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Shane Desuasido

How To Charge Away Luggage Battery

Smartphone with power bank on the travel bag or luggage. Smartphone connection concept at the international airport, How To Charge Away Luggage Battery

Are you preparing for a trip and want to ensure your Away luggage battery is at its full charging capacity? We researched Away’s product manuals and found out how to charge the battery on the Away suitcase. For your convenience…

Can You Personalize Away Luggage?

Two stylish suitcases standing in empty airport hall, unrecognizable traveller's luggage waiting in terminal, creative banner

Are you wondering whether you can personalize Away luggage to give as a gift, as a corporate present, or simply for a personal touch? Does Away offer this customization service? We’ve researched this question to find the answers for you.…

Where Is Rimowa Serial Number?

black rimowa luggage on a yellow background, Where Is Rimowa Serial Number?

If you just bought a brand new Rimowa luggage, you may be wondering where to look for the product’s serial number. If you can’t find it on the printed official receipt, which part of the luggage could it possibly be…