Can I Travel With A Stroller Without A Baby?

With time flying by, you will be tempted to also fly with anything and everything worth carrying. But, there are some limitations, and if you aren't aware of them, you might be charged extra fees. Ok, are you questioning your decision to travel with a stroller without a baby? In case you are, we've asked around and got some answers for you.

The short answer is yes. But wait a minute; you might pay extra fees for a large stroller. Before you take to the skies, find out precisely what your airline says about it.

Are you now confused about what to do with the stroller you bought? Hold on and keep still. You'll find detailed answers in this post as you read.

Baby Stroller With No Baby

When you ask family and friends about traveling with a stroller with no baby, you might hear some tall tales. Some might suggest wrapping the stroller in a blanket and pretending it's a baby. Others might have you rolling it around and cook stories about a forgotten stroller by the nanny when on vacation.

To save yourself any embarrassment if no one believes your story, you can check it at the gate before you board your flight and request a tag at the gate.

Since most strollers have TSA traveling standards, put it in its bag at the gate as you ask for a tag so that the security agents know what it is you are carrying. Ensure the tag is on the outside of the bag. The tag is usually pink in color, and you will collect the stroller at the boarding bridge upon arrival.

Moreso, the official policy allows the stroller to be umbrella-style and fully collapsible on board. The cabin crew will allow you to take the stroller on board if there's available space overhead.

Whether new or old, the stroller should be able to fit in the x-ray tray. However, dismantling the stroller won't be necessary if you are traveling with a baby.

Types Of Baby Strollers

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If you don't have a little one and you want to carry a stroller as a gift, you need to find out how many types of strollers there are. Which ones won't be checked-in and why. First-time parents need this information if they want to travel efficiently and comfortably.

There are non-collapsable and collapsable strollers. Airlines prefer collapsible strollers because they occupy less space, the personnel know how to handle them, and they fit in the overhead luggage area.

Collapasable Strollers

The most popular collapsible strollers are umbrella strollers. They fold compactly, and most airlines are familiar with them.

An umbrella stroller is lightweight, and most of the accessories are detachable. You don't need both hands to reduce its size and put it away.

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Non-Collasiple Strollers

These strollers can be heavyweight or lightweight. Non-collapsible strollers are ideal for everyday use but not travel. However, if you are relocating and need to travel by air, you can check them with the rest of your luggage.

Lightweight strollers are better than heavyweight ones, especially when on public transport. They are easier to push around with all the baby stuff and shopping in the basket.

The heavyweight strollers are heavy because they convert to cribs and are usually sturdier than lightweight ones.

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Qualities A Travel Stroller

Strollers are a wonderful gift for families that travel frequently. If you want to buy a travel stroller, you should have some pointers to guide you because everyday strollers can be bulky and cumbersome.

Here is what you should consider when choosing a travel stroller.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to close
  • Multi-recline positions
  • Large sun-canopy
  • Undercarriage storage
  • Car seat attachment option
  • Additional bassinet

These options are often similar to those on high-end strollers but at an affordable price tag. It will save you the cost of buying two different strollers.

Popular Baby Strollers

Since they are such an important commodity, baby strollers have multiplied in numbers, and you might be confused about which one to pick. The strollers have become more compact and fit in most overhead cabins.

Here is a list of the most popular strollers in the market today.

  • Joolz AER Premium Stroller: It has a sleek look with a rain cover and travel bag.
  • Uppababy G-link 2 Stroller: This stroller has four wheels instead of six for babies that come in twos.
  • GB Qbit+ All City Stroller: You need this stroller because it fits in the overhead cabin on the plane or in any rental car.
  • Nuna TRVL Stroller: Although it is an expensive stroller, it has some perks, such as magnetic buckles, water-repellant fabric, perfect sleeping angles, and a large storage compartment.

Ensure you pick a stroller that suits your travel needs to avoid disappointments.

When Do Airlines Allow Strollers On Board?

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When traveling with a baby, you expect to be allowed on board with the stroller. But, it might not be as simple as that. Before you take your baby and stroller on board, you need to:

  1. Find out how compact your stroller should be before the airlines allow you to place the stroller on the overhead cabin.
  2. Know if you'll be allowed a stroller and a car seat in the aircraft hold with no charge if your baby is older than two years.
  3. Understand whether you can bring a less compact stroller on board in place of your carry-on luggage.

How Do I Protect A Stroller When Travelling?

Strollers that are meant for travel come with strollers bags. However, if you are traveling with a new stroller, you shouldn't remove it from its compact packing. It'll be easier to travel with it like that.

Alternatively, if you are traveling with a used stroller, you could put it in the stroller bag. You can purchase a stroller bag if you don't have one. The bags are available for single or double strollers.

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Additionally, you can wrap the handles with pool noddles, use bubble wrap or plastic wrap at the airport, use zip ties to keep it collapsed, or put stroller accessories in your luggage.

Other Baby Items Allowed On Board?

Strollers are not the only baby items allowed on board. When traveling with young ones, there are so many things you need. Luckily, airlines make allowances for passengers with little ones without additional pay.

You can also bring:

  • Car seats for the tiny passengers who can't sit upright on airplane seats.
  • Breast milk and ice packs to keep the breast milk fresh during the flight.
  • Diaper lotion and wet wipes for your diaper change routine.
  • Baby formula, food jars, and food pouches.
  • Teethers with liquid and bottled water.
  • Infant nail clippers.

You can take all these items on board without worries if you purchase TSA-approved items.

How To Travel With A Baby Without A Stroller

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Sometimes you might need to travel without a stroller, but you wonder what options you have. Even if you aren't an advent traveler, a carrier of some sort is a must when traveling with a baby.

A fussy newborn baby, long trips, or navigating in narrow aisles are the worst situations to have a stroller. Sling wraps are the best alternative and help you get closer to your baby when traveling.

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Plus, your hands are free, and you can maneuver easily and freely on the road. Slings are eco-friendly and easy to put away when not in use. They come in many colors and styles with lots of ">tutorials that show you how to use them. However, most moms have not embraced sling wraps and find them not practical to use.

Another alternative is a baby carrier. These carriers enable you to carry the baby on the front or back. To use them, you only need to snap them on, and the baby is comfortably cuddling with you. See how to use them"> here.

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Wrapping It Up

Now that you know how to choose a stroller and transport it without a baby, don't hesitate to buy the one that tickles your fancies for yourself or as a gift to a dear one. Get more details from the information desk or the customer care line of the airline you are using.

For those traveling with little passengers, ensure that you carry the necessary baby stuff for long or short flights.

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