Can Vinyl Records Go Through Airport Security?

Collecting vinyl records is an enjoyable way to preserve history. So, you may consider the best way to get the vinyl records safely with you, perhaps even by flight. You may wonder if vinyl records can go through airport security. We've scoured the net for the answer.

Vinyl records are TSA-permitted items for travel since they are not dangerous. So, you can go through airport security with your Vinyl records. You do not need to worry about civil penalties for carrying vinyl records since they do not exist. But it is prudent to safeguard your vinyl records when you're flying. 

This article will provide information about carrying vinyl records through airport security and how to pack them when going on a flight. Please keep reading to discover all the exciting information we share about bringing vinyl records on airplanes.

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Vinyl Records In Airport 

People frequently worry about screenings when going through airport security. Vinyl records are allowed to pass security checks because they are TSA-permitted items for travel. Also, in no way are vinyl records hazardous or harmful. 

No civil penalties are imposed when you carry vinyl recordings to a plane. Additionally, air pressure poses no threat to vinyl records, and airport luggage scanners won't harm them.

Vinyl records can be packed as either carry-on or hold luggage. Traveling with them in a carry-on is recommended to keep care of the vinyl records in your control. However, this is impossible if the carry-on weight exceeds the set limit.

Always ensure that you comply with the dimension and weight restrictions of the airline you are flying. So long as you don't go over that limit, everything will be fine.

Be prepared to open your bag so that security personnel can inspect it. For this reason, ensure that you secure your bag with a TSA-approved lock while checking luggage to ease its accessibility.

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How To Take Care Of Vinyl Records When Going On A Plane

You've probably heard that vinyl records require excellent care when transporting them because they are more delicate than CDs or cassettes.

Although it can be stressful and challenging to transport vinyl records on an airplane, adequate preparation can help you to do it without too much trouble. So, it is crucial that you know how to protect your priceless vinyl at record-breaking altitudes.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure exceptional results:


When traveling with records, please put them in a plastic sleeve first, then add a cardboard sleeve to protect them from scratches.

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Whether you have one record or hundreds, the kind of bag you choose to transport your Vinyl records is crucial to keeping them safe. 

Pack the albums first in a box, then in a suitcase. Doing this partitions your luggage, thus enabling you to put all your vinyl recordings in one fixed location.

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You may also use a specialized record bag with padding and protection for carry-on luggage.

Cushion your vinyl records with bubble wrap and other soft materials like clothes in your suitcase to prevent them from vibrations and shocks.

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Never store toiletries near vinyl in your luggage to prevent liquid and moisture damage.

Checked Luggage Or Carry-On

Young handsome man passenger in 20s with carry-on backpack collecting his luggage at conveyor belt in arrivals lounge of airport terminal building

If you have many vinyl records, it may be preferable to pack them in your checked luggage. Never transport vinyl in soft luggage since it doesn't offer adequate protection against bumping.

However, traveling with a sturdy carry-on bag is recommended to keep the vinyl records in your control.

Put the vinyl records in an area with the least external pressure. Keep the bag closed and stowed in a horizontal posture. Consider keeping your vinyl carry-on under the seat in front of you to prevent it from being hit or mishandled by other passengers.

You can also consider shipping your records if they exceed the carry-on weight limit instead of transporting them as checked luggage.

Shipping is more secure because luggage handlers are not very gentle with suitcases. Even though the records can reach your destination intact, they are unlikely to survive being thrown around.

Keep Them Closed During Flight

If you carry vinyl records in your suitcase, please keep it shut until you reach your destination. At an altitude of about 36,000 feet, the temperature is approximately seventy degrees below zero. Your vinyl records are highly fragile in those frigid temperatures. 

When they are that fragile, a little moving is all it takes for them to break. Furthermore, the records may start to suck moisture as the temperature rises. Consequently, the records may suffer long-term degradation due to the wetness.

Here is a visual tutorial to further elaborate our discussion.

How Fragile Are Vinyl Records?

Handle your vinyl records carefully because they are highly brittle and easily damaged. Vinyl records with scratches or bends may not play at all. So, you should always store vinyl records correctly to maintain and safeguard them.

Why Do Vinyl Records Warp?

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Vinyl records readily bend, warp, break, or melt in hot environments since they are made of PVC, which is prone to bending. Therefore, the records may become twisted if you keep them in the suitcase for many hours.

Additionally, vibrations and the rubbing of impurities can bring scratches in the vinyl grooves and on the disks.  

It is best to take preventative measures to keep your records from getting twisted. Avoid anything that can strain them, and safeguard the area surrounding your records from things that can put pressure on them to protect them from warping.

You can also use an anti-static inner sleeve to lessen the likelihood of vinyl records being damaged by continuous shaking, even if you've packed them securely.

In Closing

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You can pack your vinyl records in either hand or check-in luggage because vinyl recordings are not considered dangerous. Because the allowable weight and size of luggage vary from airline to airline, it's critical that you carefully review these before you fly. 

Carefully choose a bag and put measures in place to protect your recordings from scratching or warping. We hope the advice given in this post will guide you on how to go about this.

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