Does American Tourister Come With A Key?

A popular brand for travelers, American Tourister is a suitcase that is very durable and secure for use in travels. If you have an American Tourister suitcase, you might wonder if it comes with a key for its lock. Fortunately, we have done our research and we have the answers to your questions.

Most American Tourister luggage comes with a fixed TSA combination lock. This means that there is no key that comes with your suitcase upon purchase. There is a keyhole on the combination lock of this luggage, but they are for the use of TSA officers in case they need to open your bag for inspection.

Having an American Tourister luggage is a great investment especially if you travel a lot. Keep reading because, in this post, we will talk about how you can unlock your American Tourister luggage. We also have some advice on how you can reset the locks on your suitcase in case you forget them.

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Does American Tourister Come With A Key?

If you are in the market looking for a good brand of luggage for traveling, American Tourister is one brand that would come to mind. This popular brand is one of Samsonite's brands, so you will surely get a durable and secure piece of luggage.

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Nearly all American Tourister luggage comes equipped with a fixed TSA combination lock. The zippers of your suitcase slip into the grooves of the locking mechanism to secure them in place. All you need is the combination code to lock and open the American Tourister suitcase.

When purchasing an American Tourister luggage, you will most likely see a key lock on the side of the locks. Some people often confuse this for the actual lock of their luggage, which is why they always ask if their suitcase comes with a key.

The keyholes you see on the lock of the American Tourister bags are for the use of the TSA. Airport security has master keys that they use to open TSA-certified travel locks in case they need to open the luggage for inspection. Only the TSA has copies of these master keys and they cannot be reproduced.

How Do I Set The Code On My American Tourister Luggage?

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American Tourister luggage has many different types, but they basically have the same code setting method. To set the code of the American Tourister luggage, you will need a ballpoint pen to push the buttons of the lock.

Of course, not all locks may be the same. Some locks will need a pen to push the reset button, while you might have to pull a tab on other models. Always check the manufacturer's instructions before attempting to change the lock of your luggage.

How to Set the Combination Code

  1. If the suitcase is brand new, set the code to 0-0-0. For suitcases that have their combination codes already changed, set it to the combination code you have set.
  2. Use a ballpoint pen to push the reset button on the side or bottom of the lock.
  3. Remove the pen, and set in your new code. Don't forget to remember it!
  4. Press the unlock button to finish setting the new combination code.
  5. Test out your new code to see if it locks and unlocks properly.

Can I Reset My American Tourister Lock?

This question is often asked by many people who have forgotten their combination codes. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover or override these codes unless you input the correct combination. This is why remembering your combination codes is very important.

Fortunately, you can probably fix this by doing a very simple trick. What you'll need is time and a lot of patience. Most suitcase combination locks only have 3 digits, so you just need to try all the possible combinations of the three digits until you manage to open your suitcase.

When you do open your suitcase, remember to create a new combination code and don't forget it! Write it down in an inconspicuous place if you must, or use numbers that you are familiar with only yourself.

If you have tried all the combinations and you still cannot open the American Tourister suitcase, you might need to bring it to an authorized service center. Most dealers have an in-store facility that can help you with your issues, or you can contact them directly.

How Can I Secure My Luggage Further?

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Generally speaking, American Tourister luggage is already quite secure as it is. Most of their suitcases and other bags have excellent security features like TSA-certified locks and anti-theft zippers. The materials they use are also very durable, which lessens the risk of bag damage resulting from thievery.

However, there are times when it feels like there is a need to further secure the luggage before handing it off to the check-in counters. With some reports of items being taken inside suitcases while in transit, it's not surprising for people to look for other ways to further secure their belongings.

Aside from using TSA-certified locks for your luggage, here are some suggestions you can try on your American Tourister suitcases to further beef up their security.

Zip ties

They are quite small and analog, but they definitely secure items like nothing else can. Commonly used to keep cables together, zip ties are also great for locking and holding your zippers in place.

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Keep a bunch of zip ties with you while traveling because they make for great lock alternatives or as an additional security layer for your bags. To do this, use a zip tie to tie the zippers together as tightly as you can, and simply cut it off when you reach the destination. 

Zip ties are also great for knowing if someone has tampered with your bag. If you find that your bag's zip ties have been cut off, you should call the attention of TSA or any airport security and mention it to them. They'll let you know if TSA had to open it for further inspection. 

Luggage straps

These straps are pretty basic and simple to use, but they offer extra protection in the most obvious form. Luggage straps are belts that go around the entire suitcase, making it harder to open in case anybody wanted to tamper with it.

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When choosing luggage straps, go for ones that come with a combination lock for additional security. Of course, this would mean that you'll have to memorize another set of numbers, but it's a price you should be willing to pay for secure bags. Luggage straps with buckles are too easy to open and remove.

Luggage covers

These covers are not just for design or for changing the look of your bags, but they are also for security purposes. Originally, the purpose of these covers is to protect suitcases (especially the hardside luggage) from scratches, scuffs, and the weather, but they also prove to be great at securing them.

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Luggage covers go over the entirety of the suitcase, and it also covers the locks, making it harder for would-be thieves to open your bag. It can be quite difficult to remove them quickly, so it's a great deterrent from people who want to tamper with your bags.

While these suggestions are not fool-proof, they can definitely enhance the security of your luggage. Always remember never to put valuable items in your checked luggage, and always be aware of your surroundings to prevent losing items during your travels.

Wrapping Things Up

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American Tourister is a piece of great luggage to have especially for frequent travelers. However, the downside of most modern luggage is the use of combination codes, which a lot of people forget quite easily. Always remember your lock codes, and you'll surely have a great time on your vacation instead of figuring out how to open your luggage.

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