How To Use Jetkids BedBox

Air travel can be a bit taxing to kids, more so for parents. With Jetkids BedBox, your child will be more comfortable throughout the journey since it extends and provides a bigger surface to rest on. Read on since we have researched the steps on how to use a Jetkids BedBox.

Setting up the BedBox is fairly simple. All you need to do is to secure the product in front of the seat, then press the side buttons to lift and remove the lid. Invert and insert the cover onto the plastic panels, slide the extension, and put the bed in place.

As a parent, we want our kids to be comfortable during travels – what better way to do it than to use comfort devices such as a BedBox? In this article, we will talk about the product, how to use it, and other similar merchandise on the market.

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Jetkids BedBox By Stokke

Jetkids by Stokke is a Norway-based company that manufactures and designs innovative travel gear for children. The BedBox is a pioneer product in its class and is the benchmark by which all other merchandise are compared.


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Jetkids BedBox is a multifunctional product that functions as a ride, sleep-on, and suitcase. It can be used in airplanes, cars, trains, and ferries as a bed that keeps your kid comfortable during travels.

Children can ride the suitcase and easily traverse the airport grounds without needing to carry them around. It can be maneuvered without any trouble because of the swivel wheels designed in front – just pull the strap and you are good to go!

Tired feet can rest on the foot ledge located on the sides while they hold onto the top handle while being pulled. Don’t worry about escalators because you can easily adjust the strap and turn the BedBox into a carry-on.

It comes with a comfortable mattress made with foam and polyester that is designed with an anti-skid underneath so that the material won’t slide off the plane seat.

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Dimensions And Specifications

Jetkids BedBox is designed to fit as a personal item and carry on. When not in use, they can easily be stowed under the seat, inside the plane’s or train’s overhead bin, or in the trunk of your car. It is 14 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 8 inches thick (36 x 46 x 20centimeters).

Once you slide and unfold the mattress, the total expanded surface is 16 inches wide and 28 inches long (40.64 x 71.12 centimeters).

The mattress, children’s essentials, and toys can be placed inside so it does actually function as secondary luggage. The product’s overall carrying capacity is 23 liters or six gallons.

The BedBox has a general weight of 3.3 kilograms (8.33 lbs) which can hold a maximum load of 35 kilograms (77 lbs).

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How To Use

A Jetkid BedBox is fairly simple to set up. First, you will need to properly secure the product in place by strapping it onto the railing underneath the seat. Always remember to do this step because the wheels do not come with a lock-on feature.

After securing it in place, press the side buttons and gently lift and remove the lid. Take the mattress out of the suitcase then invert and insert the lid onto the plastic panels. You can easily adjust the cover so it becomes level with the seat.

Afterward, extend or slide the BedBox’s top surface compartment then unfold the mattress and place it on top of the seat and the product. Do not forget to adhere the side cushions since it functions as a barrier that keeps your child’s toys from falling.

Note that the BedBox should not be used during taxi, turbulence, take-off, and landing. However, it is necessary to always put on your kids’ seatbelts to keep them safe in the advent of unexpected turbulence.

Watch the video on how to set up your Jetkids BedBox.

What Are Toddler Airplane Beds?

Todler airplane beds

Airplane beds for kids are portable appliances designed to extend from the airline seat and fill the gap in the leg space to provide a flat sleeping surface. Between naps, airplane beds create a small play area for toddlers to keep them occupied especially on long flights.

They are usually available in convertible suitcase form or inflatable types which vary in design, features, and cost but basically serve the same purpose. It would be ideal to own one since they also work in cars, trains, and ferries.

Similar products include airplane seat extenders and inflatable leg rests. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of each device.


Your child's comfort is of course, foremost. A decent sleeping area that doubles as a playpen is ideal, especially for longer trips. Instead of using your lap as an extension, airplane beds provide ample space for kids and toddlers.

Inflatable devices take little space when not in use and may easily be accommodated in your carry-on luggage. Most models come with a foot pump that makes setting up quick and easy.

Luggage-type beds have considerable storage space for your child's basic needs like a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, and a few toys. Once out of the plane, it automatically turns into a ride and you do not have to carry your child while navigating the airport.

Airplane beds are versatile and may be used on large enough cars, ferries, trains, and buses. Their application is not limited to air travel so the small investment is truly worth it.


Luggage-type airplane beds are bulkier than the inflatable kind and the ride-on feature would be applicable only to older children. This limits its versatility in terms of use and function.

Some less expensive inflatable models do not come with pumps and have to be dealt with manually. It will take considerable effort and time to set up the bed. Leg rests take up more room even when deflated so it becomes a factor when packing.

Some kids prefer to sleep or spend the most time on their parent's laps, especially in unfamiliar surroundings like planes. It would be a pity if you bought an airlpane bed, took it on the trip, set it up, and your child simply refuses to use it.

Not all airlines allow the use of airplane beds, seat extenders or leg rests. Inquire in advance so you won't be burdened by bringing the item and not being able to use it anyway.

Other Considerations 

If you intend to use an airplane bed, you need to purchase a seat for your child. If the cost of the extra ticket would not really affect the budget for the trip, your child's comfort is well worth it and much more.

Set up the bed at home before the flight to familiarize yourself with its assembly, and more importantly, give your toddler time to get comfortable with it.

There is a proper time to set up the bed during the flight and they cannot be used on aisle seats. Whether seated or asleep, the child must be secured by the seatbelt.

With everything said and considered, having an airplane bed is ideal for anyone traveling with a toddler. They are comfortable during the trip and remain well rested after.

Do All Airlines Allow JetKids?

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Some airlines have a very particular rule regarding the use of various comfort devices. Although Jetkids BedBox is designed for air travel use, some air companies such as Alaska and United do not allow passengers to utilize the product inside the cabin.

The reason for it, however, is safety purposes.

Over 50 air companies have approved the use of this comfort device for kids. This includes American Airlines, Allegiant Air, Delta Airlines, Jetblue, and Southwest Airlines.

What Age is BedBox For?

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Jetkids is recommended to use for children aged two to seven years old. It is however understandable that older toddlers, as opposed to infants, can use the product’s ride-on feature.

In Closing

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Jetkids Bedbox is really a pioneer in its class. The product is versatile since it provides a comfortable bed, a fun ride, and a storage space for the kids’ essentials. We hope the article helped you appreciate the device more.

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