How To Print Luggage Tags For Princess Cruise

Traveling on a cruise means that you'll also need luggage tags for your suitcases. Cruise-goers who are traveling with the Princess Cruise line often ask how they can print their own luggage tags. Fortunately, we have a step-by-step guide on how you can do it yourselves.

How to Print Luggage Tags for Princess Cruise:

  1. Go to the "Cruise Personalizer" page on the Princess Cruise website.
  2. Log in your details using your account, or using your booking number.
  3. Click the "Boarding Pass and Summary" link on the page.
  4. If there is any empty or missing information, make sure to fill it in.
  5. Turn on your printer.
  6. Click on the "Print Boarding Pass" and "Print Luggage Tag" links. A new window will pop up on your screen.
  7. Click the "Print Boarding Pass" and "Print Luggage Tag" blue buttons to start printing the pass and tags on your printer.

Printing your own luggage tags will definitely make it easier for you to embark on your cruise. Keep reading this post and we will show you how to print your luggage tags, and how to attach them. We also have the information you'll need to know about your cruise luggage.

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How To Print Luggage Tags For Princess Cruise

Going on a cruise is an exciting way to travel and there are a lot of cruise lines that offer to bring you to different destinations. It's definitely a different way to travel because you'll get to see these places while relaxing in the vast sea.

Preparing for a cruise is a completely different experience from riding a plane or even going on a road trip. The process of getting on a cruise is quite different so a lot of people can get a little confused, especially if this is their first time.

When we ride planes, luggage is typically weighed and checked when you get to the airport. Airplane luggage tags are also attached during check-in so everything is done on the spot. For cruises, luggage tags should be attached to the bags prior to embarkation.

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How To Print Princess Cruise Luggage Tags

1. Open The Cruise Personalizer

Before your cruise, it is important to take care of all necessary information to properly logged in to the Princess Cruise website. This will be their central information system where you can pertinent information for check-in, reservations, and other arrangements.

Go to their "Cruise Personalizer" page and log in with your details. If you have a registered account, log in using your Login ID and password. You can also log in to the page using your booking number.

2. Click on the Boarding Pass and Summary Details Link

When you open the page, you will see several links that will lead you to different things you can do. Look for the "Boarding Pass and Summary" link to see all the information about the cruise booking you want to manage.

Upon opening the page, you will see all the information you put when you booked the cruise. If there is any missing information on your booking details, fill them in before printing your boarding pass and luggage tags.

3. Start Printing

Now that all the necessary information is complete, you can now start printing the luggage tags. Make sure that your printer is connected to your computer and turn it on.

Look for the "Print Boarding Pass" and "Print Luggage Tag" links on the page. When you click on them, new pop-ups should appear on the screen. Click on the blue "Print Boarding Pass" and "Print Luggage Tag" buttons to start printing.

Make sure to print the luggage tags in color so that the porters will not have a hard time segregating your luggage. They have a system in place that follows the luggage tags, and one of them is to follow their color-coordinated tags to avoid losing luggage during the trip.

Can I Use Luggage Tag Holders On My Bags?

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Typically, cruise luggage tags are mailed to the passengers a few weeks before the start of the cruise. However, with the Princess Cruise lines, they will email or have your luggage tags ready for printing on your booking page online.

Having luggage tags that are printable is definitely easier and more economical for travelers. It will also be better at helping you keep track of your luggage before embarking on the cruise.

Princess Cruise luggage tags need to be folded and inserted in these luggage tag holders. These luggage tag holders will perfectly fit the printed tags and you only need to affix the metal tie to your luggage before embarking on the ship and leaving it with the porter.

Get these Princess Cruise luggage tag holders on Amazon.

Are There Luggage Size Restrictions On Princess Cruise?

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Generally speaking, there are no size luggage size restrictions when you join a Princess Cruise. The only restrictions Princess Cruise imposes on their luggage is the weight. All bags should not exceed 50 lbs prior to embarkation.

However, this actually depends on what kind of cruise you will be joining. If your cruise includes a land portion, it is highly suggested that you use smaller, easy-to-move luggage to avoid the hassle during transfers.

If you are thinking about bringing a large suitcase during your cruise, keep in mind the size of the stateroom that you have booked. Most staterooms are not big and can comfortably fit about one or two suitcases at best, so make sure to choose your luggage properly.

Depending on where you will be coming from to join your cruise, you might need to take a plane to get to the cruise start point. With this in mind, it is best to follow the size and weight restrictions that airlines impose on luggage.

What Should You Pack For A Cruise?

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Cruises have different activities that you can do aboard the ship, as well as other things you'll be able to do when you disembark on land. Depending on the type of cruise that you will be joining, packing for a cruise can be slightly different for each traveler.

The Princess Cruise has many different activities ranging from fun, casual activities to more formal nights out in restaurants. Make sure to pack for a Princess Cruise just like you would pack for any stylish land-based resort.

Casual sportswear is highly suggested to keep yourself comfortable during day-to-day outdoor activities. Jackets or all-weather coats are great to use at night because of the cooler weather.

Some dining venues aboard the Princess Cruise will require you to wear smart casual and formal attire. Make sure to pack those nice dresses and a suit or two for these nights. Don't forget your dress shoes and heels to complete the look.

If your cruise has a land portion wherein you have to disembark for land tours, keep in mind that you should pack lightly for this part of the trip. Since you will be bringing the luggage with you on land, just pack the clothing essentials you will need for that particular place.

When packing for a cruise, you should also have a bag that contains all of the essentials that you will need while onboard the ship. This bag should contain your travel documents, medication, and valuables.

Always remember that packing for a cruise should be simple. If you are in need of other items, you will most likely be able to purchase them in the shops. You can also rent clothing should you wish to join formal nights and you've forgotten to bring your own suit.

Final Thoughts

Going on a vacation on a cruise ship is fun because you'll get to see amazing places while aboard a fantastic ship. Secure your belongings by printing your own luggage tags before embarkation

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