Can You Bring Monitor In Checked Luggage?

Traveling for work or moving to different locations can be tedious, especially when bringing in fragile equipment like your workstation monitor. If you are thinking of putting your monitor in your check-in luggage but are not sure of it, we researched that for you, and here is what we found.

Technically speaking, you can put your computer monitor in your checked luggage. However, the luggage you will use for your computer monitor should follow the size limit of 62 linear inches for it to be checked in.

Now that you know that you can put your monitor in your check-in luggage, you will have to be mindful of other factors, such as the size and weight of your equipment. Read on to know about bringing your monitor as check-in luggage and more.

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Packing Your Monitor As Checked Luggage

If you are planning to bring your computer monitor when you travel, you still have to figure out how to pack it without causing any damage. Remember that this piece of hardware is fragile, not to mention pricey, so you will have to be careful in packing it in. Here are some things to consider when packing your monitor in your luggage.

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Check Your Monitor's Size And Weight

First, you will need to check the dimensions of your monitor and how much it weighs to know if it fits in your luggage. Ideally, you won't want your monitor to be such a snug fit inside your luggage. Otherwise, if another luggage hits yours, the monitor inside would feel the full impact.

Your luggage must also be light and durable to carry your monitor well and not add to the weight when it's time to check in. Make sure that its width, length, and depth add up to 62 inches or less to fit the standard requirements of a piece of luggage for checking in.

Remember that your baggage limit can depend on the airline you are flying on and whether you are seated in economy, business, or first class. Before leaving the house, have a weighing scale and check how your luggage with your monitor weighs. This is so you can try to lighten the load to avoid incurring additional costs. If there's no other way than to go over the limit, at the very least, you won't be too surprised by the cost you need to pay for your luggage being overweight.

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Secure Your Monitor In The Check-in Luggage

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Gadgets like a monitor can be expensive and fragile, so it is important to secure them properly. You can do that by having a decent amount of bubble wrap on the monitor and some foam inside your luggage. This is to avoid the monitor's edges and screen bumping into the interior of your luggage, especially during a bumpy ride.

Another thing to consider is the type of luggage you are going for your computer monitor. Since suitcases are usually stacked on top of one another, there's the possibility that your monitor might get squashed with the rest of the suitcases in the cargo.

To avoid that, use a hard-shelled suitcase since its solid shape can withstand the weight of other suitcases, unlike a soft-shelled one. Do not forget to put a Fragile sticker on your luggage so it won't get handled roughly when loaded.

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Get Insurance

Even if you have ensured that your computer monitor is secured nicely inside your luggage, you might want to get insurance. There is always the off chance that your luggage might get lost or your monitor might get damaged along the way due to extreme turbulence. Instead of having that risk on your mind while you travel, it is best to get travel insurance that can cover gadgets like your monitor.

Can You Bring Your Monitor As A Carry On?

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The Transportations Security Administration, or TSA for short, includes computer monitors for items packed inside a piece of checked luggage. While there is no problem with packing your monitor in your checked suitcase, TSA suggests that passengers should instead pack it in as a carry-on.

Since monitors are fragile, there is always the possibility of them getting damaged if it is checked in. If it is brought in as a carry-on, at least your monitor's safety will be in your control as it is less likely for you to mishandle your equipment.

Packing Your Monitor As Carry On

While this is the suggested way to bring a monitor, having it as a carry-on can also be challenging. You will need to consider the weight and size of your monitor and the other items you plan to bring in your carry-on luggage or personal bag. With that, here are a few things you can do to carry your monitor as part of your carry-on item.

Know The Size Of The Compartment And Under The Seat

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You first must measure your monitor and check if it fits the plane's overhead compartment you will be flying on. Each airline has a different compartment size, so you might need to call your airline and ask about it. You can also check with them the dimensions under the seat in front of you.

It also follows that your carry-on luggage should fit the dimensions of the plane's compartment and be something your monitor can fit in. If your carry-on luggage doesn't fit in the dimensions provided by the airline, you'll have to put it in your checked luggage. Alternatively, you can look for another airline with a bigger space for carry-on suitcases if you have yet to buy a ticket.

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Utilize Your Equipment's Packaging

Another thing you can do to ensure your computer monitor's safety is to place it inside its original packaging. If your monitor's box is still intact and hasn't sustained much damage, it can also be your personal baggage.

You don't need to put the box in your luggage. You can simply wrap your monitor with bubble wrap without being too extensive. This is because you may need to open the box up if a TSA agent asks what's in it. Otherwise, it should work fine as a simple container for your monitor. Just ensure that your computer monitor can fit within the dimensions of the compartment or under the seat as determined by your airline.

Weigh Your Carry On Luggage

Since the size of the compartment and the space underneath a seat depends on what airline you are riding, you may also want to check the weight limit while your monitor is inside your carry-on luggage. While a monitor is not that heavy, you might be bringing other equipment like a CPU or a laptop that would add to the weight.

If you have more than just your computer monitor to bring, consider distributing the weight between your carry-on luggage with your personal bag. If there are items in your carry-on or personal bag that you can do without and can be checked in, you may also do that.

In Conclusion

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It is possible to put your computer monitor in your checked luggage. If you plan to do so, remember that the size limit for a suitcase is 62 linear inches to be accepted by an airline for checking in.

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