How To Fold North Face Duffel Bag?

Are you getting your North Face duffel bag ready for storage, but you’re not sure how to fold it so it would fit into its carry bag? You’ve come to the right place, for we have researched this question, and we have the answer for you.

The objective when folding the North Face duffel bag is to bring the two circular ends together in the middle. You can fold it in different ways as long as the two circular ends will compress together after folding.

We prepared one method of folding the North Face duffel bag in the succeeding sections. You can follow the steps below or develop your own method based on those steps.

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A North Face duffel bags for trekker and climbers selling along the street, How To Fold North Face Duffel Bag?

The North Face duffel bag

There are two models of the North Face duffel bag—the North Face Base Camp Duffel and the North Face Base Camp Voyager Duffel Bag.

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The Base Camp Duffel has a circular shape, making it look cylindrical when full. On the other hand, the Base Camp Voyager Duffel has a rectangular shape. It looks more like a prism when full.

The Base Camp Duffel has different sizes to choose from that match your activity.

The Base Camp Voyager Duffel’s size is measured by volume. It also comes in larger volumes and doesn’t have small options like the Base Camp Duffel.

The distinguishing feature of the two North Face duffel bag models is the option to attach a pair of straps along the top. You can then use the two straps to carry the duffel bag as a backpack. This makes it easier to carry heavier loads.

Its body is made of water-resistant recycled polyester, while the boot is made from recycled ballistic nylon material.

How to fold a North Face duffel bag?

You can use the steps below to fold a North Face Base Camp Duffel or a North Face Base Camp Voyager Duffel.

  1. Remove the straps and set them aside. Removing the straps (especially the backpack straps) will make it easier for you to fold the duffel bag.
  2. Leave a small opening for the main D-zipper. This makes it easy for the air inside the bag to escape while you’re folding it. Make sure that the bag is empty.
  3. Place the bag on top of a level surface like a table. This is helpful, especially for the larger bag sizes.
  4. Straighten the empty bag, pulling the two ends apart.
  5. Press the two opposite centers of the side walls of the bag towards the center. This will create a crease along the side wall. Fold lengthwise along this crease, bringing the top of the bag down along the fold.
  6. Keep the two opposite sides straight as you fold them down on the top of the bag.
  7. Flip the bag. Fold the boot of the duffel bag at the center by pushing the center inward and folding down the two sides.
  8. Fold down the two opposite sides of the duffel bag as the whole bag collapses on the fold. Press down to keep the bag compact.
  9. Open the carry case or carry a bag of your duffel bag and slide the duffel bag inside. Stretch the carry bag along the zipper and over the duffel bag as you slide it inside.
  10. Insert the straps into the carry bag.
  11. Zip the carry bag close.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel is available on Amazon through this link.

How to choose the right duffel bag for travel?

Although all duffel bags are made for travel, some designs are more suitable for one type of travel than others. You don’t want to use a duffel bag that is large enough to carry a child when going to the gym, for example. Thus, the first thing you should consider is the type of travel or activity that you’re planning to do with your duffel bag.

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The capacities of duffel bags—like the capacities of hiking bags—are measured in liters. This is to make their capacities more universal and easier to understand across different countries. Thus, the capacities of the duffel bags below are all presented in liters.

Daily Trips

A duffel bag for the gym is usually called a gym bag. These are duffel bags with a rigid boot to allow them to retain a certain rigidity and shape at the bottom regardless of their contents. However, even without the rigid bottom, you can still use a regular duffel bag for the gym.

Woman opening gym bag

Duffel bags for the gym doesn’t need to be too large. It should just be big enough to carry your training shoes, a towel, gym clothes, and an extra shirt or two. It will be nice to have inside pockets that help you organize your things, separating them from your gym stuff to make it easier to find what you need.

You will not need waterproofing on your gym bag too. Without waterproofing, the bag will be made of lighter materials compared to bags that are made for a weeklong stay inside a rainforest.

A daily duffel bag should have around 20 to 30 liters of capacity.

A foldable duffle bag for the gym is available on Amazon through this link.

Weekend Trip

The perfect bag for a weekend trip will be larger than a daily duffel bag. It should be big enough to hold two to three days’ worth of clothes. A little waterproofing will be useful for these duffel bags too so that they can be used for weekend trips that include a little hike.

A semi-circular opening is ideal. This will make it easier for you to organize your things inside the bag.

It is also great to have inside organizational pockets for the small stuff that you need to bring along. Otherwise, you will need to use separate smaller bags.

And because you will be carrying a heavier load, it is a good idea to be picky in how you will carry the duffel bag. Padded carrying handles and a comfortable shoulder sling will be the ideal choice. Test the most comfortable designs to carry your bag before you decide which one to purchase.

The ideal capacity for a weekend duffel bag is around 35 liters to 45 liters. This is also within the carry-on baggage limit of most airlines in the US, which is perfect for a weekend trip by land, air, or sea.

Canway weekender duffel bag is available on Amazon through this link.

Adventuring Trips

The duffel bags you need for these kinds of trips should be made of the toughest yet lightest materials. These bags should have laminate materials that allow them to protect your things from the harshest environment.

Camping in rain forest on Vancouver Island

The material and the build are both important. Check the material and the stitches of the bag. You don’t want a duffel bag that will fall apart from the weight of your things.

A reinforced bottom, sturdy grab handles, and utility straps are handy features that you would like to have.

A daisy chain is also useful for strapping your duffel bag on your 4X4, a pack animal, or a sled. A daisy chain is also useful for hanging your hiking tools.

These bags can have capacities that go up to 150 liters. Because of this, it is even more important to check the straps of the bags. Padded backpack straps are often available in some models to make the duffel bag easier to carry over long distances.

Rockland Rolling Duffel Bag is available on Amazon through this link.

How many liters is a North Face large duffel bag?

The North Face Base Camp Duffel’s large-size duffel bag has a capacity of 95 liters. Its weight when empty is 4.06 pounds.

It has two side handles for carrying it over short distances. Additionally, you can carry it on your back over longer distances using the two padded straps.

Is a duffel bag a carry-on?

North Face bag for sale at outlet

Duffel bags can be used as a carry-on with any airline. They are better carry-on bags because they are lighter and flexible. Their flexibility makes it easy to fit them into the overhead compartments.


A North Face duffel bags for trekker and climbers selling along the street

The secret to folding a North Face duffel bag is to bring the two circular or rectangular sides together by compressing the side walls into folds.

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