How To Connect Spinner Luggage

Traveling with multiple sets of luggage can be hard, especially if you have other things with you. To make things easier, you can connect your spinner luggage together and do more with just one hand. We check out this method and we're happy to show you how to do it.

How to Connect Spinner Luggage

  1. Take your biggest luggage and set it upright.
  2. Get the next smaller (or same size) luggage and place it in front of the first suitcase.
  3. Loop the luggage strap underneath both carrying handles and lock them together.
  4. Make sure to shorten the strap so that the strap pulls the two suitcases flush against each other, but it will still allow the luggage wheels to spin freely to move.
  5. With the straps locking the spinner luggage to each other, you can now use the handle of the biggest suitcase to pull both of them together.

Connecting spinner luggage together is a great way to keep a hand free to carry other things while traveling. Keep reading as we show you the best straps and alternatives to connect luggage. We'll also show you how you can travel with a suitcase and an extra bag with you.

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How To Connect Spinner Luggage

Traveling with more than one piece of luggage can be a struggle for any traveler. A medium or large-sized suitcase can be bulky, and it can be particularly hard to maneuver them around if you have more than one with you.

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One of the best ways to travel with multiple suitcases is by connecting them together. Depending on the type of luggage that you have, this works particularly well especially for spinner luggage because the wheels are more responsive when you maneuver the bags.

To connect spinner luggage together, you should have an add-a-bag strap to keep the suitcases together. Alternatively, you can also use a standard luggage strap by shortening it to connect your spinner luggage to each other.

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Airport luggage Trolley with suitcases

Here are the steps to connect your spinner luggage together:

  1. Pack your spinner suitcase with the majority of the weight at the bottom. Do this to your biggest and heaviest suitcase because this will be the "base" luggage to which you will be attaching other suitcases.
  2. Keep the luggage upright and place the rolling luggage you will be attaching in front of the big suitcase. 
  3. Open the buckle of the add-on strap and hook it to the top handle of the first suitcase.
  4. Loop the other end of the strap to the top handle of the luggage to be attached. Buckle the strap to connect the two suitcases together.
  5. If the attached suitcase is smaller, make sure to tighten the luggage strap as much as you can. If the two suitcases are the same size, give the strap a little slack so the suitcases have enough space to move when pulled.
  6. Test the connected luggage to see if they roll and move well. Adjust the straps accordingly until you can maneuver the luggage without issues.

Why Do You Attach Luggage Together?

Why Do You Attach Luggage Together - travel bags in airport and airliner in sky

Attaching luggage is great for people who need the use of their hands while traveling. The extra mobility that you get by freeing up a hand is great when you have other things to carry around while in transit.

Parents in particular benefit the most from attaching luggage together. Traveling with children can be a little bit troublesome because of the bags and other miscellaneous items to carry. Aside from that, you also have to carry your baby or toddler with you.

Some people who are traveling for months at a time, or those who are moving countries will find that connecting their luggage together is a lifesaver. Fortunately, connecting suitcases makes it easier to move even without the help of airport luggage carts.

Best Add-A-Bag Straps For Travel

Best Add-A-Bag Straps For Travel - Suitcase strap

Traveling with add-a-bag straps has definitely changed the way travelers bring their luggage with them. Not only can you connect two spinner suitcases together, but you can also strap on smaller bags like your duffle or tote to the suitcase so you don't have to carry them.

Luggage straps

If you already have luggage straps at home for keeping your overflowing luggage from exploding, you're in luck! You don't need to get anything else to connect your luggage together the next time you travel.

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A classic luggage strap is the most basic add-a-bag strap for any traveler. The luggage strap is pretty simple to use—all you need to do is simply strap the two suitcases through their top handles and you're ready to go.

If you don't have any suitcases to connect together, you can simply use the luggage strap for their original purpose. 

T-type luggage strap

One type of add-a-bag strap is the T-type luggage strap. Instead of using the top handle of the biggest suitcase to hook the smaller suitcase, the strap is placed on the pull-up handle of the suitcase. This is better for people who need to connect more than two suitcases.

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The T-type luggage strap also has a longer strap that you can loop under the collapsed handle of the attached suitcase. It also has a double adjustment buckle so you don't have to worry about the buckle breaking off while pulling the suitcases.

Luggage J-hook

For travelers who don't really need to connect an extra suitcase, but prefer to go hands-free, a luggage J-hook is a great way to carry smaller bags. Laptop bags, briefcases, or other small bags can be easily hooked on this strap along with your luggage.

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The J-hook luggage strap will keep your smaller bags strapped in place so you don't have to carry them. It has a secure tape that will ensure that the handles of your bag won't slip off the hook while you're moving.

Bag bungee

Carry-ons are great for carrying extra items with you during a flight, but it can be difficult to carry one while pulling a suitcase along. Strapping your carry-on to the suitcase will fix this problem and you don't have to worry about losing a bag because they're strapped together.

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Using a bag bungee is easy. You simply have to slip one end of the bungee over the extended handle of the spinner suitcase. Place your carry-on bag on top of the suitcase and pull the bungee up and over the bag. Loop the other end over the suitcase handle to lock.

Luggage strap organizer

Level up your add-a-bag strap by getting a set that comes with an organizer. This add-a-bag luggage strap comes with an organizer that will help you keep the small items in place so you don't lose them. It also holds your other bags in place on top of your suitcase.

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This luggage strap wraps around the extendable handle of the suitcase and it has a compartment that has pockets inside to hold items. It can keep your phone, boarding passes, passports, and other things so you don't lose them in transit.

Hardshell pouch

This doesn't really count as a strap that can connect your suitcases together. However, it might as well be an additional bag because of the convenience it offers, especially to those who travel with hardshell carry-on suitcases.

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This pouch works best for hardshell suitcases because they don't have exterior pockets that can store small items. Keep your miscellaneous items like water bottles, phone chargers, and portable battery packs in this pouch so you don't lose them. 

Wrapping Things Up

If you want to have better mobility while traveling, connecting spinner luggage together is a great way to free up your hands. You might also want to consider strapping your smaller bags while traveling, to make everything a hassle-free experience for you.

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