How To Fold Samsonite Luggage Cart

There are times when traveling with bulky luggage can be a struggle, especially if you have to carry them around at the airport. A great solution to this is a Samsonite luggage cart. If you're wondering how to use one, you're in luck! We are here to answer your questions about these nifty luggage carts.

How to Fold a Samsonite Luggage Cart:

  1. Press the button at the top of the cart's handle and depress the entire handle mechanism.
  2. When the handle is sufficiently pressed down, it should lock by itself.
  3. Hold the handle using one hand. With your other hand, push the base upwards to fold it towards the handle.
  4. Pull the bungee cord underneath the base and place the hooks on the horizontal bars.
  5. You may now store your foldable luggage cart.

These foldable luggage carts are great at helping you move your luggage when you need to. We know a lot of people aren't familiar with luggage carts such as these. Keep reading as we show you how practical these carts can be for travel, and how you can use them.

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How To Fold Samsonite Luggage Cart

One of the most well-known travel brands on the market, Samsonite has created different travel products for all kinds of trips. From bags to locks, they have a variety of products that should cater to every traveler's need.

For those who want to wheel their "unwheeled" bags, Samsonite has luggage carts for travelers to use.

A folding luggage cart is a portable cart that travelers can use for luggage that does not have wheels. These carts will not limit you to using them on just your unwheeled bags, but you can also use them for other items.

The carts can carry anything from boxes, musical instruments, and even child car seats.

One of Samsonite's products is a foldable luggage cart. Built to carry loads of up to 70 lbs, you can use these carts to lug carry-on luggage with ease.

For easier transport, travelers can also strap on other items like car seats, music instrument cases, or medical devices for the flight.

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How to Fold Samsonite Luggage Cart

Folding hand truck

  1. To fold a fully extended luggage cart, press the button at the top of the cart's handle. Keep pressing this button while you depress the entire handle mechanism. Push down the handle with enough gentle force until you hear the locks disengage while you push it down.
  2. Press down the handle mechanism until you hear it lock completely. The two horizontal bars in between the handle mechanism should meet each other.
  3. Using one hand, hold the handle firmly to stabilize the luggage cart. With your free hand, push the platform base upwards to fold it towards the handle. The cart base should lock in place when folded.
  4. Pull the bungee cord underneath the base and place the hooks on the horizontal bars. This will keep your luggage cart compact.
  5. You may now store your foldable luggage cart.

Why Should I Use A Luggage Cart?

Airport luggage trolley with suitcases

The use of luggage carts is a great option for travelers if they don't want to bust out the rolling suitcase for a short trip.

Bulky Items

These carts are also great for lugging around items that don't have wheels in the airport. This is especially true for families with young kids who need to travel with their car seats everywhere.

Multiple Items

Luggage carts are also nice to have if you are traveling with multiple bags at a time. If there's just one of you and four bags you need to carry, then a luggage cart will be of great help.

Since these carts can carry quite a load, you can simply stack and bungee cord them together so you can move them.

They are also flexible to use. With a luggage cart, you can place anything from a very big duffel to a parcel you need to move elsewhere.

Lightweight, Easy to Store

They are also pretty easy to keep and store. Since they are foldable, you can just put them inside the overhead bins and at home, you can keep them in the closet.

Affordable Alternative to "Wheeled" Luggage

Overall, luggage carts are also cheaper. Since you can use any bag that you have, a luggage cart will turn it into rolling luggage for practically half the price. Luggage carts do run pretty cheap compared to a suitcase, as you can find them being sold anywhere from $20 to $70.

What Should I Look For In A Luggage Cart?

Portable foldable hand truck

We know that luggage carts are pretty straightforward to use. However, to make them last longer, you should consider a few things before getting them.

Some people get luggage carts for travel purposes, while others use them for moving items from place to place. Pick one that suits your needs best.


Before you go out and buy yourself a luggage cart, consider first its usage. How long is your trip going to be? How much luggage will the cart possibly carry?

If you are going to be carrying bags that are very heavy, consider getting a suitcase instead.

Portable foldable hand truck

You will also have to ask if the carts can be brought up with you onboard the plane. Most major airlines do allow luggage carts to be stowed in their overhead bins, but it is always better to ask.

If you will be traveling using other modes of transportation, you might also want to ask if you can take a cart with you.


Most luggage carts available on the market are foldable and compact. This makes it very easy for people to keep their carts when not in use.

When choosing a cart for yourself, also consider the storage space that you need to keep these carts. They might be compact, but they also need their own space.


Luggage carts come in many different materials. There are carts that are made of durable, heavy-duty materials like stainless steel or alloy. However, there are also cheaper variants that are made of plastic blends and other materials.

Depending on the budget that you have, it is always better to go for the heavy-duty kind because they last longer. They are also rust-resistant, and you can use them in some wet weather conditions.

These functionalities are important especially if you will be traveling with these carts.

Platform Size

The platform of the cart is where your luggage will be sitting. When choosing a cart for your use, always make sure to consider the platform and see if your bags will fit.

It can also define the number of bags you can carry at one time, or if it will be suitable to carry a car seat without any trouble.

Alternative Luggage Carts

Aside from Samsonite, there are other luggage carts that you might want to consider for your travels. Most of these carts are also foldable and easy to store when not in use.

Mini Luggage Cart

Hand holding a foldable trolley with empty brown box for shopping

If you think you don't need a full-sized luggage cart for your transporting needs, then this cart will be perfect for you. These mini luggage carts are small, but they can carry several bulk items in one go.

It's also very small and compact, which makes it easy to store when not in use.

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Extendable Platform

For those who prefer luggage carts that can carry different items, this luggage cart would be great to use. It comes with an extendable platform so it can support bigger items like big suitcases or boxes if necessary.

This feature is particularly great if you will be constantly using a luggage cart.

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Ridged Platform

One of the problems of standard luggage carts is that sometimes the items tend to slip from the platform because of the smooth surface. This luggage cart has a platform with ridges that locks onto the base of your luggage to prevent movement.

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Wrapping Things Up

A luggage cart is a great option to have if you don't want to bring your big suitcase with you, but you have difficulty carrying big bags. These luggage carts are a great help for many travelers to ease the burden of carrying heavy carry-ons, so don't hesitate to have one for yourself.