Can I Bring A Digital Scale On An Airplane?

One of the struggles of packing for travels is keeping bags within a certain weight limit. If you can relate to this problem, you're probably wondering if it's possible to take your digital scale with you on the plane. Fortunately, we're here to give you the lowdown on bringing your own digital scale on vacation.

If you want to bring your digital scale with you on vacation, you definitely can. You can safely place your digital luggage scale inside your carry-on without any issues. Any type of digital scale can be placed inside a carry-on, as long as it follows the airline's regulations.

Bringing a digital luggage scale is important to some travelers because it can definitely prevent the need to pay excess fees. Keep reading because, in this post, we will share with you the best digital scales you should consider, as well as tips and tricks on packing light.

Woman storing carry on luggage on airplane overhead bin, Can I Bring A Digital Scale On An Airplane?

Can I Bring A Digital Scale On An Airplane?

Overpacking is always a problem when traveling because many people tend to add a few unnecessary items here and there. Eventually, they'll realize that their bags are too heavy and it can cause problems while checking in at the airport.

To prevent issues like these from happening, a handy piece of advice would be to use a luggage scale before heading to the airport. A luggage scale is a small, portable weighing tool that you can strap on the handle of your bag and lift to read the weight. It's quite practical and very useful during trips.

If you're wondering if you can take this digital scale with you on your trip, the answer is yes, you definitely can. This will certainly help you keep your luggage weight within limits, and it will prevent issues like paying for excess baggage fees.

Digital scales come with batteries, but according to the FAA, consumer personal electronic devices that use dry cell batteries, lithium metal, or lithium-ion batteries can be carried in a carry-on bag. These devices include digital scales because they use either dry cell or lithium batteries for power.

Best Luggage Scales

There are many different kinds of luggage scales that travelers use and all of them simply do one specific purpose: to let you know how much your bag weighs. However, some luggage scales take the functionality up a notch by alerting you of overweight luggage bags and even come with measuring tape.

Basic luggage scale

Ellectronic scales for bagage in hand weigh bagage

Let's start with a basic luggage scale. These weighing tools are pretty straightforward to use: simply strap on your bag and lift to read the weight. It is simple and easy to use, plus they are portable so you can weigh your bag before you head back home.

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Overpacker's luggage scale

If you tend to be an over-packer every time you travel, this luggage scale will save you so much time and money. Most luggage scales only offer the basic "read and weigh" function, but this one will alert you if your bag is already overweight. Perfect for those who tend to add unnecessary stuff to their luggage all the time.

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Luggage scale with a tape measure

Technically, it is a fish scale. But it can also double as a luggage scale because it comes with a hook and a strap that you can use on your luggage. It also comes with a tape measure so you can make sure that your suitcase falls within the size restrictions for checked bags.

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Other Digital Scales You Can Bring

White smart scale with green screen chroma key health application

Aside from digital luggage scales, some people are wondering if they can bring other kinds of digital scales with them on the plane. The answer is yes, as long as the batteries of these digital scales fall within the allowable types as stated by the TSA.

These digital scales have different uses for many people, depending on their needs. If you are looking into bringing a bathroom scale for health reasons, or your coffee scale for your craft, you'll be happy to know that you can bring them onboard the plane in your carry-on bag.

Mini bathroom scale

Some people must adhere to a strict weight loss regimen and part of this is making sure that you are within your weight goal limit. For some people, it might be okay to go without checking their weight for a few days, but it might not be the case for everyone.

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If you are looking to bring a bathroom scale with you on your trip, try checking out this mini bathroom scale. It's very convenient and portable, and it fits in your luggage really easily. They are powered by small CR2 batteries which you can definitely take with you on the plane.

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For those who find the mini bathroom scale too small, you can always bring your trusty digital bathroom scale with you. Most of the newer models are small and compact so they won't be too bulky even if you put them in your carry-on suitcase.

Digital coffee scale

Coffee bean inside the espresso glass scale shot on a digital coffee scale

A lot of coffee experts will tell you that a good cup of coffee comes from properly weighed beans and the right amount of water. To do this, coffee connoisseurs will tell you that a good coffee scale can make a very big difference between bitter coffee and that rich, flavorful cup everyone loves.

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Most digital coffee scales are very small and handy, so these will definitely be easy to pack in your carry-on. If you are bringing your coffee craft items with you, this digital coffee scale will sit right at home with your grinders and brewers.

Digital kitchen scale

If you are following a strict diet or you need to weigh your food for whatever health reasons, a kitchen scale is an important tool you must always have. Fortunately, kitchen scales now come in different models with varying weight limits. For food preparation, a small, handy kitchen scale will do.

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This kitchen scale is great to bring along for travels because it is compact and easy to carry around. You can also bring this in your carry-on suitcase because it uses only AAA batteries for power.

How To Pack Light

Cropped view of man packing clothes into travel bag

Packing light for travels can be quite difficult, especially since it's very tempting to bring everything you think you'll need. However, overpacking can be more of a problem because you might have to pay extra fees that can hurt your travel budget. Here are some tips on how you can pack light.

Do the 1-2-3-4-5-6 packing rule

A standard rule when packing for a two-week trip is this: pack 1 hat, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 bottoms, 4 tops, 5 socks, and 6 pairs of underwear (and a bra for women.) It sounds a little limited, but these clothes should be enough for an entire two-week trip.

Keep in mind that you can change the number of items in this list if your trip is shorter. Simply make the adjustments depending on your activities, and add other items like swimwear or jackets depending on where you'll be going.

Just take only the essentials

When it comes to toiletries, ditch the full-size bottles and just take small amounts with you. Even better, don't bring any at all and just purchase them when you get to your destination.

Bring a luggage scale with you

Shopping during a vacation is often a cause of excess baggage fees. Make sure to take your luggage scale with you so you can check your bag's weight and you'll know what items you'll need to keep or leave out. If you're traveling with others, split the weight between your luggage so you don't have to get rid of other things.

Wrapping Things Up

Make sure to stay within the weight limits of your allowable baggage by weighing your bags before you travel. Fortunately, digital luggage scales are easy to use and bring, so you definitely won't have problems with heavy bags. Just keep in mind that your luggage scales can only help you by giving you the weight of your bag, so remember to pack light!