Does The Away Bigger Carry-On Fit In Overhead Bins?

For travelers who are looking for durable suitcases, the Away Bigger Carry-on is a popular choice because of its bigger size. Because of it's size, people often comment that it might not fit the plane's overhead bins. We checked it out and we found the answers for you.

The Away Bigger Carry-On will fit the overhead bins of most major U.S. airlines. However, due to its expanded size, passengers may have trouble getting them to fit in the overhead bins of smaller planes. Because of this, the Away Bigger Carry-on should be checked-in.

A carry-on suitcase that fits the overhead bins is important and the Away Bigger Carry-on seems too big for some people. Keep reading, because in this post, we will give you advice on whether you should get an Away Bigger Carry-on or use other carry-on alternatives.

Hand-luggage compartment with suitcases in airplane., Does The Away Bigger Carry-On Fit In Overhead Bins?

Does The Away Bigger Carry-On Fit In Overhead Bins?


When it first launched in 2016, the Away carry-on suitcases instantly became a hit with travelers because of its functionality and durability. The sleek, stylish hardside suitcases became a popular choice as carry-on luggage.

One of the things that Away has done for their carry-on suitcases is maximizing the allowable dimensions of the luggage. This is to give travelers more space to pack everything they need without having to check their bags before the flight.

Due to the popularity of the original Away The Carry-on, the brand created a bigger, maxxed out version called the Away Bigger Carry-on. This suitcase still falls within the allowable luggage dimensions of most major airlines.

Since the Away Bigger Carry-on is bigger, people often wonder if they fit in the plane's overhead bins. Fortunately, this carry-on suitcase does fit in the overhead bins of the major airlines' bigger planes. For smaller planes, you will have to check the bag prior to the flight.

If you are traveling with an Away Bigger Carry-on, it is always a good idea to check with the airline and see if they can accommodate luggage of this size. Away has a list of airlines that allow passengers to bring their Bigger Carry-on onboard.

What Size Is The Away Bigger Carry-On?

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The Away Bigger Carry-On measures 22.7 x 14.7 x 9.6 inches, including the wheels and handles. These dimensions max out the size of the allowable luggage travelers can bring onboard with them.

Compared to its predecessor, The Away Bigger Carry-on is about 1-inch bigger on all sides than the Away Carry-on suitcase. This extra space will give you more room to pack clothes for longer trips and farther destinations.

Are There Different Versions Of The Away Bigger Carry-On?

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The Away Bigger Carry-on comes in a variety of versions that can cater to your different traveling needs. These Away Bigger Carry-on suitcases all measure the same as the standard Bigger Carry-on, but there are key differences to each one of them.

The Bigger Carry-on

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The Bigger Carry-on is the base model of the brand's maxxed-out carry-on suitcase. With their bigger dimensions, this carry-on can pack about 6 to 9 outfits for a trip that will last for a week. This even includes shoes and other travel necessities.

Check out the Away Bigger Carry-on.

This carry-on suitcase is durable and lightweight, which is perfect for frequent travelers who need the stability of a good stuicase. Aside from the astounding packable space of this carry-on, the Bigger Carry-on suitcase also boasts of other features.

It comes with an interior compression and a laundry bag to keep clothes neat and organized inside the suitcase. The Bigger Carry-on also comes with the option of adding an ejectable power source with 10,000 mAh that can charge your gadgets while traveling.

The Bigger Carry-on: Aluminum Edition

The Away Bigger Carry-on: Aluminum Edition is exactly the same as the original, but made with different material. With the rising popularity of aluminum suitcases, the Bigger Carry-on also boasts of an aluminum hardshell that can withstand the tumbles of air travel.

See Away's The Bigger Carry-on Aluminum Edition.

The aluminum version of the Bigger Carry-on can dent because of the material. However, seeing these dents on your luggage also tells many stories and experiences of your travels. This carry-on also has sturdy dual-combination TSA locks to keep your things secure.

The Bigger Carry-on Flex

If you like to travel and plan to bring home a few gifts for everyone, you're going to need the extra space in your luggage. Fortunately, Away created a solution to give travelers more packable room in their suitcases.

Get Away's The Bigger Carry-on Flex.

The Bigger Carry-on Flex comes with an extra zipper that allows the suitcase to expand with an additional 2.25 inches of additional space. When fully flexed, this extra space is great for adding last minute items to your carry-on.

However, the bigger size of the fully flexed carry-on may require you to check in the luggage prior to the flight. Check with the airline before your flight to know if you should check-in your bag to avoid any hassles during travel.

The Bigger Carry-on with Pocket

For the business traveler, Away also created a carry-on with you in mind. The Bigger Carry-on with Pocket is a great companion to people who are carrying around their laptops while traveling. This suitcase has an additional water-resistant nylon exterior pocket for this use.

See the Bigger Carry-on with Pocket on Away.

Not bringing a laptop with you during travels? It's okay. The nylon exterior pocket can store your other small essentials like documents or a book you'd like to have with you while on the flight. It's great for keeping small items on hand with you during travels.

Since the nylon pocket can add a few inches when extended, it is always a good idea to check with your airline if the suitcase will fit their overhead bins. You might have to check it if the plane's overhead bins are on the smaller side.

Is There An Alternative To The Away Bigger Carry-On?

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If you feel like the Bigger Carry-on is too big for you or it doesn't fit the overhead bins of the airlines you usually take, you may want to consider a slimmer profile. Fortunately, Away's original carry-on fits the right dimensions.

The Away Carry-on falls within the allowable luggage dimensions of nearly all U.S. airlines, even those that include smaller planes. Measuring 21.7 x 13.7 x 9 inches, travelers can still pack about 5 to 7 outfits for a 5 day trip.

Similar to the Bigger Carry-on, the original Carry-on also comes in different versions for people with different needs. It also comes with the option to add the ejectable power source for on-the-go gadget charging.

For people who need more space when packing, durable luggage that you can check in the flight is what you need. Aside from their very popular carry-on line, Away also has a few suitcases that you can get for longer trips.

Packers who can't get enough packing space might want to consider Away's The Medium suitcase. It can fit clothes for a week or two worth of traveling, and the sturdy polycarbonate shell and spinner wheels are great for any destination.

Check out Away's The Medium suitcase.

If you are going to go for a longer trip, Away's The Large suitcase is the answer. This suitcase is the biggest size Away has to offer and it can pack clothes and items you will need if you are traveling for more than 2 weeks at a time.

Get Away's The Large suitcase.

Similar to their carry-on siblings, the Medium and Large suitcases of Away also comes in different versions. Both suitcase lines also has an aluminum edition and a flex version for those who like to pack more. Unfortunately, it does not have the ejectable power source.

Wrapping Things Up

It might be too big for some people, but the Away Bigger Carry-on is a great investment especially for those who travel with major airlines all the time. It is spacious and durable, and it will be perfect to carry everything you need for a quick getaway.

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