How To Use VPN When Traveling

VPN provides an extra layer of security to your internet, but while traveling, you might be concerned that your VPN may cause issues. If you're wondering how to use VPN while traveling, we have done our research, and here's a reliable answer we found.

Utilizing a VPN is important even when you're traveling. Here are quick steps on how to use it:

  • Download and install a VPN app.
  • Connect it to the Internet and set it up.

All your data will become encrypted, hence secured. You can avoid data theft by using a VPN, even when traveling. Continue reading to know more.

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How To Use VPN When Traveling

To use VPN while traveling, you must download and install a VPN app on your PC or mobile phone. You'll need to get access to data and set it up. Here's how to use VPN when traveling.

Download And Install A VPN App

To download a VPN you have to first choose a reliable provider. This may vary according to your location.

Some VPN software is paid while you can get others for free. Go to the official website of the provider or check for their app in the play store or apple store.

Connect To The Internet

Connect To The Internet - VPN. Virtual private network. Security encrypted connection

After downloading the VPN service of your choice, you would need to set it up. This can be done in a few easy steps.

Activating the app would make it possible for you to surf freely. Your data would also be encrypted and secured.

What Is VPN?

What Is VPN - VPN Virtual Private network protocol.

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. It is a service to secure your information when using a public network.

VPN does this by encrypting your data and hiding your IP address, making it hard for hackers to access the information on your device.

Encryption is a way of unscrambling data so that it can only be read with the encryption key. This means that a VPN will transform the data into an unreadable form for everyone who does not have legal access to the information.  

VPN is important to business owners. It helps to keep shared information within the circle of employers and employees without third-party interruption. It also helps to control access to information and securely browse from any device.

Aside from businesses, it also helps gamers to play from anywhere without trolls and internet service providers or ISP slowdowns.

VPN uses encryption that keeps your data protected whether at rest or in transit. For example, if you make an online purchase, VPN protects your card details from being stolen.

It also ensures ad networks, internet service providers, and even the government never have access to your private information. 

Importance Of Using A VPN

Below are the basic importance of using a VPN:


 Using public WiFi like the ones in hotels, parks, airports, or bars can make access to your information very porous, and allow third-party usage.

But with a VPN, you don't have to be too careful with public WiFi. Your information will be encrypted and only the recipient and sender can access it.


ISP can also access your information. They can look through your internet history and your browsing location.

They may sell this information to advertising companies or use it for something worse. You can save yourself the trouble by using a VPN.


Confidentiality - Illustration. Button, user icon. Concept of masking identity

Another positive side to using VPN is that it helps remote workers input and access industry confidential information offsite while keeping hackers out. 

Your IPS, internet data hubs, and apps may not sell your personal information into the hands of the government, but somehow the government gets it.

This may be illegal or not, but with a VPN, you can get the government off your personal information.


Accessibility - Businessman hands holding mobile phone with laptop computer

Some content can be restricted in your location, but since a VPN hides your location, you can access it. This is not an illegal act in most countries.

Can You Use VPN While Traveling?

Nowadays, vacation time doesn't mean cutting off from the rest of the world. You still need your internet connection to do certain things such as post pictures, secure accommodation, check your emails, use a map, and buy things.

Your online safety should be your concern when you are not using your home WiFi. This means you will be forced to use a public or semi-public WiFi, or a shared network from another PC.

This is the major reason you need a VPN. It will help to protect your information from thieves and other third parties. 

Some countries ban the use of some websites in their location. Those websites automatically become blocked once you enter certain countries.

Sometimes, travelers have difficulty when websites that they frequently used in their previous location are banned in their present location. But if you use a VPN, you can still easily access those websites.

More Uses Of VPN While Travelling

VPN makes streaming easy when traveling. Not all countries have access to all online services, and even if they do, some entertainment websites change their catalog for different countries.

It can be sad if the catalog of your resident country and vacation location is different, but VPN can help hide your IP address and helps you access those sites.

Using a VPN can save you the labor of having a frozen account. Your bank may freeze your account to protect you if they see that you have a transaction from a different country.

With a VPN, your location cannot be accessed, so you will not have a transaction problem.

Can VPN Be Used To Avoid Roaming Charges?

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VPN can not be used to avoid roaming charges. Using a VPN will make you spend more on data. Using VPN has nothing to do with how or where you buy your data, so it can't interfere with that.

Since your service providers cannot access your IP address, you may pay for roaming and you will not be able to access data bonuses within your locality.

Should You Get A VPN When Traveling International?

When traveling for a vacation or on official duties, it is important to get a VPN.

Travels abroad will be difficult without access to the internet, especially for booking hotels, buying things, and navigating around. So you'll need an internet connection abroad.

Traveling to a foreign land can take you far from the comfort of your home WiFi which would usually offer you all the protection your information needs.

Instead, you'll only have access to the public wifi or shared network accessibility from a foreign personal computer.

Connecting to these servers can allow hackers to tamper with your important information. The safest way to use internet services during your international travel without risking your important information is to use a VPN.

How Do You Connect To Your Home Network While Traveling?

The best option is to get a dedicated VPN device to serve as a router like an old laptop. You can configure the VPN and connect your other devices to its IP address. This will cost you some money.

What Country Should You Set Your VPN To?

You may want to consider factors like security laws, speed, or streaming language when deciding on what country to set your VPN to.

Countries like Iceland, Canada, and Germany have large access to content and strong protection of user rights. Switzerland also offers the strongest internet privacy. You can set your VPN to these countries if this sounds like something you'll like to work with.

VPN works faster if it is close to you, so if you're looking for speed, you should probably use your country or a neighboring country.

Does VPN Use A Lot Of Data? 

VPN - Virtual Private Network - Cyber Security and Privacy Data Encryption Software Solutions for Business concept

Yes, you will use more data if you use a VPN. VPN increases your data usage by 4-20% depending on several factors. This extra fee is called VPN overhead.

This means that you will pay more for roaming charges when traveling. Your data will also run out more quickly when using mobile data. 

When you send information with VPN, the package becomes larger. This large package is a result of the encryption process. Because of the package size, it will cost more to send or receive messages with a VPN.

Bottom Line

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VPN is a protective measure for your information. You should consider using a VPN to protect your information especially if you are a traveler. To use it, just choose a VPN app and download it to your device via the internet.

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