Do Spinner Luggage Wheels Break Off?

The wheels on spinner luggage make it easier to glide through on smooth surfaces. But do these wheels break off? We did the legwork for you, and this is what we discovered.

Spinner luggage wheels are more prone to breakage since they move in different directions. As the wheels rotate, they can get caught up in loose debris or tiny cracks. Therefore, the wheels may break off if you mishandle the bag.

You may wonder how you can protect spinner wheels from damage or how to identify resilient luggage wheels. Dive in to find answers for these and more luggage-related queries you may have.

Broken traveling luggage wheel at the airport ,  Do Spinner Luggage Wheels Break Off?

Are Spinner Luggage Wheels Sturdy?

Spinner luggage wheels make complete 360-degree revolutions. These suitcases are reliable on smooth surfaces since they are easier to glide around. So, they do not require you to exert much strength to move your wares.

However, these factors work against the wheels, increasing their vulnerability to breaking off.

A missing wheel on a travel suitcase.

Uneven Terrain

The wheels' ability to rotate in all directions increases their predisposition to snapping off, especially when you push the suitcase on uneven terrain. These wheels can easily get stuck in cracks or crevices, thus breaking off if you handle the bag poorly.

Mint damaged suitcase on a white background.

Protruding Wheels

The spinner suitcase design such that the wheels stick out from the luggage also increases their exposure to breakage - the wheels experience higher strain levels since they are not cut into the bags.

Inclining The Spinner Luggage

Spinner luggage design is such that the four wheels support the bag's weight. So, pushing rather than pulling the luggage is ideal. But because rough surfaces have more friction than smooth ones, it is easier to pull than push the suitcase on uneven paths.

You pull the suitcase by slightly inclining it. However, bending the luggage increases the wheels' susceptibility to damage.

By bending the suitcase, all the weight rests on the two wheels touching the ground - this may be too much for them. Consequently, the wheels may detach.

Traveling suitcase damaged at the airport. Broken luggage wheel

How To Protect Spinner Wheels

While it is true that spinner luggage wheels are more vulnerable to breaking off, you are not entirely helpless. A little TLC can ensure that the wheels and your spinner luggage serve you for as long as possible.

Do Not Overpack

Please refrain from overpacking your luggage. When you overpack, you exert more pressure on the wheels, thus increasing their risk of damage.

Furthermore, overpacking the suitcase also increases the likelihood that you may accidentally drop it when lifting it. As a result, the luggage wheels may break off.

A good test for overpacking is checking if you struggle to close the luggage. If you need to force a suitcase to close by pushing it down or sitting on it, you have overstuffed it.

Carry The Luggage Over Rough Terrains

We've already mentioned that spinner luggage is ideal for moving around on smooth surfaces. So, it is best to carry the suitcase rather than incline it when you traverse through uneven areas.

Use Wheel Covers

You can slip plastic or rubber covers over the existing spinner luggage wheels. These covers protect the wheel's back and side. Furthermore, they reinforce the wheels and offer additional protection against scrapes and dings.

You can also opt to swap the standard wheels for a heavy-duty set. Inline wheels or rollerblade wheels can hold up better, especially when you travel to areas with rough terrain.

It is essential to evaluate what impact the wheel covers will have on your spinner wheels since they may alter the wheel's ability to rotate at 360 degrees. Also, please note that inline wheels are uni-directional - they only turn one way.

Therefore, you need to consider whether the wheel's ability to rotate in all directions is worth the risk of broken wheels.

Invest In A Bag Protector

Some luggage protectors cover the wheels, while others do not. So, confirming whether the protector you purchase will protect your suitcase's wheels before paying for it is vital.

If you cannot find a suitable protector for your luggage, you can improvise one using a canvas sack or a large laundry basket. Although this option is not as stylish as a custom-made bag protector, it still protects your wheels from damage.

How To Identify Resilient Luggage Wheels

Functional wheels are an integral part of your luggage. Otherwise, transporting your wares would be very tiring. For this reason, look for these attributes to select luggage with hardy wheels.

Assess The Quality Of The Wheel's Material

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Generally, luggage wheels are made from rubber or plastic. It is best to buy suitcases with wheels made from a hard, flexible plastic - polyurethane - since it holds up better than rubber or other soft plastic materials.

You also want to ensure that the wheel does not have a lot of rolling resistance. Too much rolling resistance can make pulling or pushing your suitcase quite labor-intensive. So, move your luggage around the shop to feel its maneuverability.

Check How The Wheels Are Affixed To The Suitcase's Base

Please invest in luggage whose wheels are affixed to its base using screws, not rivets. Screws have a firmer hold on the base. Therefore, they reduce the likelihood that the wheels will detach. In addition, it is easier to change the screws if the need arises.

Spinner suitcase wheels are typically unprotected to enable them to rotate in any direction. So, ensure that the wheels of the luggage you invest in have reinforced corners for proper support.

Is It Ideal To Travel With Hard Or Soft Luggage?

Traveling with hard or soft luggage largely depends on your needs. Soft-sided luggage works best if you want partitioned storage space. The suitcases often have at least two interior sections.

Additionally, soft luggage is lightweight and can compress to fit in the overhead bin in an airplane. So, these cases are ideal as carry-on luggage. Also, because you can flex these suitcases, they occupy less space when storing them at home.

But these bags can easily rip if they are not made from quality material. Furthermore, they do not offer as much protection as luggage with a hard shell. Compared to hard-sided luggage, a burglar can cut through these soft-sided ones and access your precious commodities.

Although hard-shell luggage typically has a 50/50 opening and an interior strap to stabilize your wares, it is suitable for carrying breakable items since it offers more protection.

Moreover, these bags usually have integrated locks and cannot be broken into as easily as their soft-sided counterparts. But it is also possible to get luggage with a soft shell and integrated locks.

Since hard shell luggage is rigid, you cannot overpack it. Consequently, it does not bulge and is easy to stack. So, traveling with a hard-sided case on a cruise ship where attendants stuff bags in the belly of the ship before departure would be suitable.

If you are carrying checked luggage, it is wise to opt for hard-shelled suitcases since behind-the-scenes luggage handling can be pretty rough. Therefore, having a sturdy case ensures that it withstands these less-than-favorable conditions.

How To Choose Luggage For Travelling Abroad

When buying luggage, consider its size, functionality, and durability.


Ensure that you purchase luggage that you can comfortably carry around. It is easy to assume that bigger is better for checked luggage. However, avoid carrying a bag that is too big since it can cause body aches as you try to move around because it is too heavy.

You can use organizers to help you maximize the available packing space rather than investing in a bigger suitcase.

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One of the elements of functionality is how easily and freely you can move the luggage. Your luggage's agility will depend on the number of wheels. But this is not a decision you can make based solely on how easily the suitcase rolls on the smooth floors in the store.

Although four wheels are suitable for airports and when carrying heavy goods, these bags may not be as ideal if you need to pull your suitcase through cobblestone roads. Two-wheeled luggage may work best in such areas.

If you are traveling for the weekend, it is best to opt for luggage without wheels. The wheels add extra weight to the bag. So, do without them if you can.

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The quality of the material a bag is made from will influence its durability. Furthermore, good quality bags hold up better when subjected to rough baggage handling.

Although good quality luggage is relatively pricey, you get what you pay for. The investment is worthwhile, especially if you often travel since you will not need to purchase a new bag often.

In Closing

Spinner luggage wheels are susceptible to breaking off since they are typically unprotected. However, proper handling reduces the risk that these wheels will detach.

Avoid overpacking the bag or pushing it on rough terrain to minimize the likelihood that the wheels will become defective. In addition, you can use wheel covers or a bag protector to protect the wheels from damage.