Does TUMI Monogram In-Store?

For travelers who are looking for a personalized touch for their luggage, TUMI is a great brand that offers monogramming services for their products. Buyers often ask if they can get their items monogrammed in-store and fortunately, we have the answers you need.

When you purchase a bag or a suitcase from a TUMI store, you can personalize them with their complimentary monogramming service. TUMI has select styles that they can put a monogram into, so check with the store associate if they can put a monogram on it.

A monogrammed piece of luggage for travel is truly special because it is uniquely yours. In this post, we will talk about how you can monogram your TUMI bags. Keep reading because we also have some suggestions if you want to personalize an old, trusty TUMI bag.

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Does TUMI Monogram In-Store?

A classic, premium piece of travel luggage or bag is an investment that is always worth having. One of the most popular brands for travel bags is TUMI and they have a great selection of items that many travelers can choose from.

All TUMI bags use high-quality materials like leather, nylon, and aluminum to make premium travel luggage. To add a little flair to their premium bags, TUMI has personalization options that allow customers to make their purchases truly unique.

One of the great things about TUMI is that you can have your purchases monogrammed at any of their stores. Ask a store associate to help you look for items that can accept the personalization. TUMI can only monogram certain select bags and suitcases, so it's best to choose the right one.

TUMI will monogram your chosen item in-store and the process typically lasts about 30 minutes. You can wait for it to finish while you're shopping in the store.

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Can I Get My TUMI Monogrammed If Purchased Online?

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If you have a TUMI item that you have purchased online, you're probably wondering if you can also monogram them. Fortunately, complimentary monogramming is available for all TUMI items that are part of the personalized collection, whether bought online or in-store.

For those who wish to monogram the TUMI bags they bought online, simply bring them to the nearest TUMI store to avail of the service. A store associate can assist you with this service while you wait for them to personalize your bag.

What Kinds Of Monogramming Can TUMI Do?

TUMI offers monogramming with two different options. Nearly all TUMI bags that can be personalized will come with a small leather plate where the monograms will be set. To monogram them, customers must pick between one of the two options.

Classic Embossed

This monogram style makes use of a heat embosser that stamps the monograms into the leather plate. The embosser will use heat and pressure to press the monogram on the leather and customers can choose the color to make their monograms unique.

This personalization is complimentary and you can ask the TUMI store associate to help you avail of this option.

Premium Metal

For those who are looking for a more premium feel on their monograms, TUMI also offers premium metal monograms. These monograms are also sewn on the leather plates and TUMI offers silver, gold, and gunmetal hardware for their customers.

To avail of the premium metal monograms, this will cost customers an additional $15 per letter for the customization.

Can I Return A Monogrammed TUMI Product?

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Unfortunately, customers can no longer return a TUMI product that has a monogram on it. This is because this bag is already a bespoke piece that is specially done for the customer.

If you wish to monogram any of your TUMI bags, please make sure to put in all the correct details before they start the service. Customers should also check the items after the personalization in-store to ensure that there are no errors that might cause the return of an item.

Which TUMI Products Can Be Monogrammed?

Which TUMI Products Can Be Monogrammed? TUMI bags on display at store in Singapore Changi Airport.

Generally speaking, most of TUMI's products can be customizable and they are eligible for the complimentary monogramming services they offer. You'll notice that most of TUMI's products have a leather plate or tag in place which the store can monogram for you.


For the TUMI luggage, leather plates for monogramming can be seen on the front of the suitcase. The aluminum collection will have the monogrammed plates on its side instead of the front.

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If you purchase a TUMI backpack, you'll notice that it comes with a small leather tag on its side. This leather tag can be monogrammed for your personalization.

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Some backpacks will also have a leather plate similar to the suitcases. This is where you will see the monograms should you wish to have them added to your purchase.

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Bags and Accessories

Aside from the suitcases and the backpacks, TUMI can also personalize other bags and accessories from their collection. Depending on the style, they will either have the leather tag or the leather plate for the monograms.

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Is There An Alternative To Personalize A TUMI Bag?

If you have an old TUMI bag that store associates might not be able to monogram for you, there are ways that you can do to personalize them. This option can definitely make your items more unique and truly personal for you.

1. Leather keychains

For those who are looking to add more letters than the three-letter monograms TUMI can make, you can opt to use leather keychains on your bags instead. These leather keychains can be a replacement or addition to TUMI's leather tags.

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2. Leather luggage tags

Personalize your TUMI suitcases by adding these custom-made leather tags. The benefit of these tags over a monogram is the fact that it doubles as travel tags because you can place the contact information you'll need while traveling.

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3. Aluminum luggage tags

If you wish to tie in the aluminum look of the TUMI luggage with your luggage tags, opt for the more industrial-looking aluminum tags. These luggage tags are engraved so your details will not be erased, plus they will definitely look good on your aluminum suitcases.

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4. Acrylic Leather Paint

For those who would like to awaken their creative side, you can also personalize or monogram your leather TUMI bags using paint. Acrylic leather paint is specifically formulated for use on this material and they will stay intact for a long time.

You can choose to paint your own monograms or designs on your bags. Alternatively, you can also use some stencils to make it easier for you.

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Wrapping Things Up

Wrapping Things Up - View of Tumi Store in Hamad International Airport. Tumi is a South Plainfield, New Jersey-based manufacturer of premium suitcases and bags for travel.

A TUMI bag is a piece of travel luggage that is always worth having. The premium quality of these bags will last you for a very long time and putting a monogram on them really makes them special. Take care of your TUMI items and you'll be able to them for your future travels.

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