Can You Wash The Beis Weekender Bag?

If you're heading out for a weekend trip, the Beis Weekender bag is perfect to bring all your necessities, but your traveling adventures can get the bag dirty. Some people have wondered if they can wash this bag and fortunately, we have the answers for you.

The Beis Weekender bag is made of cotton and polyester for the body with a PVC trim. These materials are very durable, but it is highly suggested not to wash them in a washing machine. Instead, Weekender bags should be spot cleaned by hand.

The Weekender bag is a great product to have, especially if you are not packing too many things. Keep reading as we give you advice on how to keep them clean, as well as products that can help you keep your Beis Weekender bag looking perfect all the time.

photo of a man wearing white safety rubber gloves hand cleaning the beis weekender bag, Can You Wash The Beis Weekender Bag?

Can You Wash The Beis Weekender Bag?

Packing for a weekend trip is always fun, especially since you'll only need a small bag to bring all the necessities. One of the most highly praised travel bags is the Beis Weekender—a great-looking carry-all bag that fits everything you'll need for a short weekend trip.

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The Beis Weekender is Beis' first design. The bag is popular for its spacious interior which can pack quite a lot of things for a weekend trip. It also has an easy-access opening that allows users to take out anything they need without having to dig through all of the stuff inside. On the bottom of the bag, there is a separate zippered compartment where you can store items you'd like to keep separate from your clothes.

The brand uses two materials for the body of the Weekender bag. Depending on the color of your choice, the Beis Weekender Bag comes with either a cotton canvas fabric or a polyester fabric. Both materials are great at resisting most dirt and stains that bags usually get while traveling. The bottom trim uses PVC material, making it very easy to clean and water-resistant.

Like most bags for travel, the Beis Weekender bag also needs a good clean after many uses. One of the most commonly asked questions is if they can wash the Beis Weekender bag. Unfortunately, the answer is no, and it definitely should not be washed in the washing machine. Owners of the Beis Weekender can clean their bags with gentle spot cleaning.

How To Clean The Beis Weekender Bag

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Cleaning the Beis Weekender bag is a breeze, but its construction can make it difficult to wash it in the washing machine. This is because of the wire frame double zip enclosure, which can distort the bag if it goes through the tumbling inside the washing machine. Fortunately, the bag is easy to clean with just a little wiping. For more stubborn stains, here are the instructions on how to clean the Beis Weekender bag:

Clean out the interiors

After a trip, it is important to clean out the exteriors of your Beis Weekender bag. Turn your bag upside down and shake it to remove any big debris that might have lodged itself inside the bag.

Grab a small handheld vacuum to further clean out the insides. Make sure to focus your attention on the inside pockets and the corners of the bag to remove any dirt in the corners (like sand, after a quick beach getaway.)

Spot clean the exteriors

If the outside of your Beis Weekender bag got dirty, there's no need to wash the entire bag. The polyester material of the Weekender makes it easy to clean with just a damp towel and some mild detergent.

Mix one part of mild detergent with one part of water to create a cleaning solution. Using a damp (but not sopping wet) towel, rub the cleaning solution on the area to remove the dirt. Wipe out the excess with a dry towel and leave the bag to completely dry before storing.

Use a soft brush to remove tough stains

For bags that have tough stains even after you've spot-cleaned them with mild detergent, you can try using a stain remover. Use the stain remover and let it sit for a few minutes. Typically, a soft towel can clean the dirt off with the help of the remover, but touch stains might require the use of a soft brush. Rub the brush in a small, circular motion on the stain to remove it as gently as you can.

As much as possible, try to clean your bag before the stain sets so that it doesn't seep into the fabric too much.

Wipe the bottoms

photo of a man hands holding plastic spray bottle and wiping the beis weekender bag

The PVC trim of the Beis Weekender bag is great at resisting most stains and dirt. However, after prolonged use (or a really good adventurous weekend,) you might find some staining on them. Use a damp cloth with a little detergent to remove scuffs on the PVC trim.

Refresh the insides before storing

Just like most luggage bags in storage, it's important to keep the insides fresh to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Make sure that your Beis Weekender bag is completely dry before storing it to prevent these unsightly stains from sticking to the bag. Throw a bag of bamboo charcoal inside the Weekender bag before keeping it in the closet to absorb any lingering moisture inside.

Best Products For The Beis Weekender Bag

The Beis Weekender Bag needs just a few things to keep it clean, but we've rounded up the best products you can use on them. Of course, it's always better to immediately clean the bag as soon as it spills or scuffs happen to prevent the dirt from sticking to the material, making it harder to clean.

Stain remover

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It is always inevitable for bags to stay clean all the time. Sometimes, accidents can happen during travel and stains will stick to the bag even if you try your best to prevent them. To remove stubborn stains, always bring a stain remover with you to prevent any stain from seeping too much into the fabric. You can further clean the bag once you get home.

Fabric protectant spray

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Since the Beis Weekender bag uses cotton canvas material, it's also a great idea to protect it with a fabric protectant spray to make it water-repellant and resistant to most stains. These fabric sprays are easy to use and you simply need to treat the bag every once in a while, to keep the barrier of protection always new.

Are There Other Variations Of The Beis Weekender Bag?

Some people might feel that the Beis Weekender bag still lacks some features for them, or they find it too big for a short trip. Fortunately, there are other variations of the Weekender bag which might be more suitable for other needs.

The Beis Convertible Weekender bag looks and feels exactly the same as the Weekender, but it does have some additional features. The bottom of the bag is completely removable and it converts into a packing cube you can leave at the hotel. The top main compartment of the bag also transforms into a day bag so you can take it anywhere with you while you go around on vacation.

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For shorter trips, Beis also created a mini version of their Weekender bag. This bag is noticeably smaller than its predecessor, but it still has everything the Weekender has to offer. This is great if you're going on an overnight trip or if you're really good at packing light.

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Final Thoughts

photo of a man wearing white safety rubber gloves hand cleaning the beis weekender bag

Grab the Beis Weekender bag to bring all the stuff that you need for a weekend getaway. The bag is very tough and resilient for travel use, and you can easily keep it nice and neat with just some spot cleaning. With great care, this bag will last for many travels with you.

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