Away Luggage Lock Will Not Open – What To Do?

Yes, traveling can exhaust your memory, and the next thing you know, you don't remember any codes, including those of your luggage. What can you do if your Away luggage lock won't open? We asked experts, and they offered several ways to resolve this issue.

The immediate solution is to part the zip and open the suitcase without damaging the lock. Alternatively, purchase a TSA key to open the lock. However, you could set the lock to zero and move all the digits simultaneously until they click. The last option is to send the luggage back to the company for them to help you open it.

Once the lock is open, you can reset the code. Ideally, use a code that you can easily remember and, better yet, write it down for future reference. Continue reading as we explain the answers we have given above.

Stylish blue suitcase with combination lock. , Away Luggage Lock Will Not Open - What To Do?

How To Open Locked Away Suitcase

If you are perusing this article, it means you need some answers. Away luggage has TSA-approved locks, which allow you to keep your luggage safe and still allow security authorities to open and check it without damaging your suitcase or the lock itself.

When you are unable to open the luggage lock, whether away on holiday or at home, you could:

Part The Zip

Use manicure scissors to part the zip of your luggage. You can access the items in your suitcases without tampering with the lock. It is a temporary solution that leaves the lock intact.

If you have luggage that has one zip (not Away luggage), find out How To Lock A Bag With One Zipper.

Part The Zip - closing suitcase with combination lock at home closeup

Use A TSA Key

Luggage with a TSA-approved lock doesn't come with keys to avoid the hassle of carrying them around. But you could purchase a TSA master key to open the lock if you don't remember the code used.

The master key is the ideal alternative to breaking the lock. Unfortunately, if you didn't carry one with you on your trip, purchasing it might not be an option.

You can purchase a TSA master key on Amazon.

Decode The Lock

Decode The Lock - TSA accepted lock on luggage bag or suitcase (Transportation Security Administration of US)

Decoding the lock is another alternative to opening the lock on your suitcase. However, you will need some lock-picking skills. Use a jeweler's loop to see the slots of the locking bar and how they sit.

Check out this Feeler Gauge kit on Amazon.

Using a feeler gauge, like a Sparrow's decoder, to feel where it slips into, meaning the lock engages at that particular digit. Do this procedure for the three numbers and rotate by five to get the code combination of the lock that opens it.

If you want a demonstration of how this method works, then watch this video.

Seek Professional Assistance

When all else fails, you can take your luggage to a professional to help you out. The Away luggage stores have tools and experts who can open them. The Away luggage customer service is available round the clock for customer inquiries concerning their products.

Unlocking TSA Padlocks

Unlocking TSA Padlocks - combination locker on black leather luggage

TSA locks are a new security phenomenon that works for passengers and travelers. A padlock certified by TSA has a logo in the form of a diamond shape.

They are accepted by other security agencies as well. The padlocks come in all shapes and colors with a code combination lock and standard keys.

Here's a TSA padlock on Amazon.

To unlock a TSA Padlock is not a tedious process as such.

Method One

If you know one of the digits of the forgotten code, it'll be much faster. Apply some pressure on the padlock and turn the first dial slowly until you hear a click; that's the correct number. Repeat the same procedure for the other two digits, and the luggage should open.

Method Two

If you have forgotten the combination and the padlock is open, it will be simpler to reset the code before you use it. Set the dial to 000, turn the padlock's shackle at 90 degrees, and push it downwards outside the lock.

Set to the code of choice, pull the shackle up, and use the padlock in its normal position. Bingo! The new combination is now in use.

Is Away Luggage Durable?

Is Away Luggage Durable? - Travel insurance protection plan for airline safety and security with tag on passenger suitcase luggage handle

Yes, it is! According to multiple reviews, travelers seem to be taken by this brand. The luggage is made in three popular materials aluminum, polycarbonate, and nylon.

Away luggage comes in various colors, has a flexible interior, and has several pieces of baggage and carry-on sizes. An additional feature is personalized baggage for an extra payment.

How Much Does Away Luggage Cost?

Away luggage is a relatively expensive brand. You can cough $225 to $600 for different capacities of luggage. The luggage cost can be attributed to the additional features such as a USB port, an ejectable charger, and a limited lifetime warranty on the wheels, shells, zippers, and handles.

Is Away Luggage Available In Stores?

Most times, Away luggage is available in retail stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Nordstorm, Amazon, or in the company's brick-and-mortar stores in different parts of the country.

However, you should check the luggage's availability online before shopping. Moreover, you can order the available luggage online and get free shipping.

You might find the luggage on sale from unverified private sellers online. But, be very cautious when purchasing such expensive luggage from persons or stores that you cannot verify.

How Long Has The Away Luggage Been In The Market?

Travelers who use the Away brand testify that since they started using the brand, they have had little or no complaints. The brand was founded by Steph Rubio and Jen Rubio in 2015, and to date, it has maintained the standards it started with.

The Away brand has taken the luggage game to a new level. Their direct-to-customer policy creates a personalized experience for each client, spiking sales.

Where Is The Battery Located In Away Luggage?

The battery pack in Away luggage is located underneath the handle. It can charge four complete charges before you have to recharge it.

The Away luggage battery is allowed by all airlines, but you'll have to remove it from the luggage before storing the carry-on in the compartment. It has two USB ports for charging phones, tablets, or computers.

Watch this ">video to see where precisely the battery is situated so you don't get exasperated searching high and low for it.

How Long Does Away Luggage Battery Last?

The smart move made by the company allows travelers to use their gadgets and continue working wherever they are. The batteries have a warranty of two years. However, if the battery fails after the warranty expires, you can purchase a replacement kit from their online store for $35.

When you own Away luggage, you don't have to run around the airport lobby looking for an outlet to charge your phone to pay for the coffee you just drank.

Does Away Luggage Have Competitors?

Does Away Luggage Have Competitors? - Luggages Moving On Airport Conveyor Belt Overhead View

Yes, you can bet on it! Sometimes, you can settle for the stardust if you cannot reach the star. Away luggage can be pricey for most clients, and here's where other alternatives come in.

The most popular brands that go toe to toe with Away are Calpak, L.L. Bean, Mark & Graham, Arlo Skye, American Tourister, ROAM Luggage, and Samsonite. They aren't cheap per se, but you can make do with these brands and still be classy if you cannot find an Away suitcase available.

Closing Remarks

Stylish blue suitcase with combination lock.

You shouldn't be intimidated by a jammed Away luggage lock. The ways mentioned in the post will help you to tackle the issue temporarily or permanently.

Additionally, Away luggage is a worthwhile investment for frequent travelers and fashion-savvy individuals.

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