How To Change Code On Luggage Strap

Luggage straps are nifty travel tools that help secure your suitcases while you travel. If you find yourself with a combination luggage strap, you're probably wondering how to change the code. Fortunately, we have a step-by-step guide on how you can change it on your own.

How to Change Code on Luggage Strap

  1. Set the code of your luggage strap to its current code or 0-0-0 if it is new.
  2. Release the buckles and look for the pin button on the side of the combination lock.
  3. Press the button and hold it in place until you finish setting up the new code.
  4. Change the code of the luggage strap by moving the dials to whatever number you prefer.
  5. Release the button and put the buckles back in place. Test the luggage strap to see if it releases with the new code.
  6. Lock the buckles back and jumble up the numbers. Check the luggage strap if it is locking correctly.
  7. You are now ready to use the new code on your luggage strap!

Changing the code of your luggage strap can be annoying, but it is important to keep changing it for your security. Keep reading because, in this post, we will share with you the best luggage straps to use for traveling, as well as tips on keeping your luggage secure.

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How To Change Code On Luggage Strap

For many years, luggage straps have always been a go-to tool for many travelers in helping keep their luggage secure. These straps are typically wrapped around suitcases as a way to hold everything in place and as a visual marker to easily locate the luggage.

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There are many different luggage straps that are now available on the market. One of the most popular kinds is the luggage strap which comes with a combination lock. Travelers prefer this because of the additional security it offers for their luggage.

Changing the code of luggage straps is pretty easy. Standard luggage straps often have a small button on the side which acts as the reset button for the locking mechanism. You'll have to look for it in order to change the combination code.

Here are the steps on how to change the code of your luggage strap:

  1. Move the dials of the luggage strap to the current code. If the luggage strap is new, the default code is usually 0-0-0.
  2. Release the buckles and look for the button on the side of the combination lock.
  3. Using your thumb, press the small button and hold on to it until you finish setting up the new code.
  4. Change the luggage strap code by moving the dials to the new numbers. Make sure to align the numbers to the groove or line marker so that the lock will not jam when you release the button.
  5. Release your thumb from holding the button on the side. Test the buckles to see if it unlocks with the new code.
  6. Lock the buckles and jumble the code to see if the lock works.
  7. You are now ready to use your luggage strap with the new code.

Some luggage straps have buckles that are small, and it might be difficult to press the button with your thumb. If this is the case, the buckles usually work to press this button while you're setting the new code. Just press the sides and hold until the code is set.

Other luggage straps use a small tab on the underside to unlock the mechanism while setting up the new code. You have to move the tab from A to B while setting the new code, and flip it back into place when everything is done.

Types Of Luggage Straps

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Luggage straps come in many different types, and they all do the same thing of securing your luggage while traveling. Of course, the additional functions of some luggage straps might be better for you, so here are some choices you can try the next time you travel.

Regular luggage straps

These luggage straps are the original and the most widely used luggage straps amongst many travelers. They are straightforward and easy to use, and they do the job they need to do.

On some occasions, these luggage straps can also help travelers pull more than one suitcase while moving in the airport. Luggage straps are practical and they are very useful while traveling.

Combination lock

Check out this luggage strap with combination lock on Amazon.

If you are looking for a luggage strap that will give your luggage additional security, then the luggage strap with a combination lock is perfect for you. Aside from the usual travel locks on your suitcase, this strap will make opening your suitcase a lot harder for would-be thieves.

Standard buckles

Grab these regular luggage straps on Amazon.

These luggage straps are quite basic, and they do the job they are supposed to do. These straps can also double as an add-a-bag strap if you are carrying more than one suitcase with you on the trip.

Cross luggage straps

Get these cross luggage straps on Amazon.

Technically, you can do these with regular luggage straps, but cross luggage straps will ensure that your luggage is completely secure. Most cross luggage straps come in sets and they loop through each other for maximum protection. 

Bag bungee and "Add-A-Bag" luggage straps

See this bag bungee on Amazon.

Bag bungees or add-a-bag straps help travelers move easily through the airport by allowing you to strap smaller bags on top of the suitcase. This is great if you have a carry-on bag with you, which you can easily strap in place for a hands-free option while traveling.

How To Keep Luggage Secure

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Whenever you travel, it is always important to keep your luggage secure for your safety and to prevent loss of belongings. It can be difficult because there are so many things happening while you travel, but here are some tips to help keep your luggage safe.

Pack properly

As much as possible, try to avoid opening your suitcase at the airport to lessen the hassle of putting the locks back in place. You can do this by packing the right things ahead of time and taking note of all the restrictions that the TSA has set for all travelers.

Use the right locks

Most modern suitcases already come equipped with a TSA-approved zipper lock. However, if your older suitcases don't have this, it's always best to use TSA-approved travel locks for your luggage. You can also use these on your carry-ons for additional security.

Bring zip ties

This method sounds quite old, but zip ties still count as one of the most secure travel locks you can have. Keep some small zip ties in your luggage whenever you travel and loop them through the zippers to prevent unwanted people from breaking into your suitcase.

Never leave luggage unattended

This advice should be pretty standard for many travelers, but some people tend to forget it because of too many things happening around them. Always remember to keep your luggage within your sight and never leave them unattended for any reason.

Remember to put tags or labels

Secure your belongings by putting labels or tags to help contact you on the unfortunate occasion that you do lose your luggage. These luggage tags and labels are pretty inexpensive, and remember to put important details like contact numbers and email address to help you find your luggage faster.

In Conclusion

photo of a rainbow colored strap for luggage safety using code numbers

Luggage straps are great to use, especially for any traveler who wants to keep their luggage secure. Always remember to change the code of your luggage strap every once in a while to keep your luggage safe. They may be simple tools, but luggage straps can definitely change the way you travel.

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