Delsey Luggage Overweight Indicator – How To Use

Packing can be difficult, but brands like Delsey has innovative ways to combat travelers' luggage overweight issues. Delsey suitcases come equipped with a luggage overweight indicator, but some people don't know how to use them. Fortunately, we are here to help!

For some Delsey suitcases, there is a small window on the side of the handle that has an "overweight indicator" marking. To use this luggage overweight indicator, simply pack your bags and zip them close. Lift the handle of the suitcase and if the red mark appears, your suitcase is over the allowable 50 lbs. weight.

The Delsey luggage overweight indicator is a great feature to have especially if you don't have a luggage scale with you. Keep reading this post because we will show you how to use this indicator and what you should do if your luggage does not have this feature.

Delsey Luggage Overweight Indicator - How To Use

Delsey Luggage Overweight Indicator - How To Use

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One of the struggles of traveling is having to make sure that everything you have packed falls well within the allowable baggage limit. It can be hard, especially if you are the kind of packer who likes to bring everything but the kitchen sink when traveling.

A problem that most travelers face when they pack is that they don't know when they've packed more than they should. Most of the time, travelers don't know they've gone over the allowable limits up until they get to the airport to have their luggage weighed.

This is why Delsey, one of the world's leading travel brands, have come up with a luggage indicator that helps travelers know if their suitcase is already overweight. Here's a quick guide on how to use them.

How to use Delsey Luggage Overweight Indicator

Here's a quick video on how to use the Delsey Luggage Overweight Indicator

  1. Pack your suitcase as you normally would. Zip the suitcase close.
  2. Depending on the model of the Delsey suitcase that you have, the luggage overweight indicator may be on the handle with a small window. It can also be a separate handle that you pull to check the indicator.
  3. Stand the suitcase upright on a flat, stable surface. You can also place the suitcase on its side if the indicator is on the side handle.
  4. Lift the handle with the indicator and check the window. If the red indicator appears, your luggage is well over the 50 lbs. limit.
  5. Remove some items and repack your suitcase accordingly. The red indicator will not appear if the luggage is well below the 50 lbs. limit.

How Does The Delsey Luggage Overweight Indicator Work?

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The Delsey Luggage Overweight Indicator is a patented design specific for Delsey luggage. This indicator works by integrating a weight-bearing mechanism inside the suitcase, which works similarly to a luggage scale.

The only difference is that this mechanism will show an indicator of the suitcase's weight by using a red marking. It utilizes gravity as a means to measure the weight of the suitcase. This means that the indicator will also require no batteries to use.

Best Delsey Luggage

Not all Delsey luggage have the patented overweight indicator integrated in all of their suitcases. Some of the older models like the Helium Cruise have it, but it is not part of Delsey's collection anymore. However, there are still models that come with this indicator.

Here are some of the best Delsey luggage options you can find both with and without the overweight indicator.

Cruise 3.0

Get the Delsey Cruise 3.0 here on Amazon.

This suitcase is one of the few in Delsey's collection that features the overweight indicator. The Cruise 3.0 is a durable, double spinner suitcase that is lightweight and perfect for any traveler. The roomy interiors will give you lots of space to pack (but don't forget to check the weight!)

Shadow 5.0

The Shadow 5.0 is another one of Delsey's fantastic suitcases that is part of their collection. Made with 100% polycarbonate, this suitcase will resist impact very well and it is also very easy to clean. It has removable inner lining so you don't have to worry about a dirty suitcase.

Check out the Delsey Shadow 5.0 on Macy's website.

Helium Aero

See the Delsey Helium Aero on Amazon.

The original Helium collection did have the overweight indicator, but unfortunately, the newer versions do not have them. That being said, this suitcase is still a great choice because it has large compartments for an organized packing.


Grab the Delsey Chatelet on Amazon.

A classic choice and also one of the traveler's favorite, the Delsey Chatelet is a lightweight and durable suitcase with beautiful looks to match. While it does not have an overweight indicator, it does have other features like a built-in brake so your luggage doesn't roll off.

Should You Still Weigh Your Luggage?

Weigh the suitcase with a luggage scale.

While the Delsey overweight luggage indicator can be a great help for travelers, it can be a problem if your airline have different weight limitations. This is typical for international airlines as some of them provide different baggage limits for their travelers.

When traveling, it is always a good idea to keep a portable luggage scale with you all the time. These luggage scales are pretty small and compact, so you don't have to worry too much about them taking up space in your suitcase.

Travelers with Delsey suitcases that have an overweight indicator should still weigh their luggage. It's always better to come prepared with a more accurate weight for your suitcase, rather than simply basing it off the indicator.

Here are some luggage scales you might want to consider checking out for your next travel.

Check out this digital portable luggage scale on Amazon.

Small and compact, digital luggage scales are one of the easiest kinds to use when traveling. Simply strap it on the top handle of your suitcase and lift it up until the scale produces a reading. Simple to use but very efficient, and you'll surely save from paying excess fees.

Grab this manual luggage scale on Amazon.

If you'd like something that's a lot less digital, a manual scale might be perfect for you. These scales do not use batteries so you can safely store them in your checked baggage (as opposed to the digital ones.) They are also more accurate when it comes to the weight.

Is There An Alternative To Delsey Luggage With Overweight Indicator?

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If you find can't find Delsey luggage with a weight indicator around your area, you may want to consider other options. Since this particular feature is patent to Delsey, you might have a hard time looking for similar products.

However, other brands have also come up with their own luggage overweight indicator for their suitcases. In particular, Béis has integrated this into their 29" Large Check-in Roller so you might want to check it out.

See the Béis Large Check-in Roller here.

Wrapping Things Up

Avoid the overweight penalty at the airport by making sure that you only pack the necessities while traveling. Suitcases like Delsey which come with an overweight indicator is great at keeping everything within limits, but a good luggage scale makes things easier.

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