Bric’s Vs. Away Luggage – Which To Choose?

If you're pondering whether to purchase Bric's or Away luggage, then you're making the right purchasing decision because both luxury brands are high-quality and durable. But which one best suits your travel needs? To help you out, we've looked into each brand's best features.

Both Away and Bric's offer high-quality and functional luggage with stylish urban designs that cater to today's smart generation. They share similar features such as:

  • a lightweight and durable shell,
  • TSA-approved locks,
  • high-quality zippers,
  • and smooth gliding wheels.

Choose Away luggage if you want a suitcase with:

  • a simple design,
  • toned-down colors,
  • soft polycarbonate shell,
  • and a lifetime warranty on parts.

Away's unique feature is the built-in ejectable battery pack and the magic eraser to clean up scuffs and marks. Its only downside is the jiggle in the retractable handle.

The Bric's B/Y Ulisse collection is a good choice if you're looking for a similar urban design as Away. It has:

  • more fun and brighter colors,
  • modern lines,
  • and a durable polycarbonate exterior.

The only Bric's downside is its limited 5-year warranty on wheeled products.

Want to discover more details such as colors, material, functionality, and warranty? Read on below and we'll give you each luggage brand's best features.

Bric's Vs. Away Comparison

Two gray large suitcases stand in the lobby of the hotel on the background of the waiting room and tropical greenery, Brics Vs Away Luggage - Which To Choose?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the most suitable luggage. The best way to find out which brand is right for you is to look at its features.

Bric's and Away both offer a wide variety of options and sell durable, high-quality products. But for the purpose of this comparison, we will look into both their most popular items which is the carry-on. Let's take a look at their features.

Bric's Milano

Bric's Milano is a well-known Italian luxury travel brand. It is a family-owned company founded in 1952 by Mario Briccola. They are known for handcrafting luxury travel bags made from high-quality leather.

Their selection shows a wide range of products such as purses, handbags, backpacks, messenger bags, crossbody, buckle bags, totes, and duffel bags. But what they are really known for are their luggage and travel bag collections.

Bric's is well-known for luxury bags in leather and their most popular carry-on luggage also has that leather feature. The shell is made of polycarbonate with leather trimmings.

View this Bric's Bellagio 21-inch Ultra-light Carry-on on Amazon.

What makes their travel bags top-tier? Here are some of its notable features:

  • They use the best genuine leather materials
  • The luggage exterior is made of Makrolon polycarbonate
  • Quality products with renowned Italian craftsmanship
  • Materials don't easily weather or fade
  • Stylish classic and urban designs
  • High-quality zippers with covers
  • TSA-approved locks
  • Retractable handles
  • With a USB port inside the bag where you can plug your power bank and then charge your phone or gadget from outside the bag
  • Comes with a shoe/laundry bag as shown in the video below.
  • Durable wheels and spinners that glide smoothly at 360 rotation in any direction
  • Warranty of 5 years on wheeled products and 2 years on non-wheeled

Their luggage with leather trims belongs to the Bellagio, Amalfi, and Capri collections. These are expensive luxury brands that boast class, style, and elegance. The color choices are consistent with neutrals and darks—black, white, brown, dark blue, and olive.

However, their designs are not limited to these. Recognizing the need to cater to a younger, smart, and hip market, they introduced the B/Y Ulisse collection.

This durable and lightweight bag collection has fresh new colors and a more urban design.

Check out this popular 21-inch Bric's Ulisse spinner suitcase on Amazon.

Bric's B/Y Ulisse collection is the most logical item to compare with the Away luggage product line. These products cater to the millennial and younger, smart generations that are into urban designs and stylish comfort.

They like colors, functionality, convenience, and practicality. This is the generation that travels not just for business but mostly for leisure, making it a total lifestyle.


close up on luggage at the airport

Away is a company that was founded only in 2015 but has quickly found its place in the travel retail industry. This company which is run by an all-female team was a startup that successfully raised $31 million to build its brand.

In 2017, Adweek recognized Away Travel as one of the "Breakthrough Brands With Ingenious Marketing." Again, it gained recognition in 2018 from Fast Company as one of the "Top 10 Most Innovative Companies."

Initially, they relied heavily on social media marketing and influencers to advertise their product and the strategy worked. Their travel luggage became part of a travel lifestyle, and that's how they managed to become popular for their innovation.

They use a direct-to-consumer business model which means they do not have distributors but sell their products directly to clients. Currently, they sell their products in the U.K. and the U.S.

So they have a non-traditional business model and a great marketing strategy, but do their products actually live up to the hype? Watch the video above to see their product features:

  • Sleek design (Think Instagram-worthy designs and colors!)
  • Durable and lightweight soft polycarbonate shell
  • TSA-approved integrated locks that connect to the zipper
  • Modern color selections
  • Ejectable battery pack (37-watt lithium-ion, 10,000 mAh, 2 USB ports with charging kit)
  • Retractable handles
  • YKK Aquaguard zippers that are water-repellant and durable
  • Smooth Hinomoto wheels
  • Comes with a water-resistant laundry bag
  • Interior compression system to pack more things inside
  • Limited lifetime warranty covering the wheels, shell, handle, and zipper

Away offers a 100-day trial of their products, which means you can use them on your travels and if you don't feel satisfied, you can request a refund or have them replaced. This is a very bold offer, showing buyers that the company assures high quality and satisfaction in every purchase.

Which Brand Is Best In Suitcase?

If you're going to make a choice between a Bric's and Away luggage, carry-ons, and suitcase, there are some things you need to look into:

  • Are the handles comfortable and functional?
  • Do the spinners and wheels glide smoothly?
  • What are the lock and safety features of the suitcase?
  • What size luggage do you need to fit your travel essentials?

These questions and more are vital to making the right purchasing decision.

Here are some points of comparison between Away and Bric's:

Suitcases sitting in a home, preparing for travel.


What kind of style are you looking for? If you're looking for modern, urban chic, and Instagram-worthy luggage, then you'll find them in both brands.

If you like simplicity in design and colors with a modern look, Away has a minimalist but chic design in neutral and pastel colors.

But if you want something more playful, Bric's has bolder color options including mango yellow, sky blue, red, and mint. This is a stark contrast to their traditional black, white, and dark collections.

Bric's is very popular in Europe but is not yet as widely known in the U.S. so if you want to have a unique luxury bag that not everyone else has, Bric's is a good choice. Check out Bric's boldest luggage color below.

View this Bric's 2-piece Ulisse set on Amazon.


Bric's is generally more expensive because it is a luxury brand that's handcrafted and uses genuine leather. However, if the price comparison is between Away's product line and Bric's B/Y Ulisse collection, then Away is slightly more expensive.

To compare Away's 21-inch 'The Carry-On' costs $295 (charger included, $275 without charger) compared to Bric's B/Y Ulisse 21-inch Expandable Spinner which costs $179 (currently on sale price as of September 2022), but prices may fluctuate.

Do Away Suitcases Ever Go On Sale?

Travel bag luggage vector set design. Travelers 3d baggage collection for vacation trip elements in white isolated background. Vector Illustration.

This is a popular question for those who are waiting for Away to go on sale before they purchase one. Well, you're out of luck because this brand rarely goes on sale.

The first time the brand ever went on sale was in 2015. They had a surprise 30% off sale in March 2021 and a few months after, a Cyber Monday sale.

The only time you will probably be able to get these products at a discounted price is during the Black Friday sale, so it's not even a regular thing. As the brand grows, however, it is expected to offer more promotions in the future.

On the contrary, Bric's regularly offers sale items and installment options. If you visit Bric's website, they have a sale section on carry-on bags, luggage, duffles, and trolleys offering up to 50% off the original price.

Woman traveler walking alone with suitcase bag. Travel weekend vacation trip.

Wrapping Up

Away and Bric's luggage are both durable and reliable brands. If you want a straightforward suitcase with more adventurous colors, go for Bric's. If you want modern luggage with all the bells and whistles and don't mind paying a bit more, then go for Away.

We hope we have helped you decide whether to purchase Bric's or Away.

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