Does Samsonite Warranty Cover Wheels?

Samsonite luggage is made of very sturdy, long-lasting materials, and it is built strongly. They provide both soft-shell and hard-shell luggage that come with wheels. But does the product warranty cover wheels? Here's what we learned from our research.

In general, Samsonite considers wheels to be viewed as "wearables;" they will not be covered if the part is just worn but the wheels would be covered if it fails because of a manufacturing flaw.

Continue to read this post as more details regarding the cover wheels of your suitcase and luggage are well explained.

A female shopper chooses a plastic suitcase in a store. checks the rollers on the travel suitcase - Does Samsonite Warranty Cover Wheels

Does Samsonite Warranty Cover Wheels?

For the period of time specified in the warranty, Samsonite's warranty covers manufacturing and material flaws. Instances not covered include:

  • normal wear and tear,
  • misuse (transport of uncanny objects),
  • neglect,
  • accidents,
  • abrasion,
  • exposure to extremely high or low temperatures, solvents, acids, water,
  • or transport damage.

Your Samsonite product can be repaired or replaced if it develops a problem and it is due to a manufacturing or material flaw. Wheels would only be covered if there is a flaw during manufacturing.

Can You Remove Samsonite Wheels?

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If you have done any traveling, you are aware of the strenuous use that luggage can endure due to improper handling. Strong luggage manufacturer, Samsonite, is well-known in the travel business.

However, even a tough piece of luggage eventually needs to be fixed or replaced. You might want to keep a piece of luggage even though you no longer need it for travel or storage.

The bag may occasionally rip, and the wheels may become unsteady due to wear. To remove the wheels from a Samsonite luggage, follow these simple instructions.

Examine Bag's Interior for Caster Plates

In order to remove the grommets from the suitcase's caster plate, use the grommet tool. To assist you to pry up the grommets, you might need a hammer. Gently tap the grommet tool to remove each grommet.

See this grommet remover tool on Amazon.

Pull Wheels to Remove

Do this and then gradually take off the caster plate. Place the bolts or screws aside after removing them.

The suitcase's castor plate ought to now detach. If it becomes stuck, tap the suitcase's caster plate with a hammer and the flat end of a screwdriver.

How Do You Fix a Spinner Wheel on a Suitcase?

A female shopper chooses a plastic suitcase in a store. checks the rollers on the travel suitcase

Spinner wheels are, regrettably, quite weak and prone to breaking. Here is how to fix a broken wheel or two and save your backpack:

Check For Damaged Spinner Wheels

Before deciding to fix your spinner wheels, make sure they are actually damaged and not stuck with dirt. It might only need cleaning, which is easier than total replacement.

In that instance, clean with a proper cleaning substance and reinstall it. If there is still a need for fixing then get a large work surface and turn the suitcase upside down for a better view.

Inspect Wheel Type Before Replacement

There are both screwed and engrossed wheels on a suitcase. You'll want to look to see if the screws holding the wheels are pinned in place.

If the wheels on your bags are damaged, look for screws on the wheels.

  • Remove the screw if any are still present. Your new wheels will come with new screws as well, although you can keep the old ones.
  • The center of the wheels should have a little metal clip that was connected to a bolt on both sides. To remove the metal clip with the bolt, unscrew the bag.
  • Replace the new one at the same wheel hole after removing the old one. Check that it is compatible before you keep screwing.

Replacing Engrossed Baggage Wheels

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Engrossed wheels, on the other hand, are held through the middle. You can get the necessary tools to change the wheels after inspection.

If your engrossed luggage wheels are damaged, replacing them would be different from the screwed type of wheels. Here are the procedures you should follow:

1. Wear Safety Goggles and Earplugs

Before you start the process, safety is important. Wear safety goggles to safeguard your eyes because you would be working with a hacksaw. Also, wear earplugs or noise-canceling headphones.

2. Remove Old Rivet and Wheel

Using a screwdriver or your hands, remove the old rivet. Remove the washers or bearings that are securing the wheels as well and set them aside.

Next, remove the old wheel from the wheel's hole. Set one bearing on each side of the wheel of the suitcase. This would help keep the wheel in the proper location at the wheel hole.

3. Insert New Wheel

To finish the process, insert the new wheel into the wheel hole. Finally, for added security, insert a screw of the proper size through the wheel and the bearing.

As a result, add washers to the screw's sides to increase its tightness. Add a nut, too, at the end of the screw once again to add the last layer of protection.

Can You Replace A Wheel On a Suitcase?

In some luggage, the wheels can be changed. You can do this easily and it will save you money.

However, not all suitcases have replaceable wheels that the owner can do; others need to be transported to a repair shop.

Do Spinner Wheel Break Easily?

close up Wheel luggage suitcase

Because the wheels of spinner wheels travel in various directions, they are more prone to breaking. This is particularly true when rolling over the irregular ground, like cobblestone.

Conversely, because upright baggage does not move about as much, its wheels are typically more durable.

How Can I Make My Luggage Wheel Smoother?

When navigating with your luggage, luggage wheels offer a quick and easy alternative to carrying your bags.

Unfortunately, because the wheels are uncovered, they frequently take a hammering while you are traveling and are easily broken or damaged.

The following are ways to protect your luggage wheels:

Wheels For Luggage Covering

Get wheel covers for your suitcase made of rubber or plastic. Although they don't cover the entire wheel, these provide extra support and will shield the wheels from the majority of knocks and scrapes.

To make your luggage stand out and be simpler to spot at the baggage claim, many protectors will include designs or brilliant colors. Additionally, protectors have the benefit of keeping your entire bag free of scuffs and stains.

Check out this Travelkin Luggage Cover on Amazon.

Lessoning The Stress on Your Wheels

Pack your suitcase equally and loosely. It is best to equally divide the contents of your suitcase and avoid overpacking it in order to keep extra weight off the wheels.

Keep bulky or heavy stuff out of your suitcase. You do not have to pack your stuff for the trip home because many companies, including gift shops, will mail them to you.

Changing Outdated or Weak Luggage Wheels

Close-up of a woman in a turquoise dress, trying to close a full suitcase with her knee.

Check to see whether the wheels can be changed. While replacing wheels on the majority of baggage should not be an issue, occasionally the bag's design will not allow for wheel removal.

Look at your bag; you can usually remove the wheels with an allen key or a screwdriver.

Choose the type of replacement wheels you require. Recessed and spinning wheels are the two most common types of wheels, and both can be easily and affordably replaced.

In general, recessed wheels are found on two-wheeled vehicles, while spinner wheels are seen on four-wheeled vehicles.

The finest replacement wheels are constructed of polyurethane, a durable plastic that is also used in skateboard and rollerblade wheels. This material enables the wheels to move over most terrain without locking up or being wedged in cracks.

Buy Appropriate Replacement

Make sure you measure your current wheels so you can buy the appropriate size replacements. Your luggage's previous wheels should be removed.

The screws and washers should be kept in a plastic bag or bowl so they do not go misplaced, which is a terrific idea.

Carefully affix the replacement wheels. Reinstall the washers and screws after inserting the replacement wheel into the wheel slot. Once the screws are firmly tightened, you can move forward.

To Sum It Up

The durability of your luggage or suitcase is highly dependent on how functional and durable your wheels are. To enjoy your luggage ensure you pay attention to your wheels as this helps in ensuring a good use.

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