, most airlines have made online check-in, also known as web check-in, compulsory.

Although the check-in time will vary based on the airline you use, it is common practice for the online check-in portal for domestic flights to remain open between 45 minutes and 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Please ensure that you check in in good time to avoid being locked out and consequently failing to travel. Moreover, late check-in may revoke boarding compensation, thus requiring that you pay for a new booking.

You'll often receive an alert via email when online check-in opens. Alternatively, if you have downloaded the airline's app, you may get a prompt as soon as the check-in portal is accessible.

You only need your name and booking confirmation number to check in online when traveling locally.

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Why is Web Check-In Before A Flight Important?

Web check-in accrues merits for both the passenger and the airline. Keep reading to find out how.

Benefits To The Passenger

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Online check-in saves you the time you would otherwise spend queueing at the airport. So, you can go straight to the bag drop-off point if you have checked luggage or to security if you only have a carry-on.

Web check-in also allows you to choose a seat well in advance. It is best to check in as soon as the portal opens for better chances of getting your ideal sitting position. To do this, click on a seat where you'd like to sit from the airline's seat map.

If your travel needs have changed since booking the flight and you need to pay for extra baggage, you can do this when checking in online. Adding extra luggage during web check-in may be cheaper than at the airport.

Some airlines also offer packages to upgrade your travel experience when you check in online. These packages may include buying insurance or booking a car rental or hotel through one of their partners.

Although the add-ons are thoughtful and may improve your experience, it is prudent to evaluate their benefits to your trip carefully. You want to ensure that you pay only for what you need.

Once done, print your boarding pass. You can send it to your email if you don't have a printer. You will need it to board the plane.

Benefits To The Airline

Reduced Operational Costs

Web check-in reduces an airline's operational costs since they won't need to employ as many people to operate a staffed counter. Furthermore, the printing costs reduce since you print your boarding pass from home.

Some airlines may fine you if you fail to check in online. This measure encourages you to follow the set regulations.

Although it is possible to submit a downloaded boarding pass to board an airplane, some airlines may be adamant about presenting printed copies instead and may fine you if you haven't printed yours.

So, please check whether you need to print the boarding pass before heading to the airport.

Proper Planning

When you check in online, you enable the airline to plan appropriately. On the one hand, because you indicate that it is highly likely that you will travel, the airline doesn't sell your seat to someone else. So, they don't need to compensate you for overbooking.

Also, the airline is in a better position to plan for those who may be waiting in line since they know how many vacant seats are available on a plane.

Therefore, they can improve service delivery, especially for people who were delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and need to re-book their trips.

Online check-in only ticks one box out of everything you need to do before you board the plane. You still need to go through baggage handling and security. We provide more information on how to get through these sections seamlessly.

Review The Airline's Luggage Guidelines

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Each airline has a luggage policy. Reviewing this policy to familiarize yourself with the baggage limit and the applicable fee is prudent. You may also need to consider how many bags you can check in per trip since this may vary depending on your destination.

Please note that if your bag weighs more than the stipulated weight limit or is larger than the recommended size, you may need to pay more for the luggage.

Furthermore, you may need to pay an additional fee for specialty items. The airline may also charge extra fees if you need to connect flights.

These guidelines provide a framework for the regulations affecting carry-on or checked luggage.

Carry-On Luggage

The allowable size for carry-on luggage varies from one airline to another. Additionally, some airlines may restrict the weight limit of carry-ons. So, please ensure you comply with the airline's set dimensions and weight limits to avoid being caught unawares.

Please note that TSA provides guidelines on what you can carry in your carry-on - there are restrictions on the quantities of products you can carry and how you should package them. It is best to comply with the regulations to minimize inconveniences.

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Checked Bags

TSA also restricts what you can pack in your checked bags. Furthermore, the checked luggage goes through security screening to ensure compliance.

Please adhere to the guidelines for a good travel experience. Remember to use TSA-approved locks to secure your wares- it makes it easier for TSA staff to access your luggage without damaging it if they need to verify its contents.

If you wonder whether you can buy locks at the airport if you forget to lock your luggage or it becomes damaged while in transit, please read this article to find out: Can I Buy A Luggage Lock At The Airport?

Dress Appropriately To Sail Through Airport Security

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Failure to dress well can prompt an airline to prohibit you from flying. Please wear shoes and avoid offensive clothing to avoid getting into trouble with the gate agents or flight crew.

Avoid heavy and baggy clothes since they may prompt the airport security staff to subject you to further screening if they cannot see clearly through the body scanner.

Also, wear shoes that you can quickly wear and remove upon request. Sometimes the airline's security may ask you to remove your shoes as part of the security screening.

Avoid metallic accessories since they can set off the metal detector, thus requiring that you go through extra screening. So, it would be best to wear an outfit that doesn't need a belt.

You can also be proactive and remove your belt and heavy clothing like a coat or sweater and put them in a screening bin together with your keys, phone, wallet, and other metallic hair accessories.

Arrive At The Airport In Good Time

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The time you require to check in and go through security will vary from one airline to another. It is best to allocate adequate time to avoid running from one place to another to avoid getting late.

Generally, getting to the airport at least two hours before scheduled departure to local destinations is ideal. However, depending on the season, you may need to vary this time allowance.

Airports are typically busier over the holidays. So, you may need to arrive at the airport earlier.

It is also prudent to check whether there are any travel restrictions in your destination. If so, please bring all the necessary travel documents to ensure that you can gain access to that location.

The airline may want to verify these documents, so please ensure you can easily reach them.

Final Remarks

Super Air Jet is a new airline in Indonesia that serves domestic flights

Although you may be hesitant about checking in online, we hope the information in this post boosts your confidence to do it the next time you travel. The process is generally hassle-free, but you can consult the airline's customer service if you need help.

Remember to bring identification documents and a boarding pass to ensure security lets you enter the plane. Safe travels!